26 October 2010

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Biofuels – Source of Renewable Energy – Biofuel is it safe to use ? Understanding Biofuels and fossil fuels

Biofuels – Source of Renewable Energy – Biofuel is it safe to use ? Understanding Biofuels and fossil fuels

The world gets its energy from many different sources like coal, oil, and natural gas.
But depending on these energy sources is not possible forever, as these sources were formed many billions or millions of years ago and they will not provide us energy forever.

Coal, oil, and natural gas are known as fossil fuels.
Fossil fuels are also not good for our environment.
When fossil fuels are burned they produce greenhouse gases. This is one of the causes of rise in Global warming.
When we burn fossil fuel it causes air pollution, can cause asthma and lung damage, acid rain.

The major difference between fossil fuel and Biofuel is that
Supply of fossil fuel is limited and supply of biofuel is unlimited
Supply of fossil fuels will run out. The supply of biofuels will not.
Biofuel energy is a renewable type of energy.

Thus everyone should start to think about renewable fuels, So biofuels.
Lets understand Biofuels.

What are Biofuels?

Biofuels are renewable energy sources that come from living things.
From ancient times we humans are using them.

In ancient time humans collected branches and used them for cooking food or creating fire to get heat. This is the oldest example of Biofuel.

Today also in majority Indian villages people use the wood for heating water or cooking food.
2nd example is - Dung
Dung is also Biofuel. Dung is a name for animal droppings.

In India dung is used on home walls, if you visit Indian villages you will see them.
Dung is also used as fertilizer.
Cow dung is also used as a fuel for cooking.
Biogas is also used in villages as a fuel.

Ethanol is also a one of Biofuel.
Ethanol is made from corn, sugarcane or other crops.
But in India, our Indian government is spending or giving subsidy to make wines from these crops instead of promoting Ethanol.

I am not against wines, but government should not give subsidy to wine making,
When in India we do not have money for schools and food.

Ethanol is used to run cars.
Biodiesel is made from vegetable oils or animal fats which are also used to run cars.

Once Brazil used to import more than 80% fuel, oil from outside world, but today with the use of biofuel ethanol made from sugarcane Brazil has nearly stopped importing fuel from outside world, but Today Brazil is selling ethanol to other nations.

More than 7,500 McDonald’s restaurants in the United States recycle their frying oil and company refines the used oil, turning it into clean-burning biodiesel which powers the company’s delivery trucks.

In Maharashtra, and also in India what we are doing, we are wasting food grains, we are implementing policies which murder farmers.
We have become so heartless, we proudly say that we will waste the food, but will not give food to the Indian poor people.

How Biofuel work?
To understand Biofuel we must understand the process of Carbon cycle.
What is carbon cycle process?
Example is respiration.
The carbon cycle is the process by which living things collect, store and use energy.
Carbon is present in everything in our food there is carbon, the air which we breathe also contains carbon.
Biofuel also contain carbon

In the carbon cycle, plants absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and use it, combined with water they get from the soil, to make the substances they need for growth.
The process of photosynthesis incorporates the carbon atoms from carbon dioxide into sugars. Animals eat the plants and use the carbon to build their own tissues.
Other animals, such as the fox, eat the rabbit and then use the carbon for their own needs. These animals return carbon dioxide into the air when they breathe, and when they die, since the carbon is returned to the soil during decomposition.
The carbon atoms in soil may then be used in a new plant or small microorganisms. Ultimately, the same carbon atom can move through many organisms and even end in the same place where it began. This is never ending cycle , this is called as carbon cycle; the same atoms can be recycled again and again.

Does Biofuel is safe? Does biofuel cause problems?
Biofuel also has problems, it will depend on us how we use them.
Example – Wood is biofuel, for these wood we can cut all the forest, everyone knows to a grow a tree it takes lot of years.
When wood is burned it causes, produces green house gases.
So when you celebrate festivals, in which we need to burn wood, be intelligent Indian and stop burning wood, or reduce the quantity of wood.
When Himalaya will start to melt, remember No religion and no god will come to save us.

Biofuel pose less threat how?
Remember Biofuel contains carbon.
To get biofuel what we will do?
To get biofuel every nation which increase the production of these crops which give biofuel.
These crops use, take carbon from the air to grow.
We humans will burn the biofuel, it will produce the carbon and these crops will use carbon to grow.
So some type of balance of green house gases will be maintained in the environment.
This will reduce the impact of global warming.

Biofuel also case the air pollution like fossil fuels when they are burned.

Another problem with the biofuel is that, it will encourage farmers and corrupt government officers and politicians to cut the complete forest to increase the production of biofuel on the name of helping people.
Cutting complete forest will destroy wild life, cause rain problems, will increase carbon in air, lot of problems.

The solution of biofuel will cause the big danger in future for humans.
If not used properly.

Today Hydrogen is used as a rocket fuel but in future cars will also run of Hydrogen.
Do you think Ratan Tata should promise that Tata will bring, manufacture Nano car which will run on Hydrogen.

Why Hydrogen as a fuel?
When hydrogen is burned no green house is produced.
We know the methods to get hydrogen but the methods are very costly.
Once we can find the method to produce hydrogen easily it will change many things.

Even in India our government is not utilizing solar energy even they are not thinking on this. May be waiting for bags of full money from company, then they will sign of blank papers and let the company do what they want in the field of solar energy or biofuel energy.

White house also started to use renewable energy.
In India do you know any chief minister or prime minister using renewable energy for his home?

Do you think Chief Minister Narendra Modi should start to use renewable energy as currently he is one of the leader in India with vision , but bad luck of India is that he belongs to party which has lost its vision completely. Lets hope Modi will gave them vision of renewable energy , biofuel energy.
Also never heard Prince Rahul Gandhi talking on this , do you think Prince Aditya Thakare will talk on this or like Shiv Sena God he will walk on the same path.

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Amrit October 26, 2010  

Very nice article. A different kind from you - scietific but I understand a bit about Carbon cycle and hence can appreciate your effort to put it together.

SG October 26, 2010  

Thanks for the nice post. Biofuels have advantages and disadvantages. They are less expensive, safe, easily renewable, and lower carbon emissions. However, they have a lower energy output. If crops like corn are used then food prices will go up. Also, lots of lots of water required for proper irrigation of biofuel crops.

sm,  October 26, 2010  

Thanks for adding more information.

shipla,  October 26, 2010  

Very nice article.

sm,  October 27, 2010  

Kiran Bajaj Sawhney,,

Rachna October 27, 2010  

Nice article. I had written an article for ezinearticles.com about biofuels. That highlighted a lot of cons of biofuels when it is made on a commercial extent.

chitra October 27, 2010  

As a student of Science, I could understand the Carbon cycle well. I know we must look for alternative and bio fuels are renewable less harmful too. Thanks for sharing.
A car running on Hydrogen would be attractive , but as it is light will we float?:)

sm,  October 27, 2010  


sm,  October 27, 2010  

Not sure but it will work i think

Arti October 27, 2010  

A very informative post.. We must all save earth by utilising our natural resources properly!!

Sathish Chandrasekaran (சதீஷ் சந்திரசேகரன்) October 27, 2010  

If everything starts working perfectly we don't need leaders na ,the more the chaos in the world ,the more power & money the leaders get...

They won't take preventive measures but just take steps after the storm...

sm,  October 27, 2010  

Very well said.