12 February 2011

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List of Scandals, Scams, Corruption from 1948 to 2011

List of Scandals, Scams, Corruption from 1948 to 2011
Corruption is not in for Indians or not for this world.
So today I will be remembering and writing here the list of corruption which happened in India since Indian Independence.

If you find any facts wrong please let me know.

British throne passed the Indian Independence Act after that India got the freedom.
Not like Egypt where President Mubarak ran away.

After Independence British people left the India and Indian Throne was empty.
Our Indian people sat on that throne and started to rule India using the same rules and books which were made for the slave colony of India by the British king.

Difference between American and Indian scam corruption cases is that in America rich or politician both go to Jail and India if you are rich and politician you will not go to jail in your prime age.

Suppose Mr. P robs the bank at the age 20 and he goes to jail at the age of 50 what is the use of such justice?

If Mr. P gets the kickbacks at between age 30 to 45 and then he goes to jail at the age of 70 or 75 what is the use of such justice.

Thus there is no justice in India, Indian democracy is failed and we are living in Mobocracy.
Let’s start our Journey of knowing famous important Indian corruption and scam cases starting from Year 1948.

1948 Jeep Scandal
- V K Krishna Menon was India’s commissioner in London His name was linked with the scam, the name of the scam was Jeep Scam. Indian government had placed an order for 2,000 jeeps with a London-based firm that had false credentials. While most of the money was paid upfront, just 155 jeeps landed. Later Krishna Menon became Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru's trusted ally and the defense minister.

Year 1949 - Industry minister Rao Shiv Bahadur Singh, father of Arjun Singh, was jailed for three years for taking a bribe of Rs 25,000 from gemstone trader Sachendubhai Baron for renewing his diamond mining lease

1958 – Indira Gandhi’s Husband Firoz Gandhi exposed the scam. Finance minister T T Krishnamachari, finance secretary H M Patel, LIC chairman L S Vaidyanathan, are some of the names were linked to this LIC scam or scandal.

In 1959 Ramakrishna Dalmia, chairman, Bharat Insurance Company, was arrested for misappropriating around Rs 2.2 crore from the company and sent to jail for two years.

In 1960, businessman Dharma Teja managed to get Rs 22 crore loan from the government to start a shipping company, and then siphoned the money out of the country. He was arrested in Europe and jailed for six years.

In 1965, Orissa chief minister Biju Patnaik (chief minister Naveen Patnaik's father) was forced to resign after it became known that he had favored his privately owned company, Kalinga Tubes, in awarding a government contract.

1970 – Nagarwala Scandal – Regarding this scandal information is not clear and everything is hidden or unexplained. It is said that Nagarwala impersonated the prime minister on the phone and got State Bank of India to give him Rs 60 lakh. Both Nagarwala and the police officer who investigated the case died in mysterious circumstances soon after.

1974 –Maruti Scandal – name of Indira Gandhi is linked. It was reported that her son was favored with a license to make passenger cars in the then highly restrictive-environment

1976 – Oil Scam – The scam is linked to Indira Gandhi and Sanjay Gandhi. A $200-million contract was awarded to the Hong Kong-based Kuo Oil Co to take future deliveries at current prices. The government lost Rs13 crore. It was reported that indirectly money went to Indira and Sanjay.

1980 – THAL Vaishet project scam - In 1980 petroleum secretary H N Bahuguna, N N Kapadia, petroleum minister P C Sethi and K P Unnikrishnan were accused in a scandal where a consultancy contract for the Thal Vaishet project was awarded to a subsidiary of Italian Snamprogetti in violation of laid down-norms.

1981 – Maharashtra Cement Scam Scandal – Maharashtra Chief Minister A R Antulay linked - It was reported that Maharashtra Chief Minister A R Antulay gave Public consumption Cement to Private builders , companies favored them. How much profits which company and who made I did not find information. Did he got the kicksbacks?

1986 – German Submarine Scam – Person linked was Indira Gandhi. It was alleged and reported that Indira Gandhi government got the kickbacks in buying two submarines from German firm HDW

1987 - Bofors Scam – Person Linked Rajiv Gandhi - Rajiv Gandhi and others were accused of receiving Rs 64 crore in payoffs for the 155mm howitzer deal from the Swedish-firm-Bofors.

1991 – Jain hawala case - L K Advani, V C Shukla, C K Jaffer Sharief, Arif Mohammed Khan, Madan Lal Khurana, Kalpnath Rai, N D Tiwari and many others were accused in the Rs 64-crore Jain hawala case.

1991 – Harshad Mehta Scam – Using the Loopholes of law Mehta, SBI, NHB, Grindlays, Citibank and Stanchart were all accused of having played a part in the Rs 10,000 crore securities scandal.

Fodder Scam - Bihar chief minister Laloo Prasad Yadav and other state politicians and bureaucrats were alleged to have siphoned off Rs 950 crore from funds meant for the state animal husbandry department

1996 - M Gopalakrishnan, former chairman and managing director of Indian Bank, and others were accused of having sanctioned huge loans totaling Rs 1,500 crore to companies without obtaining adequate-collateral-security.

1996 – Telecom Scandal - Sukh Ram was charged with accepting kickbacks from a number of telecom companies in exchange for special favors. About $1 million in small-denomination rupee notes was found in the homes of Sukh Ram. Runu Ghosh, a senior official in the Department of Telecommunications (DoT), was arrested on corruption charges, including having allegedly favored telecom equipment manufacturer Advanced Radio Masts Ltd (ARM) in purchase contracts.

1996 - owners of several large shoe companies in Mumbai were arrested on charges of having floated bogus cobbler co-operatives to get low-interest loans from the Maharashtra government

Chain Roop Bhansali's CRB – 1000 crore Rs. Mutual Fund, Banks he got licenses. He got good credit ratings and audit ratings. CRB created a pyramid based on high cost financing, which finally collapsed. But no one was punished.

Tree Plantation Scam – Invest in one teak tree and become crorepati, earn 1000 times more were the advertisements but today all the companies are vanished and common man lost the money. Do you know any one who got paid for investing in Tree, Do you even know any one went to Jail for doing this scam.

Mutual Fund Scam or Scandal – In beginning all mutual funds made the losses and their parent companies bailed them out. One of the famous one is UTI. In 1999 Unit Trust of India got problems and Indian taxpayers paid for this ,bail amount was Rs 4,800 crore

23.Year 2002 – Ketan Parekh Share scam – Manging stock and share prices.

24.Satyam Scam - Rising of small firm into empire

25.Aadarsh Scam

26.Common wealth Scam

27.2 G spectrum Scam

28.S band Scam

29.Cooperative Banks Scam

30.Fake election votes

31.Passport scam

32.Black money scam

33.Escort Scam

34.Ration Card Scam

35.SEZ scam

36.Government land scam

37.Army Land Scam

38.Toll Scam

39.Road Construction Scam

40.Slum Scam

41.Government Housing society Scam

42.Food waste scam

43.Food export scam

44.Illegal construction scam

45.BRT scam

46.Metro Scam

47.Sari and Jewellery Scam

48.Pam Oil Scam

49.Light Scam

50.Arms,purchase,bullet jacket purchase Scam

51. Coalgate Scam  - coal mining scam loss of Rs 185,591 crore

52.Tatra truck  Scam - The scam was estimated at Rs 750 crore.

53. Antrix Devas deal

54.Stamp Paper and Telgi Scam

55. Bellary mining scam

We Indians behave like the 3 monkeys of Gandhi.
Mera Bharat Mahan

The above list is not complete .

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Photo showing List of Corruption Scams and total amount of money we Indians lost to these corrupt people

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Saturday, February 12, 2011

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OM KASHYAP February 12, 2011  

thanks 4 your response
and your statement
great post

Rekha February 12, 2011  

Thought provoking...but will we ever change...the rot is too deep...

sm,  February 13, 2011  


sm,  February 13, 2011  


BK Chowla, February 14, 2011  

With your permission, I will use the picture in this post in my post too.

Kannan February 14, 2011  

This blog is nice.

sm,  February 14, 2011  

BK Chowla,,
The pic is under reuse policy so anyone can use it.
No permission is required.

sm,  February 14, 2011  


Rahul,  February 15, 2011  

root is too deep

Anonymous,  March 05, 2011  

that's really a big effort put by you, keep working on it. And the ultimate truth is not at all hidden from us, ie. its India or outside, taking bribe or rather being corrupted is all within us and we feel like full of guts, it has simply become the backbone of our society. so we shouldnt 'say jai ho', cuz its next to an insult for our motherland.

sm,  March 05, 2011  


Unknown March 12, 2011  

hi i am glad to inform you that i got brief information about all corruption scandals. please send me detailed one.thanks...

my email id is rvbambhaniya1@gmail.com

sm,  March 12, 2011  


P.P.S.Pandian April 22, 2011  

Your last line has touched me. we Indians follow the Gandhian principle of " Don't see/ hear/ speak evil" only when corruption is taking place in top level political circles while we raise cue and cry for petty bribes in lower levels.
Sermuga Pandian

sm,  April 22, 2011  


PCV June 03, 2011  

Hi Sm,

I have given this link in my blog to my study reference. Once have a look. Give your comment over there. If you think it violates, I remove.


sm,  June 03, 2011  

I will visit your blog.

Nagabhushan,  June 15, 2011  

paper polilitics

sm,  June 15, 2011  


milind July 11, 2011  

will please send me that all scandal n scams details. i likes that n what to do something please help me

SM July 11, 2011  


Ashu August 12, 2011  

this is some thing....which can not be change by gandhism .....need to take the fast action...some people in this universe are not suppose to be for human society ....either if you want to keep alive ..keep them in jail or let them live there life in kala pani....or get them a ride out of our world ...any of the planet.....they are a kind of alien and need to be at different place...otherwise they will ruined our life ..culture..our society....it's us to decide whether they should stay alive or get them" Hang till death" in front of everyone.....

People are still the same....
asking for the way out ...
we are not the kids... we should not have to follow...
we know our law and orders...
but makers have forgotten it....
only we people our following the things....
If wanna to change the system...be in it ...don;t just say and write ...
in above mentioned scandles we have thousands of scandels bt merely hunnders's are arrested and ten's got the custody...
we know in custody as well they are enjoying the life.....
so clear message ....either follow as mentioned or take the command to clean out country if you want a nice and bright future for your kids, your society , your city , state and the country ,...

don;t compromise on scandels .....don;t let our judiciary so lousy and sleepy to decide to take an action if they do....than our responsibility to wake them up....
.....................choose the way************

niks August 18, 2011  

thanks for share...

KULBIR RANA August 21, 2011  

lets do something to change the system.
support Anna Hazare,Kiran Bedi, Arvind Kejriwal

Anonymous,  August 22, 2011  

Still there are number of scandals which didn'dt get focus

A Public servant getting a salary of Rs.1,00,000 approx as per Sixth pay commission gets 12,00,000 in a year and if he serves 30 years he earn 3,60,00,000/- in his whole life you can include increment and other benifits 40,00,000/- total 4crore out of which he pays tax and meets out day to day expenses
I do not find except a few who are having property worth less than their whole life earning

sm,  September 04, 2011  

Kulbir Rana,thanks.Anonymous,thanks.

Anonymous,  November 14, 2011  

I want to punish all type corrupted person becose they are very dangers person .

surjeet chandel,  August 15, 2012  

Root cause of corruption in India is dirty politics and vandective politician.Weak laws and directionless set up always helpless to trap the high profile indulger in the business.No one has the right to raise this issue, as politician says they are elected.It gives them limitless powers.They even dont care the general public.What will be the future of India........?

pavan September 09, 2012  

Hi u have a good job.

Unknown November 11, 2012  

Our country or entire world is being ruled by the " Free Market / Open Market " - policy. This theory creates free movement of CAPITAL, which is now known as FINANCE CAPITAL. This will invite automatically a stiff competition amongst the investors & every one trying to increase profit, more profit, more & more profit ... to endless greed. So in this process accumulation of MONEY will be generated to few investors, which in turn will generate corrupt people with increasing process. So it happened in India also.

Unknown November 11, 2012  

Root cause , I've mentioned in short on another chapter, just now. The entire society will be changed one day, obviously. So with the change of society the process will be clipped & such anti human process will be automatically curved. This is what I'm telling is in continuation of my previous comments. This is also a phenomenon of "Social Change" - a Philosophy. One may agree or not, but it is my realization ( not faith )based on " Dialectics of Social & Historical " theory.

അച്യുതന്‍ November 14, 2012  

it's so fine to have this topic for the public view.i would like you to be her daily

Unknown February 06, 2013  

what's the naxalites doing . i feel the naxalites should take initiative to punish, rob off all the money valuables and leave the scammers without a penny. this shall cetainly crate a fear among the persons who want to do scam.

Debate on Indian Politics July 29, 2013  

This is the Most Unfortunate thing that We have so much big list of Major Scams since 1947. This is Really Shameful for all.

g1patnaik October 04, 2013  

Y S Jaganmohan Reddy Scams?