02 March 2011

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Election Commission announced election dates for five states. History will be created with these elections - NRI can stand as a candidate or vote

Election Commission announced election dates for five states.
History will be created with these elections -
NRI can stand as a candidate or vote

Updated on Saturday, March 26, 2011 –

Election Commission announced election dates for five states. History will be created with these elections - NRI can stand as a candidate in these elections

Reality Views by sm –
Wednesday, March 02, 2011

The election commission of India has announced the dates for election in 5 states.
Polling will be held using Electronic Voting Machines.

1. Tamil Nadu - votes on April 13 - No. of assembly constituencies 234
2. Kerala - votes on April 13 – No. of assembly constituencies 140
3. West Bengal - votes on six days, starting April 18,23,27, May 3,7,10 - No. of assembly constituencies 294
4. Assam - votes on April 4 and April 11 - No. of assembly constituencies 126
5. Puducherry - votes on April 13 - No. of assembly constituencies 30

In west Bengal polling will be held in six phases.

Counting of votes for all states will take place on 13th May 2011.

As the schedule was announced by the chief election commissioner S Y Quraishi.
Now the model code of conduct has come into force immediately as dates are out.

Number of Voters or Electors in each state

1. West Bengal – more than 5.60 crore electors

2. Tamil Nadu - 4.59 crore

3. Kerala - 2.29 crore electors

4. Assam - 1.81 crore

5. Puducherry – more than eight lakh

Which Political Party is enjoying which state?

1. Tamil Nadu is enjoyed by DMK +

2. Kerala is enjoyed by Left Front

3. Puducherry is enjoyed by congress +

4. Assam is enjoyed by congress

5. West Bengal is enjoyed by left front.

First time in Indian history in these election non resident Indians will be allowed to vote.

Overseas Indian citizens will be able to cast their ballot in person in the five assembly elections
Government of India has notified the rules and thus now more than 11 million Indians are eligible to vote in these elections.

NRI will not be allowed to vote using Postal Ballot.

The rules make it clear that NRI must be physically present with their passport on the polling day if they want to vote in state elections, in their home city or village.

Which Non Resident Indians are eligible to register and vote in these elections?
Must fulfill following conditions to vote –

1. Completed 18 years of age as on January 1 of the year.

2. He is staying in foreign land but he has not acquired citizenship of a foreign country.

3. He should be citizen of India.

If NRI fulfills above conditions he can make an application for being registered as a voter, and the passport will decide in which constituency he will be registered. In passport the person’s place of residence is mentioned.

The NRI voters now can submit the application directly or by post to the electoral registration officer of the constituency within which the place of residence is mentioned in the passport.

As per the rules Now NRI can vote, and automatically they get right to stand for elections.
According to the Representation of the People Act, once a person is registered as a voter, he automatically has a right to contest polls also.

In past when Indian citizens did not stay in India , if he goes outside India and stays there more than six months then his name from the voters list was deleted.

But now they can vote in these elections.

Lets see which Non Resident Indian becomes first to vote in these elections.

Who knows any smart Non Resident Indian can stand for Election and I am sure there are chances if he stands for elections he will win that election.

In these elections if he stands then forever his name will be written in the history books.

Updated on Saturday, March 26, 2011 –

Tamil Nadu Polls only holders of voters slip or Elector’s Photo Identity Card (EPIC) will be allowed to vote

The Election Commission has made it clear that voters would be allowed to exercise their franchise in the April 13 Tamil Nadu assembly polls either by displaying Elector’s Photo Identity Card (EPIC) or by using voters slip.

Stating that voter’s slip would be distributed door-to-door, he said the process would begin on April 1 in Chennai as the printing of slips were underway.

"They have to either bring the EPIC card or the voter’s slip to the polling booth for casting their vote," Chief Electoral Officer Praveen Kumar told

Kumar added posters carrying slogans such as "Say Yes to Vote, No to Money" both in English and Tamil, would be pasted at important places to urge people to desist from accepting cash to cast their votes.

DMK in its manifesto has assured of free grinders or mixers and laptops for students, AIADMK has said it would give 20 kgs of rice besides providing free grinders, mixers and fans for voters.

Asked about the manifestos of some political parties that promise freebies such as grinders, mixies and laptops, Kumar said the EC does not play a role in such issues.

Reality Views by sm –
Wednesday, March 02, 2011


Amrit March 02, 2011  

I do not believe a significant number of NRIs will come to vote. A lot of NRIs do not even hold Indian citizenship e.g. me.

sm,  March 02, 2011  

If few also votes then that will encourage more Indians to vote.

Teamgsquare March 02, 2011  

How true . Elections got very high budget allocations to these states compared to others .

sm,  March 02, 2011  

Team G Square,,

Insignia March 02, 2011  

The drama begins..


I am not in favor of NRI given right to vote since they no longer live in India, they don't know much about conditions here.

Sandhya March 02, 2011  

Will the NRIs take the trouble to vote, even if they are in town! Our own educated people feel bored to go out, stand in the queue and vote!

Very useful informations, will tweet, sm.

sm,  March 02, 2011  


sm,  March 02, 2011  

Devils blog,,

sm,  March 02, 2011