26 March 2011

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Canada Government falls loses No confidence Vote - clearing the way for a spring election

Canada Government falls loses No confidence Vote -
clearing the way for a spring election

Canadian opposition parties Liberals, NDP and Bloc Québécois came together and toppled Prime Minister Stephen Harper's government in a no confidence vote Friday, triggering the country's fourth election in seven years,"

The final vote on the Liberal motion declaring the Commons had lost confidence in the government was 156 for and 145 against."

Prime Minister Stephen Harper addressed reporters after the vote and said he would meet with the Governor General on Saturday "to inform him of the situation and to take the only course of action that remains," referring to the dissolution of Parliament and an immediate election campaign.

Ignatieff said that "A government that breaks the rules and conceals the facts from the Canadian people does not deserve to remain in office

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Saturday, March 26, 2011


Alka Gurha March 26, 2011  

Great share..honestly I was not aware of Canadian politics.

sm,  March 26, 2011  

Alka Gurha,,

RNSANE March 27, 2011  

I have always loved Elizabeth Taylor, in spite of her decadent history and scandal. I think she was one of the world's great beauties, along with Grace Kelly and Sophia Loren. She, in my opinion, was a loyal friend and generous to a fault. I certainly didn't see any resemblance but, at least ten times over the years, in different places in the world, people said that I looked like her! Talk about a compliment!

Elizabeth was an incredible actress and I applaud her generosity and support in the fight against AIDS.

Sathish Chandrasekaran (சதீஷ் சந்திரசேகரன்) March 27, 2011  

2011 has been a good omen for people and a bad one for governments...

Hoping the same omen does the trick in the state elections in TAMILNADU :)

sm,  March 27, 2011  

Yes you look like her.

sm,  March 27, 2011  

just hope corrupt will lose the elections.