09 November 2010

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Adarsh Housing Society and Environment Minister Jairam Ramesh – Action will be taken in next 3 days – Can He Dare - 25 Floors may be demolished.

Adarsh Housing Society and Environment Minister Jairam Ramesh – Action will be taken in next 3 days – Can He Dare - 25 Floors may be demolished.
Environment Minister Jairam Ramesh said that
"We have received a bunch of papers from the state environment department and the Coastal Regulation Zone department.
Based on the evidence that we have got so far, no clearance was given for the Adarsh Society buildings.

We are awaiting papers from the state urban development department. Decision will be taken in two-three days,"
State urban development department is not authorized to give clearance. "Let's see what they say in their reply," the Minister said.

Environment Minister Jairam Ramesh said that in next 2 or 3 days the action will be taken on Adarsh Housing Society.

It is expected that the 25 illegal floors of Adarsh Housing Society will be demolished.

I hope that Environment Minister Jairam Ramesh will take strict action on Adarsh Housing Society and will see that the 25 illegal floors of Adarsh Housing Society will be demolished as fast as possible, as early as possible.

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Tuesday, November 09, 2010


Bikram November 10, 2010  

ooops lets hope it works ...

sm,  November 10, 2010  


RNSANE November 10, 2010  

Of course,sm, I don't know this Adarsh Housing Society and I read the past posts about the corrupt assigning of these apartments. I think it's a shame that 25 floors of a building - in a country so desparetely in need of housing - would be destroyed. To me, it would make much more sense to punish these corrupt people and allow others to purchase this housing at a fair and reasonable price.

sm,  November 10, 2010  

Let me clear one point.
What happens in India, is that
Build a illegal building.
Break the laws.
No one goes to jail. It is civil matter, and result will come after 25 years or 50 years.
Pay minimum fine.
and make the Building legal.
This is reason building should be demolished.
as a punishment then
Then Builder will think next time should he build a illegal building ?
If you make it legal,
then again and again the law will be broken and it will be proven
Yes corruption is our religion.

sm,  November 12, 2010  

The environment ministry issued a show cause notice to Mumbai's scam-tainted Adarsh housing society for removing the unauthorised structure for violating environmental laws.
In the notice, the ministry asked the society to show cause why the 31-floor structure should not be removed forthwith under section five of the Environment (Protection) Act 1986.
The society has been given two weeks time to reply to the notice

RNSANE November 15, 2010  

I understand what you mean, sm. I guess it will hurt these people in the pocketbook.

sm,  November 15, 2010  


Anonymous,  January 16, 2011  

Adarsh must stand still as GHOST BUILDING with every Looters name on each Flats, as the monument of Loot from Kargil War Widows by the nexus of Corrupt Congress Politicians, Army Officers, Bureaucrats, Officials etc....till every Culprits are brought to book and punished. So that the new History Book of Congress does not comes out in future with washing away their hand like no involvement of in Emergency, Bofors, 1984 Sikh riots etc....Citizens of India can forgive the Loot from Tax-payers, but cannot from War Widows. Adarsh must only be GROUNDED with it's LOOTERS, and not without it. Does any one concerns what Kargil War Widows thinks about Adarsh? Instead of demolishing, Why not to make it " ADARSH TEMPLE " with memories of every Shaheed Jawans from Kargil War in it? Why not to demolish LAVASA? Because it would demolish UPA-2?

sm,  January 16, 2011  

One has to start somewhere, something is better than nothing.
in pursuit of full justice in this corrupt nation we will get nothing.