22 November 2010

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Know About B.S. Yediyurappa, CM of Karnataka

Know About B.S. Yediyurappa, Chief Minister of Karnataka

– Famed for land scam -

Name - Bookanakere Siddalingappa Yeddyurappa

Date of Birth - 27.02.1943

Place of Birth - Bookanakere,K.R. Pet Taluk Mandya District

Father's Name : Siddalingappa

Mother's Name : Smt. Puttathayamma

Wife's Name : Smt. Maithra Devi

Children :
Two Sons - B. Y. Raghavendra - Vijayendra
Three Daughters – Arunadevi,Padmavati,Umadevi

Educational Qualification : B.A. And he got, conferred a doctorate degree “Doctor of Laws” by the Saginaw State University, Michigan, U.S .
Reason to give doctorate – Public Service.

Constituency - Shikaripur

Political Party – BJP

Activities -

Functioned as Volunteer, R.S.S. Sheshadripura, Bangalore initially.

During 1972, elected as President, Shikaripura Taluk ]ana Sangha and entered public life.

Functioned as Director and President of Shikaripura Taluk Veerashaiva Society from 1974 to 1976.

Became Secretary of the Janatha Party during 1977

Political Positions Held -

Elected as Municipal Councilor on 16th August 1975.

Elected as President, Shikaripur Municipal Council, on 1 3th February 1977.

Elected as President, B.J.P. Shikaripur Taluk during 1980.

Served as Shimoga District B.J.P. President from 1985 to 1988.

Elected to Karnataka legislative Assembly in 1985 defeating Sri Madegowda Patil of the Congress.

Functioned as Karnataka State B.J.P. President during 1988.

Elected to Karnataka legislative Assembly for the 3rd time in 1989 defeating Shri Nagarada Mahadevappa, a rebel Congress candidate.

Functioned as Secretary, All India B.J.P. during 1992.

Elected to Karnataka legislative Assembly for the 4th time during 1994 and functioned as the Opposition leader in Karnataka legislative Assembly.

Became the State B.J.P. President for the 2nd time during 1998-99.

Led one more Farmers March to Bangalore City from Banavasi.
Successfully fought against the Government and prevented the introduction of the Bill aimed at the eviction of unauthorized cultivators (Late B. Rachaiah as Forest Minister had attempted to introduce the Bill).

Elected to Karnataka Legislative Council in 2000 and remained as M.L.C. till 2004.

Elected to the Karnataka Legislative Assembly for the 5th time in 2004 elections and functioned as the Opposition Leader from May 2004 to January 2006 before becoming the Deputy Chief Minister of Karnataka on 3rd February 2006 in the coalition government led by Chief Minister Shri H.D. Kumaraswamy.

Chief Minister of Karnataka in the coalition government from 12.11.2007 to 19.11.2007

B.S. Yediyurappa and controversies -

It was alleged that his sons B. Y. Raghavendra and Vijayendra, and son-in-law R. N. Sohan Kumar have received Rs 20 crore in a 'murky deal' from a Bellary-based mining firm for selling a six acre plot in a high profile IT park in Bangalore.

Raghavendra, the chief minister's another son B Y Vijendra and his son-in-law Sohan Kumar had Rs 20 crore transferred to their accounts from a mining firm in Toranagallu in Bellary district in August towards the sale of six acres at a tech Park here. Raghavendra received Rs 10 crore, Vijendra and Kumar Rs 5 crore each, Kumaraswamy said.

Raghavendra and his younger brother Vijayendra got huge favours after their father became Karnataka deputy chief minister in 2006.
Going by market rate the brothers are now sitting on land worth Rs 500 crore.

Raghavendra got a Bangalore Development Authority (BDA) plot in the posh RMV extension in Bangalore after he was elected to the Lok Sabha in 2009 under the MP's quota. He paid just Rs 10 lakh but the market value is over Rs 2 crore.

BDA rules say if Raghavendra or his family own property in Bangalore then he is not eligible.
But documents with CNN-IBN clearly show that Raghavendra has lied in an affidavit saying he owns no other property in Bangalore.
He forgot that he already owns a mansion at Manyata in Bangalore.

Yeddyurappa is also accused of favouring his daughter Umadevi in setting up a BPO. She got two acres of land on the outskirts of Bangalore.

There are also allegations of the family members getting over 5 acres of land in their home town Shimoga for a hospital and 2 acres for a factory in Bangalore.
Another 11 acres denotified in favour of his sons in March this year are now worth Rs 181 crore. Interestingly, most of these revelations are coming from Janata Dal (Secular) leader HD Kumaraswamy, who was the chief minister when Yeddyurappa was his deputy.

The Yeddyurappa government in Karnataka has announced a judicial inquiry into the land scam allegedly involving the Chief Minister and his family.

Always learn to ask what are the powers of this judicial committee,
to whom , in how many days report will be given, do they got powers to arrest or file police complaint
Or this is just waste of Indian tax payers money.

What is the use of inquiry if there is no punishment , no time limit regarding inquiry.

Updated on - Sunday, February 06, 2011

Karnataka Chief Minister Yeddyurappa In his affidavit filed in 2008 before the Chief Election Commissioner of Karnataka, Yeddyurappa, declared his total assets at Rs. 1.82 crore.

The break-up of his assets in 2008 is as follows:

1.Cash holdings: Rs. 1.89 lakh
2.Bank deposits: Rs. 8 lakh
3.LIC bonds and shares: Rs. 2.5 lakh
4.Jewellery: Rs. 22 lakh
5.Two cars: Rs. 9.9 lakh
6.Land: 27 acres of agricultural land at Shikaripura worth Rs. 32 lakh
7.Four houses: Rs. 1.05 crore

Total Assets Year 2008 - Rs. 1.82 crore only

Below is the total assests for the year 2011 –

Now 2011 again Karnataka Chief Minister Yeddyurappa declared his assests.

1.Cash and household items worth Rs. 4.38 crore
2.2.5 kilograms of gold worth Rs. 50 lakhs
3.75 kilograms of silver worth nearly Rs. 17 lakhs
4.18 crores of agricultural land in his constituency, Shikaripuram
5.House in Bangalore's posh Raj Mahal Vilas (RMV) Extension
6.Commercial property
7.Bank deposits and shares

Entries No. from 4 to 7 are not evaluated.
The Opposition led by the JD(S) had earlier alleged that the chief minister was worth Rs. 1000 crore.


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Reality views by sm -
Monday,November 22,2010


SG November 22, 2010  

Reminds me of an incident that happned a few years ago in USA. Newspaper reporters asked the Mayor of a big city why he is giving lucarative city contracts to his friends. He immediately replied: Do you want me to give to my enemies?

raji November 22, 2010  

good description of the culprit..:)Culprit from my own state...

Kavita Saharia November 22, 2010  

We have become a country of scams mainly due to the laxity in punishing the culprits.

sm,  November 22, 2010  


sm,  November 22, 2010  


sm,  November 22, 2010  


Sandhya November 22, 2010  

Karnataka used to be full of decent people until a few years back, even in politics, at least to some extent. It is worsening now, day by day...sickening.

Thanks for the details of Yeddi.

Kirtivasan Ganesan November 22, 2010  

Politicians never seem to do anything just because it needs to be done. They will go all out to do a job if there is something for them.

The beauty of today's scams are that the scam value is much much higher than the contract value.

sm,  November 22, 2010  


sm,  November 22, 2010  


Sathish Chandrasekaran (சதீஷ் சந்திரசேகரன்) November 22, 2010  

Thanks to you, am now atleast able to see through the many political scandals :)

R. Ramesh November 22, 2010  

politics in india stinks...i can smell it here so far in dubai..

Amrit November 22, 2010  


As usual informative and complete article...like a successful surgery.

sm,  November 22, 2010  


sm,  November 22, 2010  

R. Ramesh,,

Neha November 22, 2010  

it's been a sad time. so many controversies. some made it big and some didn't!

sm,  November 22, 2010  


Everymatter November 23, 2010  

how did you collected so much info

the important question is that does the resignation is enough or the guilty will be punished and loss of public money will be recovered from them.

sm,  November 23, 2010  

reading helps me

Anonymous,  February 02, 2011  

Yeddyurappa, in the affidavit filed before election commission during the 2008 general election, has revealed that he has done only PUC, but his blog and his official & personal websites reveals that he is BA graduate.

sm,  February 02, 2011  

i will check and verify again.

umesh April 26, 2012  

Yeddurappa's education qualification is PUC, but his personal website and in this website it says that he completed BA from Bangalore, but in the affidavit which Yeddurappa has filed before the election commission he says that he has done PUC from P.E.S College, Mandya.