05 February 2011

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P Manivannan, An IAS officer works in innovative way to increase honesty and transparency –

P Manivannan, An IAS officer works in innovative way to
increase honesty and transparency –

P Manivannan is an IAS officer in Karnataka. In Karnataka he is famous for his working style, he is task master, and using age old rules also he tries to improve his job, tries to go towards honesty, integrity and transperancy.

Today corruption is rising in India, officials are not ready to allow common citizens to look into their chamber or show them files easily,
Here is the great example of working, which P Manivannan is showing it by doing it and not only talking it.
P Manivannan has installed CCTV in his office, this way Indian citizens can watch him
What he is doing in his office, in his chamber.

He is one of honest IAS officers of India, Karnataka.

The Managing Director of the Bangalore Electricity Supply company Bescom has installed two IP-enabled cameras in his office.
Everything within the four walls of his office is available live on his official website.

The time has come, Government of India should make a law and all the IAS, IPS officers as well as ministers, politicians in their government offices CCTV should be installed.

This way openly no one can pressurize any IAS or IPS officer to do illegal work.

But for this one needs to be honest, and India is rarest thing to find the honest government officers.

Now few will say so what, he will get bribe in hotel or other place.

But don’t know you understand this is the way to work; we have to eliminate one by one all the loopholes where we can stop the corruption.

This is one rule and law which will reduce or stop the corruption of government officers in their offices openly and freely.

This is just the beginning.

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Saturday, February 05, 2011


Naman Choudhary February 06, 2011  

dude ! this is awesome.. proud to read this nd relieved to know that thr r people who are willing to admire nd also spread such positive news ! keep it up

sm,  February 06, 2011  

Naman Choudhary,,

Everymatter February 07, 2011  

yes it is a good first step towards removing corruption and and bad loopholes in the system

chitra February 07, 2011  

I like this . Hope it works well

sm,  February 07, 2011  


sm,  February 07, 2011  


chandrashekar,  April 29, 2011  

This a nice innovative idea which enables a common citizen to know what a government official is doing in his office.

sm,  April 30, 2011  


Unknown September 26, 2016  

First remove corruption in our mother dept ambedkar development corporation bangalore.in that office Agm ramakrishnappa n keshava going to be corrupt.