09 November 2010

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Scientist Discover Way To create blood from human skin –

Scientist Discover Way To create blood from human skin
– Trials will start from 2012
The discovery is published on Nov. 7 in the journal Nature

Mick Bhatia, scientific director of McMaster's Stem Cell and Cancer Research Institute in the Michael G. DeGroote School of Medicine, and his team of researchers have also shown that the conversion is direct.

scientists at McMaster University have discovered how to make human blood from adult human skin.

This means that in future when people will need blood for surgery, cancer treatment or treatment of other blood conditions like anemia will be able to have blood created from a patch of their own skin to provide transfusions. Clinical trials could begin as soon as 2012.

The discovery was replicated several times over two years using human skin from both young and old people to prove it works for any age of person.

This research was funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, the Canadian Cancer Society Research Institute, the Stem Cell Network and the Ontario Ministry of Research and Innovation.

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Tuesday, November 09, 2010


Amrit November 09, 2010  

Very good news. I strongly favor Stem Cell research and actually I wrote an article on it.

chitra November 09, 2010  

That is a great development. This would avoid many complications and hassles one has to go through when blood is required.

Tanvi November 09, 2010  

I guess blood banks will lose their money then :P Anyways its a very great start..lets see if it really turns out to be helpful... And in cancer treatment I guess its best to leave out experimentation... :)

Nice post! Loved your blog!
Thanks for visiting mee.. :)


sm,  November 09, 2010  

when i visit your site i will read that post written by you.

sm,  November 09, 2010  


sm,  November 09, 2010  

Yes i agree with you, but i am sure this new technology will be also used to make money.
but still if it is successful then there will not by any death because of lack of blood supply on time.

RNSANE November 10, 2010  

As a nurse for five years short of half a century ( goodness, that is scary! ), the idea of being able to make blood from one's own tissue would be an absolute boon to medicine as well as to patient survival and safety. That is such an exciting discovery. Now, let's just hope it will be available to all - and not restricted only to the wealthy and those some administrators feel are "worthy"!

sm,  November 10, 2010