01 October 2010

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Analysis of the Allahabad high court final Judgment in Ayodhya case by Sm

Analysis of the Allahabad high court final Judgment in Ayodhya case by Sm

Reality views by sm –
Friday, October 01, 2010

The judgment given by the High court is excellent and was the need of the hour.

This judgment is more a social judgment rather than legal judgment.
we must remember this case is also not simple case.

This judgment is victory of the humanity and justice system of India.

This judgment and ruling is a judgment given by intelligent parents when parents see that their kids are becoming selfish and are on the verge of breaking home for selfish reasons.

The problem in India is that judiciary is weak and this is reason politicians can say that we will waste the food but not obey the orders of Supreme Court of India and give free food to the needy people of India.

The judgment has given 1/3 part to each party seeing that which part is important to which party and that way each party will be happy.

Few people say the place is not the birthplace of Ram; few people will say it is not mosque as per the rules of Islam.

This fight will never end and politicians will keep us busy in this useless debate.

We must remember that if there is God on the final day of judgment he will punish everyone.
So we should not fight on this problem and try to become God on the name of God.

We need to move forward and work hard towards the eradication of corruption.
And corrupt politicians.

So better we need to forget the history which is not good for Hindus and Muslims.
If you are Muslim, Remember the History, can you say the Muslims never broke any temple in the Past.
Thousands of destroyed by Muslims As Hindus also can not deny they did not broke the Mosque structure.
and like this history is black for Hindus as well as Muslims.

We must remember we are citizens of India. Must act to keep peace in India.

Solution is very simple –

All three parties should Unite and should build a Temple and Mosque at the same place with same entry point.
And we should forget what happened in the past.

We humans should not worry; God is capable to punish everyone.
God has not given license to any Human on this earth and appointed him his agent.
Nor Hindu Not Muslim or other Religion No one has got the appointment letter from God.
No one has got appointment letter from God to protect him or his places.
If God has created human then how can a human protect the God and his worship place.

Another solution is Government of India should pass the new law, take over the complete land and build a memorial for the war heroes of India who died for the protection of India.

Use Intelligence and Do not be fool.

Legally speaking we can find many points in this case.

"It's an 8,500-page order. The court has said a status quo will be maintained at the site for three months a time to appeal in the Supreme Court."
1.Point one is that Judiciary should see the Proof and evidence not what people think.

2.ASI given the report and it was believed by the High court, but as per my memory this same ASI gave the something different report in the case of Ramsetu matter, which was later withdrawn or modified.

3.How it was verified that it was the Mosque or not?

4.This judgment can be challenged in the Supreme court of India.

5.In this case judgment says that ownership was not proved by any party. Regarding this also parties can go to the Supreme court of India.

As full Judgment copy is not with me I can not comment more on this judgment.

But whoever will go to supreme court of India will waste the time of India and increase the hatred among Indian citizens.

The judgment is excellent and no one should file appeal in the Supreme court of India for the benefit of India.


Amrit October 01, 2010  

Very nice:-

"This judgment and ruling is a judgment given by intelligent parents when parents see that their kids are becoming selfish and are on the verge of breaking home for selfish reasons."

Very good post. But I think Hospital is better option....

sm,  October 01, 2010  

yes for me any option is good if that solves the problem.
Hospital ,school all are good options but ever heard any politician demanding this, they will demand temple or mosque or fight and keep changing their views and talking style.

Apanatva October 01, 2010  

I just wish they accept and don't appeal in Supreme court......

chitra October 01, 2010  

I am happy that better sense prevailed and peace was maintained.

sm,  October 01, 2010  


sm,  October 01, 2010  


Samvedna October 02, 2010  

I agree..see people are not interested in fighting, but these debates on TV and media always fuel the emotions,,they should be banned, now some leaders are trying to whip up the people.
whatver it is , but fighting is not the solution, we must learn to share.

sm,  October 02, 2010  

Yes solution is simple share the land and live happily.
But Selfish person and corrupt person will never accept sharing.
Remember story of Mahabharat, Just a single village would have stopped the war.
But that didnt happen and Good has to kill the little good.

Anonymous,  October 03, 2010  

Good and honest post..

I would have been happy if it was a 50-50 deal...Or a hospital of Govt school...

Verdict was good to the extend that nobody would claim victory or defeat...

sm,  October 03, 2010  


Anonymous,  October 05, 2010  

nice post. this verdict is an example of unity in diversity...

sm,  October 06, 2010  


Gauri Gharpure October 11, 2010  

nicely written, i liked the frank points you have made that relate to each party concerned.. however, it seems there's a long road ahead, there are indications the decision may be taken to SC..

sm,  October 12, 2010  

Gauri Gharpure,,