24 August 2010

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Dengue Fever – Know 25 Dengue Natural Home Remedies, Dengue Ayurvedic Treatment Cure

Dengue Fever – Know 25 Dengue Natural Home Remedies, Dengue Ayurvedic Treatment Cure

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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Ayurvedic Name for Dengue is Dandak Jwara

Ayurvedic Causes of Dengue –

Dengue is an airborne disease carried by mosquitoes.
So in the Ayurvedic it is vata that is affecting the overall dosha.

To achieve balance in the doshas and well-being in the person once again all the negative toxins (ama) caused by the initial bite must be expelled after a course of purification, recovery and healing.

What are the Ayurvedic, Natural, Home remedies for dengue?


Neem leaves, Neem Oil are a great purifying agent and should be applied on a damp warm cloth in dosages of between 15 to 60 grammes 2-3 times daily. It should be noted that usage should be restricted in both males and females seeking pregnancy.


Drink as much water as you can in order to replace fluid loss. It will also help to bring down body temperature.


Avoid eating solid foods until the fever is gone. You can replace the foods by drinking plenty of distilled water and/or juices.


The leaves of the coriander can be taken in the form of a tonic to reduce the fevers in dengue.


Kakamachi is syrup like product that can be consumed as a soothing, cooling drink that can expel negative toxins such as those that build up during an attack of dengue from the digestive system and ultimately purify it. A cup twice daily is the recommended dosage.


Fruits rich in vitamin C like amla (embellica officinalis) are advised as vitamin C helps in better absorption of iron.


Chyavanprash can be taken as it is an immunobooster, blood purifier and increases blood count.


Hogweed is used to bring down temperatures. Hogweed produces plenty of perspiration which flushes the toxins and brings the fever down.


The seeds of hermal are powdered and taken as either an infusion or as a decoctin to treat intermittent and recurrent fevers that are observed in dengue.


Boiled tulsi that is basil leaves served in a warm drink like tea can help prevent an outbreak of dengue. This bitter and pungent herb has all the properties that strengthen the internal system against fever.


10-15 basil leaves should be chewed twice a day or these can be boiled in 200ml water on low heat. When half the quantity is left it can be taken 2-3 times a day. This strengthens the body’s defence mechanism.


Mix 360 mg of Shunthi Churna with 125 mg of Hinguleshwar and now take this mixture at least 4 times daily, you may take with tea or hot water. If case the temperature of the patient rises beyond 104°F (40°C), then you may apply cold pad, on the forehead till the temperature subsides.


.Papaya juice is a natural cure for dengue fever. The juice of Papaya leaf is a sure cure for platellete deficiency


Two raw papaya leaves are pounded, and they are squeezed with a cloth to strain and filter the juice. Usually, one leaf gives one tablespoonful of juice and two tablespoonfuls of p-juice is sufficient for a day. To preserve its strength, the juice should be taken raw, without altering, boiling or any additions. No saps nor stems of the papaya leaf should be included-only the leaf should be crushed. The powerful ‘Papain’ enzyme in the papaya leaf has the ability to dissolve proteins and is already used for indigestion and stomach inflammation while another enzyme from the papaya leaf, ‘Chymopapain’ is used successfully in spinal treatment


Use Tulasi leaf ten pieces and one black pepper. This should be the proportion. Grind it and make pea size pills, use it with water


The root of the cassia tree is used as a tonic for reducing dengue fever.


Chirayata has tremendous medicinal properties in the reduction of fevers. It is used for remedying the convulsions that accompany fevers in dengue.


Dhatura is the Ayurvedic version of the belladonna. Its leaves have potency in reducing the seriousness of the dengue fevers. However, the dosage must not exceed 2 decigrams, or it will lead to severe negative symptoms


An infusion of the Indian mallow is used as an efficacious treatment for reducing the dengue fevers.


Fenugreek leaves are taken as herbal tea in order to reduce fevers. This drink acts as a soothing and cleansing tea for the human system.


Bloodwort is a traditionally used remedy for all types of fevers in Ayurvedic medicine. Bloodwort when used in the form of a hot infusion brings out sweat, which expels the toxins from the body and reduces the fever.


Devil’s tree is used in for the treatment of recurrent fevers as is seen in dengue. The herb is analogous in function to cinchona and quinine.


To increase the blood count pomegranate juice/ black grape juice should be given.


The orange juice helps with digestion, increased urinary output, promotes antibodies for faster healing and recovery.

25.Try Home remedies for one or two days only Always visit doctor and consult him

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deeps August 24, 2010  

yet another post that helps us live healthy life.. thanks for sharing... hope this will be handy

chitra August 24, 2010  

Dengue fever is doing its rounds,Post like yours should gives lot of information.

sm,  August 25, 2010  


sm,  August 25, 2010  


Urmi August 25, 2010  

Wish you a Happy Rakshabandhan.
Very nice and useful information.

Bikram August 25, 2010  

wowo thats some Info.. Thansk for sharing it very good ... I hope people read it and take care of themselves as such so many lives have been lost to this virus

sm,  August 25, 2010  


sm,  August 25, 2010  


Latha Nair August 25, 2010  

That was a treasure trove of info!
When our indigenous system of medicines
have so many options to tackle even the
newest or deadliest viruses, it is sad
that we hesitate to benefit from them.
I have heard from quite a few people
who have been cured of their debilitating
joint pains after a bout of chikungunia fever
after taking simple homoeopathic medicines.
But most of us are skeptical about the
alternative forms of medicines whereas
we readily trust allopathic remedies. Sad indeed!

sm,  August 25, 2010  

Latha Nair,,

Neha August 26, 2010  

I will forward the url to as many as possible..thanks for sharing

sm,  August 26, 2010  


jamos jhalla August 26, 2010  

Is there any remedy in Ayurveda to detect& cure DNA defect in current politics

sm,  August 26, 2010  

jamos jhalla,,
excellent question and we need to ask this question daily 24 hours until and unless we purify the DNA .

sm,  September 03, 2010  

In Delhi number of dengue cases reached 1,081
Of the total cases so far, 927 have been reported from MCD areas, 117 from NDMC areas and the rest from other parts of the city besides some outstation cases.

The highest number of 183 cases has come from MCD South Zone followed by Central Zone (162) and Civil Lines (121).

sm,  September 08, 2010  

Do not visit Delhi for Fun and stay away from Dengue
The official number of Dengue cases has now crossed 1500 though the numbers are said to be much higher.
The MCD has intensified its mosquito control programmes taking the support of military experts and doctors from the National Institute of Malaria Research.
MCD has totally failed to control the Dengue disease in Delhi and now has taken help of Army . You can understand when the Army help is required by any state.
So if you are planning to visit to Delhi , I will advice please do not visit Delhi if it is not important . Remember Health is Wealth.

Aloe vera January 06, 2011  

My name is Nitin from Toronto. I am interested in your writing. Some of your posting are good, I can say, best. Can you please tell me how to subscribe to your blog post online?

sm,  January 06, 2011  

Aloe vera,,

Harman October 23, 2012  

There is an excellent homeopathic medicine called 'Crotolus 30' to bring up the blood platelet count if down with Dengue fever!

Unknown October 27, 2012  

Very effective remedies

Unknown October 28, 2012  

hey, my bro in law is sufferng frm dengue fever as we r consulting wth doctors bt tel me smething tht cure him as soon as possible as he is having xams so needed to cure him as soon as possible..
hope u will understand my problem and give me some positive feedback...
thanking you
megha yuvi

Anonymous,  October 29, 2012  

Hey, Megha, All i can say is that try the above given tips with a lot of fluids. Also, mentally prepare him to pretend that he is not sick, this will help him gain strength. My lil cousin is also sick in India right now and was giving his parents some tips. Hope your brother does good on his exams :P

Akhil Mundra November 09, 2012  

I was suffering from dengue a few days ago but now i am recovering. During my infection i was in Mumbai but now i am in assam.I am at present in a confused state whether dengue virus is out of my body or not. Because the day i came to assam i felt feverish as well as weak. But the next day i was fine. I got a report done yesterday and platlet count were shown decreased but within normal limits as compared to my earlier reports . And two days ago i felt a bit feverish and weakness was there. Weakness may be because there i stopped taking vitamins and folic acid tablet as i thought i will cure naturally. Please guide as to whether dengue can relapse? Doctor say it cant for a particular type as body itself produces antibodies. Please advice.

Akhil Mundra November 09, 2012  

And 1 more thing i was suffering from dengue since 18th Oct. I mean diagonaised then only and before that all dengue tests came negative. Please advice.

DIGITALMARTINDIA January 22, 2016  

Thanks a ton for being a proven human being..who is the follower of Ayurveda and also perform their duty by spreading its knowledge.

sheeja paulos June 13, 2016  

Thank you so much for sharing this important topic regarding Dengue Fever. Can you please tell me any Ayurvedic home remedies for this problem. Can you please explain how to distinguish between Dengue and Malaria fever? Both are same or different.

Unknown August 21, 2017  

Hi....thanks for info....my son just diagnosed of Dengu +tive but platelets r ok as of now....i hv already given him once pappaya keves juice...apart fron Dr allopathic medicenes...will update

Unknown October 03, 2017  

Great post ! God bless you

SM October 07, 2017  

@Sanjay Joshi,