31 March 2011

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Samsung R series laptop – How to Remove StarLogger a keylogger spyware from laptop computer

Samsung R series laptop – How to Remove StarLogger
a keylogger spyware from laptop computer

Currently as per reports Samsung is selling R series Laptops pre-installed with commercial keylogger software StarLogger.

So if you are using Samsung laptop update your antivirus and get rid of this spyware.

Below is the method how to remove StarLogger a keylogger spyware from any laptop or say Samsung R series laptop

What is keylogger?
Keyloggers records everything you type, captures screenshots, logs what you fill in forms and sends all the information to the specified email address of a hacker.
After that hacker knows all your passwords, confidential information and he can rob you or even blackmail you.

Location of the Starlogger keylogger
Where the starlogger keylogger is stores on hard disk?
Task manger – check the process WinSLManager.exe
By default StarLogger will be found in this directory
C:\Windows\SL directory
And its executable will be running (path C:\Windows\SL\WinSL.exe).

If you do not antivirus updates then you can remove this virus manually.

How to open task manger?
Task Manager is opened by going to Start-Run and entering "taskmgr" (without the quotes).
Another method is to right-click on an empty spot in the Taskbar and then choose "Task Manager" from the context menu.
Third method is press Ctrl+Alt+Delete opens the Windows Security dialog box, which contains a Task Manager Button.
Another is ctrl+shift+esc

First of open your task manager
We have to stop the active processes of StarLogger running in the background.
Open Task Manager, find WinSLManager.exe and End that process.

Now open command prompt and Unregister the StarLogger DLL file by executing following command
regsvr32/u WinSLH.dll

Now open the registry editor by typing “Regedit” in Run command box
Now find search following term – winsl
Then delete registry key shown for StarLogger as below


Final step is to delete files found under C:\Windows\SL directory.

Thus you will get the rid of starlogger keylogger spyware.

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Thursday, March 31, 2011

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Sandhya March 31, 2011  

This information will be useful for many laptop buyers, thanks sm.

SM March 31, 2011