27 October 2010

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CWG Corruption Probe - Shunglu Panel Gets Free Hand to probe Common Corruption wealth games – Ten Point TOR Fixed by PMO for Shunglu Panel

CWG Corruption Probe - Shunglu Panel Gets Free Hand to probe Common Corruption wealth games – Ten Point TOR Fixed by PMO for Shunglu Panel

Government of India has given, conferred the status of a Supreme Court judge on V.K. Shunglu, head of the high-level committee to go into the alleged financial irregularities

Now the Shunglu panel will get the powers, authority to summon officials, inspect records, and confiscate papers and to look into all the official documents pertaining to the common corruption wealth games.

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh had on October 15 constituted the committee to be headed by Mr. Shunglu, a former Comptroller and Auditor General, to investigate and report within three months its findings.

According to the PMO, the Committee will have as its second member Shantanu Consul, Secretary, Department of Personnel and Training, after his retirement on October 30

The committee will examine the "weaknesses in management, alleged misappropriation, irregularities, wasteful expenditure and wrongdoing in the conduct of the Games and recommend action".
It would also probe the issues relating to the effectiveness of the organisational structure and governance for organization, preparation and conduct of the Games at all levels, including the Organizing Committee and its key functional areas.

“The Terms of Reference (ToR) are wide and comprehensive. We will go in to every aspect of the complaints (related to the scam),” Mr. Shunglu told PTI.

The Prime Minister’s Office has announced a 10-point ToR for the Shunglu panel to investigate the weaknesses in management, alleged misappropriation, irregularities and wrongdoing in the conduct of the Games held here between October 3-14.

Terms of Reference of High Level Committee to Look into the Organization and Conduct of the Commonwealth Games – 2010
Government has approved the constitution of a High Level Committee (HLC) headed by V.K. Shunglu, the former Comptroller & Auditor General of India, to look into the organization and conduct of the Commonwealth Games – Delhi 2010 and also to draw lessons from it. The second member of the Committee will be Shantanu Consul (IAS: KTK: 74), Secretary, Department of Personnel & Training, upon his retirement on 31st October, 2010.

Government has also approved the terms of reference for the Committee as under:

i) The role and responsibilities of the signatories to the Host City Contract and the overall implications of the obligations entered into through the Host City Contract;

ii) The planning and execution of development projects related to the Games and contracts for service delivery, with reference to time, cost and quality;

iii) The issues relating to the effectiveness of the organizational structure and governance for organization, preparation and conduct of the Games at all levels, including the Organizing Committee and its Key Functional Areas;

iv) Examination of weaknesses in management, alleged misappropriation, irregularities, wasteful expenditure and wrongdoing in the conduct of the Games, and, recommending action on the same;

v) The issues relating to financing the Games, including estimates of revenue and expenditure;

vi) The issues concerning coordination amongst various agencies involved in the development of infrastructure and conduct of the Games;

vii) The role of international/national advisors/consultants/officials of the Organizing Committee in the conduct of the Games;

viii) The overall impact of the Games including legacy for city infrastructure, sports infrastructure and sports development;

ix) The lessons learnt for the future, on each of the above, including establishment of a mechanism for laying down timeframes and effective monitoring, creation of a legally sustainable framework for hosting similar international sporting events, appropriate financial management and internal audit, media interaction and communication;

x) Any other areas considered relevant by the Committee.

The HLC will submit its report within three months.
It will decide its own procedures and mode of enquiry.
All Ministries and Departments of the Central and State Governments, as well as agencies and organizations under their administrative control, have been directed to extend their full cooperation and assistance to the HLC in completing its assignment within this time.
The Ministry of Sports will extend administrative and logistic support to the Committee.
It will function from its office in Vigyan Bhawan.

The Comptroller & Auditor General of India (C&AG), Central Vigilance Commission (CVC) and other agencies will independently carry out their audit and investigations, in accordance with their respective mandates.

All complaints referred to various agencies will be looked into and action taken immediately by the agency concerned.
The HLC will recommend action on any matter that comes to its notice involving alleged misappropriation, irregularities, wasteful expenditure or wrongdoing, and, they will take immediate action as warranted under the law.

The HLC will also consider any complaint from any member of the public, duly supported by documents, with respect to its remit i.e. organization and conduct of the Commonwealth Games – Delhi 2010. The HLC will inform the members of the public regarding its availability to receive such complaints, in due course.

The Enforcement Directorate is one of the agencies scanning the contracts and expenses made in connection with the Commonwealth Games.

Commonwealth Games Organising Committee Director-General VK Verma appeared before the Enforcement Directorate for questioning in connection with Queen's Baton Relay event in London. Verma, who has been summoned as a witness, has been asked to explain the commercial deals including the AM Films contract.

A case has already been had registered under FEMA after British authorities referred to the Indian High Commission a matter regarding AM Films to which a huge sum of money was transferred through the Royal Bank of Scotland.

Please pay attention to lines - After British authorities altered to Indians about corruption.

The committee is saying that they the lack of time forced them to do deal with AM films.-
"The Committee noted that out of the offers, the offer of A M Films, UK at GBP 127712 exclusive of taxes is cheaper compared to other vendors

Point to be checked – Every other vendor should be asked, does the real companies on that address are present or those are the fake companies , created to just give deal to AM films.

Media should check this, if those companies are real then it is good, but what if those companies are fake and created to just grab this contract.

Update – 29th October – CWG corruption probe.
CWG corruption: I-T raids
Income tax department raids – in connection with common wealth games corruption probe.
The companies, which were raided, include Shiv Naresh Sports Pvt Ltd and Satya Prakash Constructions.

Shiv Naresh laid synthetic tracks for the Commonwealth Games

While Satya Prakash Constructions was responsible for landscaping.

Another company raided was Sweka Powertech Engineers, which provided the street lighting.

MBL Infrastructure of Kolkata, which provided civil infrastructure, was also raided.

Officials said that the Income Tax department would specifically look into the contracts awarded by the CWG Organizing Committee and the role of its officials and contractors including charges of bribing.

Remember anything is possible.

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Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Bikramjit Singh Mann October 27, 2010  

awaiting the result, lets see when and what that is .. now that would be interesting i am more interested in knowing who the scapegoat will be :)


Sathish Chandrasekaran (சதீஷ் சந்திரசேகரன்) October 27, 2010  

Just another scandal & just yet another committee ,judiciary is always a joke in our country...

Amrit October 27, 2010  

Let us see what comes out SM. You stated your opnion anyway...

sm,  October 27, 2010  

Bikramjit Singh Mann,,
yes to know the real culprit we should keep watch on this investigation as much as possible.

sm,  October 27, 2010  

About judiciary, its not joke. only judiciary is there that is reason we can talk about this.

BK Chowla, October 28, 2010  

I would react only after some action

sm,  October 28, 2010  

BK Chowla,,