27 November 2010

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Know and understand what is Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC)?

Know and understand what is Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC)?
Let us understand what is Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC)?

In India we got many types of inquires, methods are good but final aim of this committees is that
No Punishment but these inquires are good to expose corrupt people or for entertainment.

Joint Parliamentary Committee is appointed to look, inquire into particular matter or subject or fraud, something which is important for nation.

How Joint Parliamentary Committee is formed?
What is the procedure to form Joint Parliamentary Committee?

Joint Parliamentary Committee is formed when motion is adopted by one house and it is supported or agreed by the other house.

Another way to form a Joint Parliamentary committee is that two presiding chiefs of both houses can write to each other, communicate with each other and form the joint parliamentary committee.

How many persons can be members of Joint Parliamentary committee?

The rule is simple -
The Lok Sabha members are double compared to Rajya Sabha.
Example –

If Joint Parliamentary committee has 10 Lok Sabha Members then 5 members will be from Rajya Sabha and total member of JPC will be 15.

The strength of a JPC may be different each time.

When the first Joint Parliamentary committee was established?

On August 6, 1987 the first JPC was instituted to inquire into the Bofors contract
on a motion moved by then defence minister K C Pant in the Lok Sabha.
The JPC submitted its report on – 26 April 1988
India got nothing after JPC in this case.
In this JPC inquiry opposition parties boycotted this inquiry and report was tables but again opposition parities rejected the JPC committee report.
Indian tax payer’s money and time was wasted.

The 2nd JPC was formed to inquiry into Harshad Mehta scandal.
The recommendations of the JPC were neither accepted in full nor implemented by the government of India.
Again 2nd time Indian tax payer’s money was wasted and time was wasted.

3rd JPC was set up to inquire into Stock Market Scam.
Chairman of this committee – BJP member Lt Gen Prakash Mani Tripathi
Report Submitted on – 19 December 2002
What happened after this JPC report?
Report was not implemented
Again tax payer’s time and money was wasted.

4th last JPC was formed to inquire into pesticide residues in soft drinks, fruit juice and other beverages and to set safety standards.
Committee Head was NCP chief Sharad Pawar
Submitted Report on 4th February 2004
Committee found soft drinks got, contain pesticides.

But again we Indians got nothing again waste of time and waste of money and again we demand JPC without demanding changes in JPC working and JPC powers.

Please remember the laws are made in such a way that today or tomorrow or day after tomorrow any JPC or PAC may be formed we Indians will get nothing.
The rules are made in such a way that criminals should enjoy them.
And honest people should fear them, without doing anything land up in jail.

What are the powers of Joint Parliamentary committee?

1.JPC can collect oral or written evidence from the experts.

2.The proceedings of parliamentary committees are confidential. Please note in majority nations this type of committees work in open and day to day there work is available for public. Only corrupt nations need confidentiality.

3.Normally ministers are not called to give evidence

4.SM – Ministers are gods how can they cheat the nation? Even if they cheat it is there birth right to cheat the nation.

5.JPC can inspect all documents related with the inquiry.

6.JPC can invite interested parties for inquiry.

7.JPC can send summons to people to appear before them, if person does not obey summons it is considered as contempt of House.

8.The Speaker has the final word on any dispute over calling for evidence

9.Against any individual or production of a document, even government can deny access to documents if government feels it is related with safety of state. What is safety of state? Only God knows.

I feel that following new powers should be given Joint Parliamentary Committee
Following new laws or amendments or sections should be added to the powers of JPC.

1.JPC should work openly

2.JPC should put all documents and evidence daily on internet.

3.JPC should finish inquiry in 1 month.

4.It should be compulsory on government to follow recommendations given by JPC.
If government wants they can approach to Supreme Court. It should be compulsory for SC to give judgment in 1 week in this type of cases.

5.JPC should get power to arrest any Minister exception should be Prime Minister.

6.During JPC probe no political party should be allowed to withdraw support of Government if they do so the party should get automatically banned forever without any appeal and they should be debar to contest any public or private elections for next 25 years.

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Saturday, November 27, 2010


Everymatter November 27, 2010  

I think members are JPC are from all parties and all eats taxpayers money

i don't know a single case when any politicians is jailed or taxpayers money is recovered from him.

sm,  November 27, 2010  


Ashutosh,  December 29, 2010  

BJP still wants jpc
what about PAC
Even after PAC do we really require jpc even after it is of no use.
can u pls elaborate pac in one of your post

sm,  December 29, 2010  

below is the link for the article on PAC.


Sushant Jain January 01, 2011  

Your suggestions are very good...

sm,  January 01, 2011  

Sushant Jain,,

Anonymous,  February 22, 2011  

Your Suggestions to the Govt. for the Powers to JPC are very good. But No one in our country matter about this

sm,  February 22, 2011  


Anonymous,  February 22, 2011  

what is the rario of members of political parties in JPC

Anonymous,  February 26, 2011  

Jpc is for settlement. It is like mandvali in mumbai language. All parties are corrupt and trying to adjust their loop holes. A minister who was a smuggler caught but then freed by jpc. So it is game to fooled public and adjustment.
And all corporates who are involved they will not let the things go as it is. Sharing a pie or asking a share in pie.

sm,  February 26, 2011  

yes its like mandvali or exchange.
very well said.
new JPC = recommendations will be suggested which will help to fix 1 or 2 loopholes in selling of government properties.

Anonymous,  March 10, 2011  

A good one indeed,I like the way it has been written--simple,compact,yet covering all the vital points.

Such short & comprehensible description of the "politics" behind Indian Politics is necessary to make the youth (atleast) AWARE of the "truth behind the truth" !!

Anonymous,  March 10, 2011  

Nicely written..

sm,  March 10, 2011  


Anonymous,  April 17, 2011  

in kerala former minister balakrishna pilla is now in central jail . v.s achuthanandan (current c.m) followed the graft case for the last 25 years and finally won his crusade against corruption.

sm,  April 17, 2011  


Anonymous,  August 29, 2012  

what ever the committees or the councils are made in he nations it is only for the satisfaaction of the ordinary people that we are the democratic nation and trying to take the correct action against someone and we as peoople foolishly accept it and forget after some time.....
doesnot ask the govt.

rakesh,  March 06, 2013  

Really...ministers are more cunning than or other animals