08 August 2010

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Part Two - List of Tamil Songs copied from English

Part Two - List of Tamil Songs copied from English –

Reality views by sm –

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Following is the list of Tamil songs inspired or copied from English songs.

Movie Name - Mayabazar
Name of composer – Ghantasala
Song Name - Kalyana samayal saadham
Copied from original Song – 'Laughing Samba'

Movie Name - Shahjahan
Name of composer - Manisharma
Song Name - Minnalai pidithu
Copied from original Song – The ghost and the darkness theme

Movie Name - King
Name of composer - Dhina
Song Name - Kadhalagi kadhalagi
Copied from original Song – Sting's song 'A thousand years'

Movie Name - TN07AL4777
Name of composer - Vijay Antony
Song Name - Aathichudi
Copied from original Song – Dinesh Kanagaratnam's Suraangani Remix

Movie Name - Azhagan
Name of composer - Maragadhaman
Song Name - Thathithom
Copied from original Song – Michael Jackson's Liberian Girl.

Movie Name - Kondaattam
Name of composer - Maragadhamani
Song Name - Mai vizhi
Copied from original Song – Escape - The Ventures

Movie Name - Gemini
Name of composer - Bharadwaj
Song Name - Pennoruthi
Copied from original Song – Shaggy's 'Why me lord'

Movie Name - Five Star
Name of composer – Parasuram Radha
Song Name - Thiru Thiruda
Copied from original Song – Aaliyah's 'We need a resolution

Movie Name - Or Iravu
Name of composer - Sudarsanam
Song Name - Ayya Sami
Copied from original Song – Edmundo Ros's 1945 track, 'Chico chico'

Movie Name - Sigaram
Name of composer - S.P. Balasubramaniam
Song Name - Muthama Ennai
Copied from original Song – The Turtles' classic, 'Happy Together'

Movie Name - Alibaba & 40 thieves
Name of composer – Dakshinamoorthy S
Song Name - En Aattamellaam
Copied from original Song – 'Ya Habeebi Taala' by singer Asmahan

Movie Name - Kizhakku Kadarkarai Saalai
Name of composer - Paul Jacob
Song Name - Oru Kodi
Copied from original Song – 'Ran kurahan mala' by Bhathiya and sunthush

Movie Name - Guru En Aalu
Name of composer - Srikanth Deva
Song Name - Chellame
Copied from original Song – Flipsyde's Spun

Movie Name - Guru En Aaalu
Name of composer - Srikanth Deva
Song Name - Veesuvadhu
Copied from original Song – Magic System's Bouger Bouger

Movie Name - E
Name of composer - Srikanth Deva
Song Name - Orey murai
Copied from original Song – 'Chinnanchiru chitte' from Alibaba & 40 thieves

Movie Name - M Kumaran Son of Mahalakshmi
Name of composer - Srikanth Deva
Song Name - Aiyo aiyaiyo
Copied from original Song – Malaysian song, 'Hati Kama' by composer Pak Ngah

Movie Name - Nammavar
Name of composer - mahesh
Song Name - Sorgam enbadhu namakku
Copied from original Song – 'Little bitty pretty one', composed by Bobby Day

Movie Name - Polladhavan
Name of composer - GV Prakash Kumar
Song Name - Minnalgal koothaadum
Copied from original Song – Akon's 'Smack that'

Movie Name - Vellithirai
Name of composer - GV Prakash Kumar
Song Name - Sooriyane
Copied from original Song – Keith Urban's 'Somebody like you'.

Movie Name - Luckyman
Name of composer - Adityan
Song Name - Yaar seidha maayam
Copied from original Song – Billy Joel's 'She's always a woman'

Movie Name - Kaadhalil Vizhundhen
Name of composer - PV Prasath
Song Name - Unakena naan
Copied from original Song – Rihanna's 'Unfaithful'

Movie Name - Ninaithu ninaithu paarthen
Name of composer - Joshua Sridhar
Song Name - Naana yaar
Copied from original Song – Nitin Sawhney's 'Nadia'

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Insignia August 10, 2010  

Part of Aathichudi was sung by Dinesh Kanagaratnam along with Vijay Anthony. Just FYI :-)

Again, nice research.

sm,  August 10, 2010  


julia,  August 17, 2010  

thanks for sharing

Anonymous,  June 22, 2011  

this is a very small list buddies..!! its quite big, infact ;)

Unknown February 11, 2016  

Its nothing rather than inspiration of high profile musicians.every buddy use to follow some rolling stone isn't it! So.Please only enjoy the feeling what they provide you
Music is an chain its never dies you probably know it.well offourse yes !.if they never use or lifting the awsome tune and fix to them you might be unaware of this musical content. right!even foreign music director also follow what there master do.its not your business to keep remain watch them.when you come to learn a music in any sources you understand practical okay.if you not agree check every composer profile even academy awards winner don't take seriously this composer suffers from producer director pressure they might don't got an situation for good subject....my friends its business world don't confuse yourself....alright.