05 February 2011

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India Who Will decide the Retirement Age for Indian Politician and Law makers?

India Who Will decide the Retirement Age for
Indian Politician and Law makers?

In India our politician that is law makers decide the age of retirement of doctors, Supreme Court judges and all government employees.

After age 65 our politicians think that a person who is doctor by profession is not capable to run or be a head of government health organisation.

Do you think an 80 year old man can decide for 100 crore Indians
is he capable to do that?

If yes then why can not a 65 year old doctor can be a head of Medical Department?

Learn to demand Retirement Age for Law maker that is Indian politicians.

If you are religious person then you should know what Hindu Dharma says about 4 stages of human life.

Remember your father, grand father also got retired at the age of 60 or 65 and you will also get retire at the age of 60 or 65.

Even Bill gates got retired.

Then how come there is no retirement age for Indian politicians.

Reality views by sm –
Saturday, February 05, 2011


Mohini Puranik February 05, 2011  

Nice SM! really nice thought, what can we do.....we love our politicians.whatever they are..whatever they do...just unconditional love by Indian citizens....Nice article.simple and very meaningful.

Mohini Puranik February 05, 2011  

Congrats SM for 300 subscribers....for ur reality views..u work a lot for this...best wishes for future..

Rama Ananth February 05, 2011  

There can be no retirement age for our stupid politicians, for they are so dumb that they find their jobs only after the retirement age, and will hang on to it till their death, remember Jyoti Basu?
I think the next thing to march against is the age of our politicians, and if we can force them to bring a law about it, we will easily get rid of all the old fellows. But then we would also have to deal with corrupt fellows like "Spectrum Raja".

BK Chowla, February 05, 2011  

those who need to retire fix the laws such that they need not retire.

sm,  February 05, 2011  


sm,  February 05, 2011  


sm,  February 05, 2011  

BK Chowla,,

Arti February 05, 2011  

An informative post... Thanks.
Thats the problem of our corrupt politicians...

salwar February 05, 2011  

I guess the age limit should be till 60 and the rule should be strict..

sm,  February 05, 2011  


jay,  February 07, 2011  

nice article

Prashanthi June 10, 2011  

Hey..very nice article..i have the same thought too..please go thru my blog when u feel free..http://envisionnewindia.blogspot.com/2011/06/retirement-for-indian-politicians.html

sm,  June 10, 2011  

I will visit your site.