19 December 2010

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Jharkhand 34th National Games Corruption – Corruption Amount More than 100 Crore

Jharkhand 34th National Games Corruption –
Corruption Amount More than 100 Crore

Updated on Monday, February 14, 2011 –

After the shameful discovery of common corruption wealth games corruption now its time for national games corruption.

It has been reported that the corruption amount is more than 100 crore Indian rupees.

One of the major problem in India regarding corruption is that one has to take the permission from the government which itself is corrupt.
If anyone want to file corruption charges and case against government special employees one has to apply and get permission.

In 2G scam government denied permission to lodge corruption case against a minister.

So what happened in the national games corruption?

Bhola Nath Singh of Jharkhand State Wrestling Association has complained about the alleged irregularities

Reports say that till March 2010, Rs.800 crore has been spent on infrastructure and purchase of equipment.

Six times the games were postpones and last 4 years the work is going on, I do not know how much work is completed,
This is the same story like Common wealth games corruption.

There are allegations that the office bearers of the National Games Organizing Committee (NGOC) received kickbacks from the suppliers of games equipment.

A special audit report prepared by the state Principal Accountant General in November 2009 found that the state exchequer had suffered a loss of many crores as the purchases were made from the highest bidders.

On September 27, Bhola Nath had filed a complaint with IG (vigilance) alleging purchase of sports equipment without floating tenders, purchase of equipment much in excess of actual requirement and at prices higher than market prices, and several other financial irregularities.

Bhola Nath had moved Jharkhand High Court against the NGOC office-bearers alleging corrupt practices.

On September 9, the court disposed of his petition observing that he could file an FIR with the vigilance if he had sufficient proof.

In his complaint, Bhola Nath made several specific allegations:

1.No tenders were invited for the Rs 11 crore spent on putting up high mast lights at Birsa Munda astro turf stadium at Morabadi and another Rs 1 crore spent on furnishing a VVIP guest house and lounge

2.200 dozen tennis balls had been bought for not more than 100 tennis players (in Wimbledon, 30 dozen tennis balls are purchased annually for 125 set matches played by 128 players)

3.Electronic score boards were bought from a single supplier at Rs 4.50 lakh for handball, kabaddi and kho kho, at Rs 6.50 lakh for taekwondo and at Rs 8.50 lakh for judo

4.Then sports director P.C. Mishra withdrew Rs 179.15 lakh for personal use, while lakhs of rupees were drawn as advance in the name of one S. Tirkey, a contract worker at NGOC office

5.There were three bids for badminton—Chadha Sports quoted Rs.236.09 lakh, Shiv Naresh Sports Rs.222.16 lakh and Khalsa Gymnastic Rs.110.09 lakh. The purchase order was given to Shiv Naresh Sports. Khalsa bid is lowest. Khalsa forgot this is corrupt nation think did not pay bribes.

6.Sixty-one imported equipment were purchased at an extra cost of Rs.724.91 lakh. Shiv Naresh Sports, which had quoted Rs.155.86 lakh, was the lowest bidder. But the order was given to Gem International at Rs.880.77 lakh without any reason.

7.The NGOC had awarded a tender of Rs.258.81 lakh to Celebrity Management Pvt Ltd of Kolkata to organise 33 cultural programmes and a cheque for Rs.78.54 lakh was issued as mobilisation advance. Later, when the NGOC decided to have only six cultural programmes, no reduction was made in the fee.

8.NGOC paid Rs.15.51 crore as mobilisation advance to 12 parties between November 2008 and January 2009, openly violating Central Vigilance Commission guidelines.

9.The Principal Accountant General report forced the state government to direct the vigilance to probe the alleged irregularities.

10.A five-member team led by then sports minister Sudesh Mahto visited Australia, Malaysia and Singapore in May 2005 under the pretext of incorporating international facilities in the sports complex.” Minister Sudesh Mahto even took his private secretary on a foreign trip

The state Vigilance Bureau has filed first information reports or FIRs against president of Jharkhand Olympic Association (JOA), RK Anand, former lawyer and two other JOA officials alleging financial irregularities in the purchase of sports equipment for the 34th National Games in the state.
One FIR has also been filed against a senior official from the state sports department.

Jharkhand’s Inspector General, Vigilance, MV Rao said, “We have lodged FIRs against JOA president RK Anand, secretary general SM Hashmi, treasurer Madhukant Pathak and former director, sports department, PC Mishra.”

Advocate R.K. Anand was found guilty by the Supreme Court of contempt of court and influencing witnesses in July last year.

Six times games were postponed and now it is said that games will be held in the month of February 2011.
Original date for the games was February 2007.

According to the CAG, the catering contract was allotted to the Delhi-based Gazal caterers, violating bidding norms, and incurring a loss of Rs 2.8 crores.

CAG also found that Event management company Wizcraft, has already pocketed Rs 1.73 crores as a mobilisation advance, despite the company being blacklisted by the National games Organizing Committee.

A company which won the travel contract was allegedly paid an extra Rs 3.47 crore rupees for the purchase of sports equipment.

Excess payments of over Rs 11 crores have been detected by the CAG.
Whistles available for Rs 40 each - were purchased for Rs 450 a piece.

Reality views by sm –
Sunday, December 19, 2010

Mera Bharat Mahan
Jahan Bhi Nazar Dalu corruption Nazar Aata hai.
Phir Kahate Hai Mera Desh Mahan
Jahan ho culture of corruption
Vahan kahe ka culture aur dharma aur deshprem


Nrupen Masram December 19, 2010  

I can't really say anything on corruption now. Done commenting on it.

India All Set To Make Itself Bankrupt

sm,  December 19, 2010  

Nrupen Masram,,

Arti December 19, 2010  

Nothing comes out of all the probes... We dont even know whats the progress on the cwg messup...

sm December 19, 2010  

regarding cwg i am trying to post as much as possible but progress is zero.
its just timepass

chitra December 19, 2010  

sm, is there anything else we hear these days other than corruption. OMG! where will all this end?

sm,  December 19, 2010  

R. Ramesh,,

sm,  December 19, 2010  

end will be civil war hope it will be peaceful.