02 November 2010

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Epic Mahabharata - Do you think Yudhishtra the husband of Draupadi was a Dharmaraj or Most Righteous Person?

Epic Mahabharata - Do you think Yudhishtra the husband of Draupadi was a Dharmaraj or Most Righteous Person?

Dharmaraj means - Most Righteous Person, Eldest of Pandavas

Who was Yudhishtra?

Yudhishtra was the eldest son of King Pandu and Queen Kunti.
For his piety, he was known as Dharmaraja, which means righteous king' or 'king of dharma'

Pandu was unable to become father and Queen Kunti using her powers with the help of Yama, the god of judgment gave birth to the Yudhishtra.

Yudhisthira was trained in religion, science, administration

He married Panchali princess Draupadi along with his four brothers

One wife five husbands.

He became king of the Indraprastha

He was not master of gambling or dice.

Duryodhana's maternal uncle Shakuni, challenged Yudhisthira to a game of dice, which is gambling.

Gambling is also art, and considered as a sin by religious people, so how can a religious person accept the invitation to play the game of gambling?

Thus because of ego or to show manly powers Yudhisthira accepted the challenge to play game of gambling, dice.

Everyone knew that the Shakuni is the champion of playing dice. He was expert in that game.

Yudhisthira lost all the games of gambling.
He lost kingdom
He lost all wealth

Even uneducated person also knows the difference between a living thing and property.

But He forgot this he lost his brothers in gambling.

Still the king of religion does not realize his mistake and
He played again and

He lost himself and thus all the 5 Pandavas became the servants of Kauravas.

But again he played the game and

Lost his wife Draupadi also in the game of dice, gambling.

What happened after losing Draupadi?

Duryodhana ordered his younger brother Dushasana to forcefully bring her into the forum.
Dushasana forcefully brings Draupadi in the forum or court where every male was sitting and enjoying the game of dice and gambling.

In that period Dasa, servants were forbidden to wear clothes or upper clothes.
So all 5 brothers removed their clothes or say upper clothes.

Now Draupadi was also a Dasi, so what should be her dress code?

But legally speaking how can a servant das who has no right to keep property can put his wife as property?

Then Kauravas demand the same from Draupadi who refuses.
Then to the horror of everybody present, Dushasana tries to strip Draupadi of her sari.

Now Draupadi calls her friend Krishna and he appears and using magic or maya saves her from the Kauravas.

Why Krishna did not stopped the husband of Draupadi from putting her on bet?

Who is more responsible, unreligious person in this story?

The husband of wife or the owner of Dasi, servant?

Both are guilty

As per religious books a king can not put his wife as bet as she was also the queen.
Not his servant or dasi.
In reality she was.

Indirectly this shows the position of Hindu female also.

Do you think any religious person will do this as per the standards of religious books?

People say that he was Kshatriya so he has to accept the challenge?

So why he did not follow the duty of husband towards his wife?

What is important for a husband - duty towards his wife or the religious books?
Or customs?

So if the Kshatriya is challenged to kidnap a female will it be religious?

This is the time when he put his brother on gamble, why Krishna did not appeared and stopped him from doing unlawful act.

When Yudhisthira put Draupadi on the gamble, why the best friend of Draupadi, that is Krishna did not appear and stopped the game of gambling?

After losing Draupadi in the game of gambling.

Everyone said Shakuni cheated and won all the games of gambling

If shakuni was cheating in the gambling, then why Yudhisthira did not stopped playing the game of gambling, dice?

What is the duty of Kshatriya when he finds about cheating?

After losing everything why to shout he cheated?

What is the reason Yudhisthira did not stop the game of dice as soon as he got knowledge
Shakuni is cheating?

As per religion what is the duty of Husband towards his wife?

It is the duty of good people to show new good ways of living to society , good people always change the society for the benefit of society , they do not drink and smoke by saying that it is their family custom and because religion says so they have to drink or smoke or play the game of gambling

So the point is
In this story no one is wrong, no one is good
Everyone is human
Everyone is human
One is more evil than other.
One is better than other
Nothing is important, important is to be rich and show the power of being Male

Thus No one is Dharmaraj
Dharam changes as per the wishes of king and rich people and as per the wishes of final winner of the war. What he projects is considered correct always.

This complete story is very important and one understands lot from this.

Know About The Mahabharata Few Important Facts:


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Tuesday, November 02, 2010


raji November 02, 2010  

good analysis .we just follow whatever is told to us by our ancestors, blindly,may it be mahabaratha or anything else.your questions made me even think whether he can be CALLED A"DHARMARAJA"because his title was a real" ?" once he put his wife for gambling.

Punam November 02, 2010  

Good questions.
And I agree with your explanation about no one being dharmaraj. Except one's conscience, nothing else can be dharmaraj.

Uncanny that u wrote this post while I was questioning Ramayan at the same time here:

kiran sawhney November 02, 2010  

Great subject matter to ponder on. Yes, he does not seem to be a Dharmaraj. He actually treated his wife like a dasi and put her up as bet.

chitra November 02, 2010  

A new topic and presented well too. Both Mahabaratha and Ramayana, we can keep asking these questions like you have raised here. I think they are like movies where no questions should be asked or if posed there are no logical answers.

Anonymous,  November 02, 2010  

No point in questioning our epics. Though they contain a lot of good things to learn, they also contain such discrepancies. I am not a non believer, but I think both Ramayana and Mahabharata are just exaggeration. Kunti's 5 sons and Gandhari's 100 sons and not to mention Draupadi's 5 husbands. I mean, come on! And some claim that women got more respect in the olden days. :)

sm,  November 02, 2010  


sm,  November 02, 2010  

thanks i visit your blog to read post on Ramayana.

sm,  November 02, 2010  

Kiran Bajaj Sawhney,,

CIVILPRINCESS November 02, 2010  

nice analysis on this episode of mahabaratha sm :)
as some one already said, our epics have shown we have a lot of lessons to learn. and getting the correct content of each of the incidents is the challenge.

sm,  November 02, 2010  


sm,  November 02, 2010  


Anonymous,  November 02, 2010  

nice character analysis on dharmaraj. one never gets to know the perfect truth about the incidents of the past. each and every character and scenes in all epics are interwoven threads of can-be, cannot -be assumptions. we never know what the fact is...
i have done a post on the ramayana in another angle which i heard a few years back. it shows raavan in a completely different angle.
it is a series (of which three are done) which is yet to be finished.

so we can never know what the truth is. if we get some good lessons... take it!!!

sm,  November 02, 2010  


sm,  November 02, 2010  

i will visit your blog to read the post.

Bikram November 02, 2010  

SM I dont want to go in detail but if we think logically without our mentality about religion then we can see what all happened.. if this was some other religion or epic of a different country we will have lots to say

There was so much wrong done in mahabarth, we talk of morality but so many kaurav warriors were killed with guile and a few were betrayed
Karan being one such warrior

so many things happened in mahabarth and yet we give that as examples of being good but it is not is it..
you are right Yudhistra did all that without giving it a thought and put all on a bet and yet we say he was good ...

All i would say people shud read the history with a clear mind and then make a judgement
as usual a VERY good article SM

Neha November 02, 2010  

have you read the story about Yudhishthir not lying ever. He just said a half lie (again, I don't know whether there can ever be a half lie)..when he was asked whether Ashwathama died or not..Yudhishthir knew that he was dead but couldn't say so..that time there was an elephant in the name of Ashwathama..so Yudhishthir said to Dronacharya, "Ashwathama has died, but I don't know whether that was your son or elephant".

When Yudhishthir died, his one thumb nail melted as he told this half lie! otherwise his body didn't have any other mark or injury or withered in any manner!

I don't know to what extent this story is true!

Apanatva November 02, 2010  

Amazing analysis .
very nice post .

R. Ramesh November 02, 2010  

Everyone is human..very well said buddy...temme..how do u manage to get interesting topics alwys? cheers

Amrit November 02, 2010  


It is an epic trying to show two WRONGS..morale of Mahabharata is Winner of the war is RIGHT.

Only Geeta is applicable for religion perspective.

It is a story of NORMAL HUMAN beings who do right and wrong things and decide right and wrong based on their perspective.

There is NO ABSOLUTE RIGHT except GOD.

Once I was tempted to write blog on Ramayana and Mahabharata and their purpose/influnece on our lives but ...did not get time and could not get the books.

sm,  November 02, 2010  


sm,  November 02, 2010  

yes i know the story.
thanks putting the story in details

sm,  November 02, 2010  


sm,  November 02, 2010  

R. Ramesh,,

bhagyareema November 03, 2010  

Good to know ur viewpoint. You are right everyone is human and its better not to put on a pedestal. According to me, apart form Chanakya neethi, Mahabharata is another good guide on learning about 'political science'. Much better than the present books on the subject.

sm,  November 03, 2010  


Rama Ananth November 03, 2010  

I always found all these epic very interesting, I used to attend lots of debate on such subjects by very good debaters, and it was amazing to see how each person was right in his or her own way, and left everyone convinced and also confused.
I miss those times when it was easy to go such debates.
Your blog was good. Thanks.

sm,  November 04, 2010  


Unknown April 05, 2014  

Dear All , In those days Kings had to accept all the challanges thrown to them.Shakuni challanged Yudishitra for dice game , he had to accept
it.Now in dice game one has to place equal bets on both side.Once duryodhana placed his brothers , dharmaraj had to place pandavas.same happened to panchali also.Krishna kept away from the
place , since the dice game had to be happpend, and also eventaully the WAR and there by establish dharama.So all the happenings in the epic had to take place.Please dont blame Yudhishtira for this

Brikut March 02, 2016  

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