16 December 2010

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Watch Video showing Sudan Female Whipped under moral code – Sharia Law for wearing trousers

Watch Video showing Sudan Female Whipped under moral code
– Sharia Law for wearing trousers

This act is an example showing religious countries are dangerous for everyone
democratic nations must unite and warn Sudan and change such laws if they do not listen start the war, establish democracy in Sudan

There is no other solution to stop religious violence or moral code violence
Sudan moral code –

Article 152 - moral codes relating to dress allow women and even girls to be charged for wearing trousers.

Many educated people will say that this is against Quran –

Parental Guidance is required
Watch the video a human demon beating and whipping a female
Sudan woman whipped for wearing trousers
Shocking footage

Reality views by sm –
Thursday, December 16, 2010


kiran sawhney December 16, 2010  

It is very shocking and disturbing.

Apanatva December 16, 2010  

very sad ........ barberic..........

Sandhya December 16, 2010  

Is there no way to punish men who beat women in public and she is somebody's wife and mother.

Everymatter December 16, 2010  

They are not humans who beat a women like anything

they should opt some other kind of punishment financial/jail etc.

Nrupen Masram December 16, 2010  

Sorry I hadn't watched the video but for sure i don't deny religious ethics kill a person's right to be free. But before we warn others why don't you first look towards our own country.

Social Evil Returns

Bikram December 16, 2010  

A man wud never hit a women END OF.. this sums it all :)


sm,  December 16, 2010  

Kiran Bajaj Sawhney,,

sm,  December 16, 2010  

yes its a barbaric law

sm,  December 16, 2010  

different countries have different laws.
In Sudan this female was beaten under the moral code which is legal .
so this beating is legal as per sudan law.

sm,  December 16, 2010  


sm,  December 16, 2010  

Nrupen Masram,,
please go through religious section

sm,  December 16, 2010  


Renu December 17, 2010  

I cant understand this type of punishment.
But then my maid used to get a severe beating from her husband for nothing.

sm,  December 17, 2010  

there is difference between beating here this female was beaten for moral code , this happens with thousand of Sudan females daily educated or non educated its not important, important is female is slave just like cow so must obey the male or male got the hunter and democratic world just watches it.