19 December 2010

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American Politician Versus Indian Politician who is fast learner and Honest – A fictional short story by sm

American Politician Versus Indian Politician
who is fast learner and Honest – A fictional short story by sm

Once upon a time one of the Indian political leader visited America.
When he landed on American airport, the security thoroughly checked him and his baggage
Just treated him like a simple common traveler, a citizen. No special treatment as VIP or a politician

Indian politician became very angree and upset, he shouted and he called to American embassy and called Press and informed everyone that Hindu culture is violated, India is insulted.

He made lot of drama as the politicians in India consider themselves as the Kings of India and common Indian citizens are their slaves.

After through check up the politician was allowed to go to his hotel in America.

Then next day Indian Politician visited the American counter part they start to discuss political problems in India and Indian poverty with each other, they both enjoyed tea.

Then suddenly Indian politician stood and went to the window, he saw the beautiful flyover and playground.

While watching the beauty he asked the American politician, how did he manage to build such a beautiful tall bungalow?

American politician asked him, did you see the flyover and playground,
Indian politician said that, Yes I see them they are marvelous, wonderful.
Then American politician said you know I got 10% commission, kickback in that project.

Then Indian politician came back to India, but he did not forget the beauty of American politician’s bungalow.
As an Indian he was quick learner and a copy master.

After a year He invited American Politician to India.
American politician landed on a Indian Airport, Indian custom officers, airport authorities started to check them, but poor guys as soon Indian Politician knew this ,
He immediately fired few of them and transferred others from their job.
Thus without any checkup American politicians landed in India.

Then American politician directly came to meet the Indian politician, they enjoyed lunch and while talking American politician asked the Indian Politician why he did not allow the Indian airport customs officers to check their luggage?

Indian Politician said that they are his dogs and dogs should stay in their limit.
Told him politician is the king in India.
Today if they check you, tomorrow they will check his bags and then it will become difficult for him to send black money to foreign banks or to travel with escorts to foreign lands or invite escorts from foreign lands to India.
And both smiled

American politician said in next birth he wishes to be born as a politician in India.
He said American Supreme Court and constitution is perfect so it’s impossible in America to treat American citizens as dogs and slaves.

While the talk was going on American politician saw that the Indian politicians dress was foreign, his car was foreign, and his children were studying in America.
Everything in home was a foreign and represented No.1 brand around the world.

American politician was confused and did not understand how a politician of poor nation can afford this.

Then American politician asked Indian politician, how you managed to earn so much money and a beautiful bungalow which is hundred times better than any American politicians home

Indian politician became happy, he felt proud. He went to the window, asked the American politician come to the window.

Then he said do you see the flyover and playground,
American politician said no he did not see any flyover or playground
He said I can see only some construction is going on.

Then Indian politician said that’s a flyover and the area below the flyover is a playground
And he got the kickback and bribe of 100%

American politician became afraid and said in this case very soon Indian politician will go to jail.

Indian politician answered don’t worry my friend, here in India we make the law and we are the controller and kings of the departments who check the implementation of laws.
So we are the kings in India, how can a police officer arrest himself for doing corruption.

So there is no need to worry about the flyover and ground as Indian slave citizens are busy discussing and counting and fighting on caste and religion.

Then American politician went back to USA while preying to Santa that please give him next birth in India as a politician.

This is a fictional story written by sm for the purpose of entertainment.
There is no intention to hurt any great honest Indian politicians.
No one is as honest as any Indian politician.
This is the original story.

Reality views by sm –
Sunday, December 19, 2010


chitra December 19, 2010  

Hilarious!! good presentation.

Bikram December 19, 2010  


Amrit December 19, 2010  


Which part is fiction?

May be the fiction is 1000% ...it is probably 200%

Abhilash Pillai December 19, 2010  

a good story. I kept reading it until the climax. I dont often read long stories but this was awsome. Nicely creafted.

Good work and true work.

sm,  December 19, 2010  


sm,  December 19, 2010  


sm,  December 19, 2010  

every Indian knows the answer and that answer bites.

sm,  December 19, 2010  

Abhilash Pillai,,

Tanishka... December 19, 2010  

This is cool... Very nicely presented And yes I agree to Bik... Mera Bharat Mahan... :)

sm,  December 19, 2010  


Anya December 20, 2010  

I'm not an Indian
but I like your story :-)
Very well written ...


BOOKISH COCOON December 20, 2010  

HILARIOUS, but unfortunately true!!!

Irfanuddin December 20, 2010  

This is our fate, that we r born to be ruled by these politicians..... nice writeup...

plz visit http://irfanurs.blogspot.com

sm,  December 20, 2010  


sm,  December 20, 2010  

i will visit your blog.

Usha December 22, 2010  

Sm....Enjoyed reading your humorously written fiction story. :)

Sorry that I didn't reply to your message in time..Thanks for your kind offer for video..I have captured only 6-7 pictures of sky from cell and all rest are assorted type captured over the period of six months..I replied there..please read it.I am not at all upset..I just could not reply in time. :)

sm,  December 22, 2010  


Sathish Chandrasekaran (சதீஷ் சந்திரசேகரன்) December 23, 2010  

i received this as an sms sometime back..

but its the harsh reality that we have are the world leaders & have no competition when it comes to corruption

SM December 23, 2010  

as yes there are many small jokes based on corruption comparing politicians.