03 February 2011

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WikiLeaks nominated for 2011 Nobel Peace Prize –

WikiLeaks nominated for 2011 Nobel Peace Prize –

A Norwegian lawmaker has nominated WikiLeaks for the 2011 Nobel Peace Prize, saying Wednesday that its disclosures of classified documents promote world peace by holding governments accountable for their actions.

Members of all national parliaments, professors of law or political science and previous winners are among those allowed to make nominations.
Norwegian parliamentarian Snorre Valen announced his nomination of WikiLeaks to the Norwegian Nobel Committee on Feb. 1.
Valen said that by disclosing information about corruption, human rights abuses and war crimes, WikiLeaks is a natural contender for the Nobel Peace Prize,"
Snorre Valen, a representative of the Socialist Left Party (Sosialistisk venstreparti, SV), highlighted WikiLeaks’ work in bringing important and hidden documents to light, as well as the website’s contribution to the debate on freedom of speech and openness in modern society.

How much is the award amount?
10 million kronor ($1.6 million) award.
The prize was endowed by Alfred Nobel, the Swedish inventor of dynamite, who said in his will it was to be awarded to whoever "shall have done the most or the best work for fraternity between nations, for the abolition or reduction of standing armies and for the holding and promotion of peace congresses."

Liu Xiabao was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize last year for his struggle for human rights, democracy and freedom of speech in China.

WikiLeaks got very less chances to win this award.

Kyrgyz President Roza Otunbayeva, Afghan human rights advocate Sima Samar, and several rights groups including U.S.-based Wings of Hope and Cuban opposition movement Damas de Blanco are also on the list.

My own vote will go to wikiLeaks.
Indian Government got the names of 26 corrupt Indians.
But as an Indian we do not have right to know those names.

We are waiting that one day Wikileaks will announce the names, we will know them.
Can any one dare to make those names public?

This is what wikileaks is doing, their life and family is in danger and every government is against them as they know it today its America and tomorrow it will be India or china or any other nation.

We need more people like Wikileaks.

For me it should be crime to hide the government information,
It should not be crime to expose the government or their corruption.
The Founder of the Website Julian Assange is currently under house arrest in London awaiting potential extradition to Sweden

People may say actions of wikileaks are not good, but those actions are to make governments more accountable.
The actions support freedom of speech.

The committee will announce the winner in October.

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Thursday, February 03, 2011


Gouri Guha February 03, 2011  

Wikileaks is doing a great job...so many revelations...at least a warning...someone knows...and...

SM February 03, 2011  

Gouri Guha,,

garima,  February 04, 2011  

they are doing a great job