25 September 2010

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Television To Movies copied or inspired List of songs by Indian Music Directors, Composers –

Television To Movies copied or inspired List of songs by Indian Music Directors, Composers –

Movie Name – Aashiqui
Song Name - Mera Dil Tere Liye
Copied from original Song – John Farnham's 'You're the voice

Name – Raymond Theme
Copied from original Song – German composer Robert Schumann. This one's the 7th piano solo called, 'Dreaming (Träumerei)' in F major and is part of his Kinderszenen

Movie Name – Parinda
Song Name - Kitni Hai Pyari
Copied from original Song – Jodler der Berge german song

Name – Oye Bubbly Pepsi Advertisement
Music Director - Vishal Shekhar
Copied from original Song – Tokyo Street by deep forest

Movie Name – Mere Jeevan Saathi
Song Name - Chala jaata hoon
Copied from original Song – Goodbye Eloisa by german band flippers

Name – Liril Orange Jingle
Copied from original Song – Jhallantha by Ilayarja

Movie Name – Zahreela Insaan
Song Name - O Hansini
Copied from original Song – theme from summer of 42 movie

Name – Kissan Mixed Fruit Jam advertisement
Copied from original Song – Idhu oru pon maalai by Ilayarja

Movie Name – Taal
Song Name - Ishq Bina
Copied from original Song – Starry starry night or called as vincent by don mcclean

Movie Name – Dil to pagal hai
Song Name - Le Gayi Le Gayi
Copied from original Song – Ya Habaybi Ya Ghaybin' by Arabic singer Farid al Atrash

Name – LG Plasma Gold Air Conditioner advertisement
Copied from original Song – 'Uravenum Pudhiya Vaanil by Ilayarja

Name – Maggi Noodels Jingle advertisement
Copied from original Song – 'Music Music Music' by Teresa Brewer

Movie Name – Lakme Maximum Moisturizer advt. featuring Yana Gupta
Copied from original Song – Jerry Goldsmith's theme from the movie 'Rudy'

Name – Idea Cellular Lowe advt
Copied from original Song – Naguva nayana by Ilayarja

Movie Name – Kissan Fruit Kick Soft Drink Concentrate advt
Copied from original Song – Putham puthu kaalai' by Ilayarja

Name – Siyaram Advt. Jingle – Percept advt.
Copied from original Song – 'O Moena' by german band Tri Atma

Movie Name – Kabhi na kabhi
Music Director – A R Rahman
Song Name - Tu hi tu
Copied from original Song – The Scarborough Fair' by Simon and garfunkel

Movie Name – Doli Sajake Rakhna
Song Name - Tara Rum Pum
Copied from original Song – ‘too much tequila

Movie Name – Bobby
Song Name - Mein shayar to nahin
Copied from original Song – Lantin dance El choclo or kiss of fire in english

Movie Name – Dil Chahta Hai
Song Name - Kaisi Hai Yeh
Copied from original Song – Two of us by beatles and time after time by cindy lauper

Movie Name – Pavitra
Song Name - Sevvanam
Copied from original Song – 'Wake me up by wham

Movie Name – May Madham
Song Name - Madrasa Suthi Pakka
Copied from original Song – Club Tropicana by wham

Name – Korbo Lorbo Jeetbo theme song of Kolkata Knight Riders
Copied from original Song – black night by deep purple

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Saturday, September 25, 2010


Raj,  September 25, 2010  

I've always thought this, but I was never able to find the original songs

Amrit September 25, 2010  

As always full of facts

SG September 25, 2010  

Nothing original. They copy everything and do not give credit to the original. For example, Tamil movie Avvai Shanmugi was copied from Mrs. Doubtfire. When someone asked, the producers of Avvai Shanmugai said it is their original because Mrs. Doubtfire does not have 7 songs and a few comedy scenes.

sm,  September 25, 2010  

Yes its copied movie

kiran sawhney September 26, 2010  

How did you compile such a list? It is a fabulous post.

Bikramjit Singh Mann September 26, 2010  

More facts here :)

Hey check this out for a change someone copied us too..


Bikram's Blog

sm,  September 26, 2010  

Kiran Bajaj Sawhney,,
only answer is reading

sm,  September 26, 2010  

Bikramjit Singh Mann,,
thanks for adding info .

M November 11, 2011  

Bloody chor, they called them music director.

Unknown July 09, 2014  

ishq bina has nothing to do with starry starry...its english version has a slight ressemblences...kaise he,sevannam,madras suthi,korbo lorbo etc also seem like coincidal similarities...lift???seriously???

Unknown July 09, 2014  

ta rum pum similarity is just in a line!!!Rahman sits down and decides to use the tequila song in the second line of para 2...SERIOUSLY!!!

Agnibha Roy May 07, 2023  

Good bye eiosa by flipper band is released in 1991. Chala jata hoon from mere jeevan sathi is a song of 1972. How can you tell that the chala jata hoon is copy of goodbye eiosha? Do some homework on the subject buddy. Good bye eiosa of flipper band is copied from chala jata hoon kisike dhun mein . You have lifted the whole article from iwfos but did not noticed the remark mentioned in the cases. You are a thief buddy. Copied blatantly from the iwfos but did not read the remarks of their songs.