22 September 2010

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Corruption or Common Wealth Games – Reasons to Cheer and Support Common Wealth Games Do you feel Proud when Support Corruption, Common wealth games.

Corruption or Common Wealth Games – Reasons to Cheer and Support Common Wealth Games Do you feel Proud when Support Corruption, Common wealth games -

Before this also everyone knew that corruption happens in India,
Why we Indians do not feel ashamed to support and cheer the common wealth games?

You know corruption is in our blood and do not know when we will get a leader who will purify our blood which is made from corruption money.

Angry on me for saying corruption is in our blood Ok so lets start the Journey of an Indian.

From marriage we will start this journey

Parents meet and fix the marriage of boy and girl.
You know here on the name of gift money is exchanged; many even openly demand Dowary from the girls parents.
Very happily dowry is given and taken and every one has fun including police and relatives everyone has great fun.
We do not even realize it is a corruption.

After marriage different kind of corruptions keep happening our life until the baby is born.
Purchasing flat – Pay gift to the bank manager, Pay to agent
Pay black money to builder, for passport, for change of name again pay and pay for legal work and pay and pay.
Suppose company pays to travel in a Car we happily travel in a bus and claim the money spent on car. Some are so intelligent never travel enjoy at home and claim the money.

When lady, mother is pregnant she is taken to hospital then we again deal with corruption.
There are two types of Hospitals Private and Government.

Indians only visit to Government Hospitals if he has no choice,
only his circumstances force him and that family to visit Government Hospital.
They say it is free but reality is nothing comes free in government hospital.
If you will tell beggar purchase your medicines what he will do? What is the Purpose of Government Hospital?

Just to show foreigners that we have health system. Remember we do not have any Health system in India.
Now in private hospital your treatment depends on how rich one patient is.
If the patient is rich he enjoys everything.
If patient is poor he is left to die and cry in pain, such treatment is given that one feels sorry for taking birth as a human.
The hospital gives you only love and care depending on your bank balance.

Then in India we call females the goddess for the name sake,
actually nothing is such that it is banned in India to know the gender of child using technology but Indians do not obey it, doctors charge money, the technology is used and if child is a girl child she is murdered by doctor and the family.
It is crime to be a girl in India.

After baby is born there is corruption to register the name of baby.

Then baby goes to school again bribe is given to take the admission in school.

High school and collage same happens give bribe and take the admission.

Until now so many times the family and boy have gone through corruption, corruption becomes a household name like God.
We feel nothing about it; it has entered in our blood.

Now boy has passed his 12th exam with good marks, still he has to pay the bribe to get admission to the Medical collage or Engineer collage.
Again no one cries everyone is happy and supporting this.
Friends discuss that my friend I paid 2 million to get the admission in collage for my son ,
how do you manage in 1 million who helped you.
Please give me his name and phone;
I will need his help as my younger son is in 12th this year.

Again corruption is enjoyed the Boy or Girl becomes the Engineer he takes admission to MBA collage again bribe is given.

Then one day this boy marries and again this life cycle continues in India.
From father to son and from son to father just like a powers of superman,
The blood of corruption flows from father to son and son to father.

Reality Views by sm –
Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Thus corruption is in our blood, when something is in our blood how do you dare and say we boycott Corruption or Common wealth Games

As a common citizen what we should do in this game of corruption common wealth games?

As usual we will feel we can do nothing.
Sorry you are wrong we can do lot
Just say no to common wealth games.
Just say no to companies which are supporting common wealth games.
Just from 3rd October to 13th October
Be an honest Indian and Intelligent Indian.

This time again like a fool I will request and ask what is the pride in winning a gold medal which is made from the money of corruption.

If you feel ashamed do not cheer Common wealth games. Boycott common wealth games.
You may not be Indian, you may belong to any Nation be a proud and honest person
Do not support common wealth games.

Supporting common wealth games is nothing but again finding pride in a corruption.

They say this will make our nation sports nation,
the Nation whose kid’s die of hunger daily do not need sports ground they need free food.
But our system and politicians are such that
We will not give them free food.

How many schools you know in India that got the sports ground for school?
I am sure you can find more than 1 or 2 , you can count them on fingers.
Do not be fooled that This games will make India a Sports Nation.

Be honest and from 3rd October to 13th October do not watch common wealth games.
If you see ABC Company supporting common wealth games, from just for 3rd October to 13th October does not use the products of that ABC Company.

Remember if Common corruption wealth games are successful,
then message will go that corruption is in our blood,
they will do corruption in next project.

We must break this chain of corruption.

As citizens know that once games are over no one is going to jail,
nothing is going to happen everyone will forget about the games
and Indians will celebrate and media will celebrate how the games were more successful than China games.

So as honest Indian Say No to Common corruption Wealth Games.
Say No To CWG.

If you are honest Foreigner want to visit India to watch common wealth games or a player to play in the common wealth games.
Please do not visit India to see common wealth games or play in the common corruption wealth games. If you visit that means indirectly you are helping corrupt people to become rich and do more corruption.

Just Prayer to Dengue Mosquito
Become a God for Honest Indians and please do not bite honest Indian go and bite corrupt Indians you will find Billions, there is unlimited supply.

Prayer to Ganga - Goddess River of India
Come to Delhi and help Honest Indians in such a way that Games do not become successful.

Be a Proud Indian
Be an Intelligent Indian
Say No To corruption, Common wealth games.

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Bikram September 22, 2010  

I was watiing for a article from you on this and NO i wish india cancels the games.. its already such a shameful incident...

sm,  September 22, 2010  

yes i agree with you.
PMO should say sorry and games should be canceled and be held in UK as there grounds and facilities are ready for London Olympics 2012

here we are still making roads and grounds that also of low quality and no guarantee.
when the bridge will fall and kill us.

chitra September 22, 2010  

Today when I heard about the bridge collapse in Delhi near the venue of CWG ,was thiking about your articles.
I loved the last 2 requests to mosquitoes and river Ganga.

Amrit September 22, 2010  

Four emails and three blogs (SG, SM and Bik) so far on CWG besides the news.

It is shameful situation.

Corruption in blood is well defined in your post SM...as usual well written but makes me feel sad.

Neha September 22, 2010  

I commented this on SGs blog today only..the root cause is corruption..my view points are elaborated here..so far as there is corruption, nothing will ever change..people take money as we give them money right? taker will never refuse..the giver has to refuse!

SG September 22, 2010  

The only way (in my opinion) to eradicate corruption is to have a two-party presidential style democracy and not a multi party parliamentary style democracy.

In a presidential style democracy, people who want to contest election don't have to get the "ticket" from the party HQ.

sm,  September 22, 2010  


sm,  September 22, 2010  

I think for this we need a punishment which will deter criminal like imprisonment of 1000 year , to be kept in jail until he meets his death.

Neha September 23, 2010  

but the irony is that our human right people think that taking away the right of life and personal liberty by awarding capital punishment and whole life in jail is not accepted..according to them, it does not even serve as deterrent!! our attitude is our biggest enemy!

SM September 23, 2010  

I also do not support capital punishment,but person should be kept in jail until his death with no right of pardon to the President or PM or SC.
so the example is set before the corrupt Indians.

Sathish Chandrasekaran (சதீஷ் சந்திரசேகரன்) September 24, 2010  

I'm certainly not supporting this fiasco called CWG which is tarnishing our once great country's name :(

Even college students know better how to organize events ,shame on u all bureaucrats :X

sm,  September 25, 2010  


Anonymous,  September 26, 2010  

dear sm sir,
The article well elobrated on the topic .
As you said not to support curropted wealth games thats fine , but sir sportsmen across the world put lot of effort for this event who alteast are not corrupted.As a curroptian( instead of indian because i fall in the category whihc u mentioned above) i wanted to support this event for the sake of players who put thier hard efforts to participate in this games.For a sportsmen whether its common or curropted wealth games its thier dream and thier wealth.So i hope atleast looking at the players spirit we should support this games. I want this to be left at the discretion of the players . Thanks sm for this good article,

sm,  September 26, 2010  

I will only say please remember our independence fight, non cooperation movement,etc

Anonymous,  September 27, 2010  

yep u are totally correct we should not support this CWG...and these games must be not in our prioroty list...but one thing i wanna say....those ppl who are full fill from each aspect of their lives.. they willl suuport the game because they never understand the suffering of middle class......and the ppl who are below poverty line,,they do not care about the game,,,,there is nothing like that to support the game or to reject....beoz they are even not getting the basic needs for survival then how do they even think of any kind of entertainment or for their country....and all....

Anonymous,  September 27, 2010  

and Mr Anonymous i wanna say...u are true hard working sportspersons are not corrupted at all very true......but tell me whom u support
a person who is dieing from hunger??
or a sportsperson working hard to win a medal for the fame or for his dream....??

sm,  September 27, 2010  

when schools do not have playground, people are dying because of hunger and we have problem in every basic need of human life.
No need to watch,support CWG or companies which will help them for 13 days boycott those companies also.

Anonymous,  October 03, 2010  

Nice blog.. !! I agree with your views so much.!! Check out www.vikramharindran.com

sm,  October 03, 2010  

will check the site.