22 March 2011

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Boston Hospital performs first Full Face Transplant. Taxas man wiens receives first full face transplant

Boston Hospital performs first Full Face Transplant.
Taxas man wiens receives first full face transplant

Two Years ago Dallas Wiens of Fort Worth a Texas construction worker badly disfigured in a power line accident.
The electrical accident in November 2008 left Wiens (WEENS), blind and without lips, a nose or eyebrows.
He has received Americas first full face transplant at a Boston hospital.
More than 30 doctors, nurses and other staff at Brigham and Women's Hospital led by plastic surgeon Dr. Bohdan Pomahac performed the 15-hour operation last week on 25-year-old Dallas Wiens of Fort Worth, Texas.

Currently he is in good condition in a Hospital.
The transplant was not able to restore Wiens' sight, and some nerves were so badly damaged from his injury that he likely will have only partial sensation on his left cheek and left forehead, the surgeon said.

In Boston, doctors transplanted an entire new face, including a nose, lips, skin and muscles and nerves that animate the skin and give sensation.
Wiens will not resemble "either what he used to be or the donor," but something in between, said Pomahac
The donor's identity was not disclosed nor would the hospital say exactly when the surgery was done for privacy reasons.

The surgery was paid for by the Defense Department; the hospital has a $3.4 million grant from the military for transplant research.

Wiens had no insurance when he was injured; Medicaid covered about two dozen surgeries until his disability payments put him over the income limit.
The new law allowed him to qualify for coverage under his father's plan for the drugs until he turns 26 in May.
Then he'll be eligible to receive Medicare, which covers the disabled
As well as those over 65.

Dallas Wiens is the first American to receive a full facial transplant.
One year ago world’s first-ever full facial transplant, which restored facial features to Spanish man who accidentally shot himself in the face.
The world’s first face transplant a partial not full was done in France in 2005 on a woman mauled by her dog.

Watch YouTube Video where Dallas Wiens speaks about himself just wants to feel his daughter's kiss. Wiens, 24, suffered fourth-degree burns to his face when he touched a high-voltage power line -- and he lost all feeling to the face.

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Tuesday, March 22, 2011


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feels sad to see these people's faces.Good informative article sm.

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Ohh man that is so unfortunate but now really feel happy for him..may god bless him and may he lead a wonderful life now..!!

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Renu March 22, 2011  

And our TV serials and movies have been transplanting the exact face in a jiffy for so long :)

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one small step and a giant leap for mankind :)
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its really a big step in the field of medical history..... indeed a good piece of information by you... thanx for sharing.

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Sathish Chandrasekaran (சதீஷ் சந்திரசேகரன்) March 23, 2011  

Heard about it in the papers too, well you explained it in detail here :)

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