06 August 2010

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India - Common or Corruption Wealth Games 2010 Photos and A different Question?

India - Common or Corruption Wealth Games 2010 Photos and A different Question?
What about my fundamental right of education ?

Reality views by sm –
Friday, August 06, 2010

Everyone in India knows that Common wealth games are nothing but corruption wealth games of India 2010.

Everyone is busy talking about corruption, which is good for the India.

Very Proudly Indian Congress passed the law of Right to education act for Indian kids.

But where is the implementation?

Below are the few photos of common wealth games worker kids?

Who gave the Indians right to break their fundamental right of education?

Does common wealth games organizing committee is running school for them?

No one is talking about right to education act, we should be ashamed that for common corruption games 2010, children are staying with slave parents, what about their fundamental right of education.

I hope media will pay attention to this also. The Following photos are taking from NDTV news channel.

When we can not even provide education to our Indian kids,
Do we need common wealth games?
We can not even protect our fundamental rights in this democratic nation , and proudly Indians say this is biggest democracy on earth ?
Where is democracy ?

Where is our fundamental right ?
I heard about right to education act.does my son and daughter is eligible for this fundamental right or am i still slave of the country called India ?

Am I Indian Citizen ?
Can you read my eyes ?

when i will go to school ?

What I should do so we can go to school ?
If one of my friends becomes Thief who is responsible ?
My father works more than 8 hours daily for 2 american dollars .
will he get more paid ?
what about my education ?
Like this thousands of questions ?

For this I have no answer. Do you got answer ?


Amrit August 06, 2010  


Usually I like your post but not this one. Sorry. You may need to fix the formatting and the picture placement.

With regard to contents, regardless of the CW games, in India children are being exploited. CW games will bring some external money to India though I agree corruption will eat a lot.

Also for education, up to certain extent some people are responsible. Last month at my brother's house, my wife offered to sponsor the girl of maid for education. The maid refused and did not put her daughter in school. My wife talked to the girl and mom for several hours all sevan days we were there. She tried to convince but they did not agree.

BK Chowla, August 06, 2010  

We have only proved it once again that we the most corrupt nation in the world.Those who are screaming only Kalmadi are aware that the rot goes right upto the top.

chitra August 06, 2010  

Right for education,Right for Food Act, Is there any implementation. Are these children getting any food daily. Millions remain hungry in our country. Very sad indeed.

Samvedna August 06, 2010  

I am really shocked to read about CWG.they have taken the corruption toan altogether new high...I just hope that it doesnt go unpunished.

But we need to organise some international events, it brings us into limelight and will attract nmany people, some as tourists and others as investors and even building all this structure also must have brought employment to many.

Bikram August 06, 2010  

One good thing about the games is that it may bring out MORE in open about the exploitation of kids and corruption .. But oops on second thoughts does it matter how much we bring it out .. ITs a NORM i guess now .. so such things dont bother many people anymore.

IT has become a Commonwealth games of SHAME and I bet all gold medals , probably the silver and the broze will go to our great country HINDUSTAN, BHARAT, INDIA...

less then 2 months to the games and this is happening.. but then I would like to make it a point here from other side too.. its ok to say about corruption and exploitation BUT
the question is

did we not see it then..
why was it not being brought out earlier

political parties, media, common man US, ME we have this accute sense of timing in every matter no one will speak when it starts .. its always towards the end that mudslinging starts , accusations etc surface

THis also we need to change.. This is not the first time the so called office bearers have been accused of corruption then WHY WERE THEY CHOSEN for this ..

lots of questions and we too are hypocitres me included...

Nothing is ever gonna happen next time games are held it will be same .. last time asian games happen we had the similar problem..

Anonymous,  August 06, 2010  

We have a huge collection of designer clothes that fit the personality of politicitions like a Sarees

R. Ramesh August 06, 2010  

bikram has written in detail and i agree with his views..thanks buddy

sm,  August 06, 2010  

I will try to change the format and picture placement.

As you said CWG games will bring money to India, let me clarify it will not bring any money from outside.

About education I am sorry to know about the maid and daughter.
For this also there are many reasons regarding this also I will try to write a article which will give us all more insight into problem.

sm,  August 06, 2010  

BK Chowla,,
Yes SK is only a small player, everyone from top to bottom is corrupt.

sm,  August 06, 2010  


sm,  August 06, 2010  

Lets hope justice will be done.

sm,  August 06, 2010  

Yes i agree with you.

Swatantra August 08, 2010  

Oh, o do not know if many people know this truth!!

sm,  August 09, 2010  

R. Ramesh,,

sm,  August 09, 2010  


Amrit August 09, 2010  


I look forward to your article of education. By the way my wife offered maid not only the cost of her daughter's studies but also the money her daughter brings in every month. The maid still would not agree.

On the positive side, this maid is the only maid we met in India who REFUSED TO take tip. We stayed at several people's house and maids expected and accepted the money from us when we left. However this maid refused to take any tip. She put the money back on the table saying that it is not part of her salary.

Insignia August 10, 2010  

This one is blowing off lids on so many issues. However, the malnutrition, lack of education for kids do exist. We would only talk, no actions.

sm,  August 10, 2010  


roshni,  August 15, 2010  

Millions remain hungry in our country.
Very sad