03 February 2011

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New York City Council Bans smoking in Parks and Beaches – If caught Pay fine of $50

New York City Council Bans smoking in Parks and Beaches –
If caught Pay fine of $50

Smoke Free Air Act, passed 36 to 12.
The law will take effect 90 days after the mayor signs it into law.
The proposal is designed to protect the public from the hazards of secondhand smoke
The New York City Council approved a proposal that will make it illegal to smoke at city parks and beaches.

It will now extend the smoking ban to cover the city’s approximately 14 miles of public beaches and 1,700 parks, including pedestrian plazas like those in Times Square and Herald Square.

The city already prohibits smoking at playgrounds, outdoor sporting events and concerts, as well as at bars and restaurants.

If someone is caught smoking under the new smoking ban in NYC, parks enforcement will be allowed to issue a $50 summons.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg is expected to sign the bill into law.

Still in India we are waiting from last few years about the Ghost type pictures on the cigarette packs.

More than 400 Municipalities in USA have already banned smoking in parks and beaches.

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Thursday, February 03, 2011


Rama Ananth February 03, 2011  

In US and other European countries, people follow the rules, for they are very strict. In India people still can't follow basic rules like not using the mobile/ cell phones inside a theater. I am really bugged by this don't care attitude. Also when it has been specifically marked as Ladies seat in buses, you would find men sitting, without even bothering to get up even when they see a lady standing there.
People have become very shameless here, they are not fit to follow any rules or regulations.

sm,  February 03, 2011  

I agree with you.