27 August 2010

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Short Biography of Mayawati Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh

Short biography of Mayawati Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh

Reality Views by sm –

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Name - Mayawati, known as or called as Bahanji’ (Sister)

Political party - Bahujan Samaj Party The party's political symbol is an Elephant.

Mayawati has been National President of the BSP since 2003.

she follows Buddhist traditions and customs.

Education –
1. B.A. from Kalindi College, Delhi University,
2. B.Ed. BMLG College, Ghaziabad, Meerut University,
3. Law Degree from the Delhi University

Father’s name - Mr. Prabhu Das, who retired from the Indian Government’s Postal Department as a section head.
Mother’s name - Mrs. Ramrati (housewife) not educated.

Date of Birth - 15 January, 1956

Place of Birth - Shrimati Sucheta Kriplani Hospital (formerly known as Lady Harding Hospital), New Delhi

Relatives - Six brothers and two sisters (besides herself)

Marital Status – She is not married and it is said that have taken a vow to remain unmarried

Permanent Address - C-57, Indrapuri, New Delhi-110012

Present Address - 14, Gurudwara Rakab Ganj Road, New Delhi-110001

Foreign Travels –
Visited Canada, Denmark, France, Japan, Switzerland, Korea and Taiwan in the capacity of the Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister.

London : To inaugurate the Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar Memorial Community Centre as Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) National Vice-President.

As a representative of India, addressed the UN General Assembly while participating in an international seminar on the topic, “Democracy through Partnership between Men and Women”, organized by the Inter Parliamentary Union (IPU) on 7th June, 2000 in New York, USA.

In 1995, Ms. Mayawati created history by becoming Indian’s first Dalit woman chief minister
She belongs to the scheduled caste Hindu Jatav subcaste of the Chamar community.

She worked as a teacher in Delhi

In 1977, Dalit politician Kanshi Ram and Mayawati became friends.

In 1984 Kanshi Ram founded Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) and Mayawati joined his core team. Kanshi Ram founded BSP to represent Dalits and Buddhists people of India.
Thus Mayawati changed her career path and joined politics.

Mayawati won for the first time in the Lok Sabha elections of 1989 from Bijnor.

April 1994 - Elected to the Rajya Sabha from Uttar Pradesh

In 1995, while a member of the Rajya Sabha (Upper House), she became a Chief Minister in a short-lived coalition government
Became Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh 4 times –
(1) 1995 : 3rd June, 1995 to 18th October, 1995
(2) 1997 : 21st March, 1997 to 20th September, 1997
(3) 2002 : 3rd May, 2002 to 26th August, 2003
(4) 2007 : 13th May, 2007 to till date

15th December, 2001 –
BSP founder Kanshi Ram declared her as the sole heir and political successor of him and the “Bahujan Movement” at a grand rally in the Lakshman Mela ground on the bank of river Gomti in the Uttar Pradesh capital Lucknow.

At Kanshi Ram's funeral ceremonies in 2006, Mayawati said they had both been following Buddhist traditions and customs. She performed the last rites at the of Kanshi Ram. As per customs Females are not allowed to do last rites of dead person.
She said that she will convert to Buddhism after getting an absolute majority at the Centre

2007 –
Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mayawati has been listed as one of the top eight woman achievers by the Newsweek magazine.

One of the reason behind the success of Mayawati is that People of India are tired of all the Indian Political parties, thus any 3rd option people see they choose to vote for them in a hope that that new political party will change their life .

Controversies –

As a Chief Minister, Mayawati erected number of statues of Buddhist and Dalit icons like Bhimrao Ambedkar, Shahuji Maharaj, Gautam Buddha, BSP founder Kanshi Ram and of herself.The statues and the memorial parks in which they are erected are said to have cost the state Rs. 2000 Crore.

In February 2010, Mayawati's government approved a plan for a special police force to protect the statues.

In 2007-08 assessment year, Mayawati paid an income tax of Rupees 26 crores, ranking among the top 20 taxpayers in the country.

In 2002-2003 She was charged with corruption which is known as Taj Heritage Corridor case
The CBI had registered the first information report against Mayawati on October 5, 2003, after the apex court had ordered it to probe the Rs175 crore Taj heritage corridor scandal.
The total estimated cost of the project was Rs. 175 crore that is (US$ 44 million).
It said that the project money was taken by Mayawati and CBI conducted extensive searches on her various addresses, and claimed that though she had claimed income of only Rs. 1.1 crores during her tenure as CM, her bank balance in a single bank went up to 2.5 crore and total assets held by her were estimated at Rs.15 crore.
The CBI, in its affidavit filed in July 2009, said the competent authority had already decided to file the final report under section 173 of the Criminal Procedure Code (CrPC) in the designated trial court.
In an affidavit filed the investigating agency said there was evidence to prove that the BSP chief and her family members had acquired assets far beyond their legal sources of income.
At one point a warrant was out for her arrest, but she was granted a stay.
The Taj Corridor project was a project to upgrade tourist facilities near the Taj Mahal Currently this case is pending and will take more than fifty years to be decided or may be the case will be dismissed saying lack of evidence.
In 2007, the governor prevented Mayawati from being prosecuted by refusing to lift her official immunity. This project totally failed and I do not know what happened to this money, how much money was wasted or spend regarding this project. I do not understand why Media does not follow it in right direction this case.
Apr 23, 2010
CBI informed the Supreme Court that it will consider a representation made by the Uttar Pradesh chief minister for closure of proceedings against her in the corruption case in view of the favourable orders passed by income tax authorities.

Aug 27, 2010
CBI told the Supreme Court that there was a fit case for prosecution of the UP chief minister in a disproportionate assets case.
Countering Mayawati's argument, CBI, in its affidavit before the SC, argued that the I-T Appellate Tribunal's finding, which had already been appealed against in Allahabad HC, could not be cited as evidence in a criminal case in which investigation had been completed and the agency was ready with the charge sheet against her.
Before this CBI had shown willingness to consider her plea to accept the I-T department's certificate to her as recently as April this year. Its rejection of the certificate now coincides with escalation of tension between Congress and BSP

In this way our politicians get free of charge .
Same thing happened in the disproportionate assets (DA) cases of Samajwadi Party chief Mulayam Singh Yadav and RJD chief Lalu Prasad in which proceedings were closed on the basis of the findings of income tax authorities and on
the advice of law officers.

This clearly shows that we need to change our laws and system.
In this way hope you understand nothing will happen in CWG corruption also.
Every political party and media is silent on this problem.

Is it possible in India that Media and News TV channels can be purchased to hide the news from public ?

The CBI had registered the corruption case against Mayawati, questioning how her declared assets of Rs.1 crore in 2003 went up to Rs.50 crore in 2007.

In 2007 Mayawati declared her net worth Rs.52 crore and In year 2010 she declared her net worth , which is property or say money more than Rs. 87 crore Gain of at least Rs.35 crore .
The details of her assets are:
Bank deposits worth Rs 11.39 crore and cash up to Rs 12.95 lakh. She holds 1034.26 grams of gold (18 cts) and diamonds (380.17 cts) worth Rs 86.8 lakh. she has 18.5 kg of silverware worth Rs 4.44 lakh. The value of murals and other assets in her possession is said to be worth another Rs 15 lakh.Mayawati owns property, both commercial and residential, in Connaught Place, Okhla, and Sardar Patel Marg, in Delhi, besides land in Lucknow Cantonment area and elsewhere. Their cumulative cost is valued at around Rs 73 crore.
Mayawati owns is her new, sprawling bungalow under construction on Sardar Patel Marg in New Delhi. This asset alone accounts for about Rs54.08 crore. Mayawati owns a huge bungalow in Lucknow, too, which is worth Rs1.8 crore

Once again I have to say
Corruption is our religion

Suggested Reading –
Dr. Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar – A Brief Biography
The journey of a talent from untouchable human being to the heights where very few reach.


Amrit August 27, 2010  

Open corruption. Most people I know hate her. I did not know she was educated. Most educated politicians are slightly better.

Did she buy degrees?

sm,  August 27, 2010  

I can only say everything is possible in India.
even judges,police officers are caught copying in exams on camera.

Maya August 27, 2010  

every one is corrupt in the heart, if u or i were in such position we would be corrupt too

Anonymous,  August 27, 2010  

She is less corrupt among all. Hatred is caste-based too. People hates her even in early 90s because she had been seen as clear threat to caste-system. The reason was that she was from low caste and she has finally raised a own kingdom which is rising and rising.

Bikram August 27, 2010  

if this is how educated people behave then i guess we can pardon the uneducated ministers we have ruling us ..

wowo you really have the whole bio data of the lady .. I am impressed :)

sm,  August 27, 2010  

Uncommon Sense,,
sorry i do not agree with you, i will prefer to die but will not do corruption.
i do not know about others.

sm,  August 27, 2010  

When first time she won i thought we found the 2nd Baba saheb in a female.
But today i do not feel this way.
Please read history of Baba saheb who said build schools,education is important, she just needs to act on the guidelines of Baba saheb and i am sure every Indian will vote for her.
what she is doing ?

sm,  August 27, 2010  


RNSANE August 28, 2010  

All this is so sad. When I first started reading, I thought, what an incredible woman of whom India could be so proud. Then it all began to change. I believe she is well educated and became quite powerful. I am also, perhaps, naively so, going to my grave believing that there can be people in politics who are not corrupt and dishonest. Of course, I have learned that they are few and far between. Money does talk and it can certainly by votes and can get people to do what one wants. Clearly, there is no question that something is amiss in regards Mayawati. How can there be such a decrepancy in her financial worth and in what she reports. Clearly, it seems she leads a charmed life, free of prosecution. I would think that would enrage the common man and that her life would be in danger. All the wealth in the world could not protect her forever.

Hamaree Rasoi August 28, 2010  

The most corrupted lady to me till date.....

lostworld August 28, 2010  

Its really amazing how she gets away with all this!

Renu August 28, 2010  

It is sickening to see the newspaper evryday and read about some more corruption.and after 10 yrs we forget everything and bring back all those tainted people again.

The need of hour is to start some moral classes for children.

Anonymous,  August 28, 2010  

Do you say that the CBI is a holy cow. Don’t you think that it is called as Congress Bureau of Investigation and Now Congress & BJP Bureau of Investigation and many even know it as Corruption Bureau of Investigation. When someone opposes the Ruling Parties at the Centre, whether it is Congress or BJP, they are booked on some cases and once they get support on ideological grounds they withdraw the cases. Now we hear that BJP's Modi is off the hook.

All the comments above are traditional hatred caste biased ones and they will no longer stand the test of time.

Even now Mayawati is the only hope of the Sarvajan Samaj. Nobody on the earth can stop her being elevated from UP CM Bahen Mayawati to PraBuddha Bharath Matha Maha Mayawati as PM.

sm,  August 28, 2010  


SM August 28, 2010  

Hamaree Rasoi,,

SM August 28, 2010  


SM August 28, 2010  

CBI works under the government of India every one knows.
I always say that in India all political parties are same there aim and desires are same with different names.
Please read this article.
Suggested Reading –
Dr. Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar – A Brief Biography
The journey of a talent from untouchable human being to the heights where very few reach.

Anonymous,  August 29, 2010  

Ah! What a surprise!! The title is ‘Short Autobiography of Mayawati Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh’. This autobiography is not written by Ms Mayawati. Some Tom, Dick and Harry can only write Biography of other, that too with the permission of the concerned person. But one cannot write the autobiography of others.
Without knowing this simple fact the above comments are made on on traditional, venomous, caste based discrimination.

Anonymous,  August 29, 2010  

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mayawati says Central Bureau of Investigation continuing the probe in the assets case against her under political pressure.And investigation was being conducted illegally.
At the last hearing in April, the Centre said it would reconsider the disproportionate assets case in view of Ms. Mayawati's fresh representation to the CBI. Attorney-General G.E. Vahanvati then said: “The representation was received only a few days ago, and some more time is required to reconsider the whole case.”
In her application, Ms. Mayawati said income tax authorities had found her income (for the relevant period) bona fide through various orders, including the latest one on April 19, and hence no case remained to be investigated by the CBI.
Ms. Mayawati alleged that she was being discriminated against, pointing out that the CBI decided not to file an appeal against the order of a Patna special judge exonerating the former Railway Minister, Lalu Prasad, in a wealth case on the basis of the findings of income tax authorities.
Furthermore, the then Solicitor-General gave an opinion in favour of the former Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister, Mulayam Singh, not to include the income of his family members for purposes of a disproportionate assets case against him. Ms. Mayawati said the same yardstick should be applied to her.
CBI should drop the case in view of the order passed by the Commissioner of Income Tax (Appeals) giving her a clean chit.
Every year all the citizens Income Taxes are assessed and cleared by Income Tax authorities. How can the CBI find fault with them only in Ms Mayawati’s case? Does it mean that all that is being done ny the authorities are not genuine and only what CBI doing is genuine?
This is nothing but the very old traditional, venomous, caste based discrimination.

sm,  August 30, 2010  

You keep loving your caste and we keep loving our beggar nation India.

sm,  August 30, 2010  

my dear friend India is a nation where others write the autobiography of other people.
Do not go into the correct meaning of words.
Do not try to take away attention from the real facts.

As you are intelligent please tell me
Do you know who is Dr. Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar ?

Do you think Dr. Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar will build statue or school ?

Gujju Girl September 03, 2010  

What a system we have developed?

Mayavati, with property of over 100CRs (officially declared by her )is still get all benefits of "BACKWORD" class.

I would love to be BACKWORD as she is !!!

sm,  September 03, 2010  

Gujju Girl,,

Anonymous,  April 11, 2011  

i want 2 meet mayawati

gnreddy November 21, 2011  

Time for the educated to take over the leadership to put these corrupted nowhere..

sm,  November 22, 2011  




Monica February 09, 2012  

She is by all measures tipped to be back as UP's CM.Her social engineering has become a hot topic for sociologist circles.

Anonymous,  October 01, 2012  

Iam proud of Miss Mayavathi.u can be the prime minister & take away the caste rule in INDIA

Anonymous,  October 01, 2012  

All success for ur achievements

Anonymous,  October 01, 2012  


Anonymous,  November 14, 2012  

@Hamaree Rasoi
hey look 7 irun lady in the worly in mayawati