10 August 2010

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CWG, common or corruption wealth games Expenditure – Know expenditure and Get idea of corruption amount in CWG

CWG, common or corruption wealth games Expenditure – Know expenditure and Get idea of corruption amount in CWG

Reality views by sm –
Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Delhi Common wealth games will be held between 3 to 14 October.

Original promise was to hold the games within Rs 150 crore and this money were to be recovered from endorsements and ticket sales.

India's bid document for the Commonwealth Games in 2003 estimated the cost of hosting the event at Rs 1,899 crore.

"The first budget for the Games approved by the Cabinet in April 2007 estimated the total expenditure at around Rs 3,566 crore,"

Now expenditure has already touched Rs 28,000 crore but actual expenditure is more than 60000 crore.
So much rise in budget, this is corruption.
We Indians are expert in making corruption legally as our laws are useless and toothless. And there is no proper accountability.
Cost estimates have gone up by a whopping 1575% that is more than fifteen times.

Urban Development Minister S Jaipal Reddy said a total of Rs 28,054 crore have been spent on the games out of which Rs 16,560 crore was given to the Delhi Government.
1. Rs 670 crore has been spent directly on the games -- on building stadium.
2. Rs 650 crore for street scraping
3. Rs 900 crore for development bus depots
4. Rs 3,000 crore for extension of Metro
5. Rs 18,000 crore for augmenting DTC bus services
6. Rs 3,700 crore on flyovers and bridges.

The Delhi Government has also spent Rs 400 crore on parking facilities
Rs 200 crore on communications and IT
Rs 2,000 crore on power plants

Centre spend Rs. 11,494 crore
1. Rs 2.934 crore was spent on sports infrastructure
2. Rs 678 crore on training of teams
3. Rs 182 crore has been given to MTNL
4. Rs 827.85 crore to the Ministry of Urban Development
5. Rs 487.57 crore to Information and Broadcasting Ministry
6. Rs 747 crore to Health Ministry

Indian government has given Rs 2,394 crore as loan to the organising committee, which is to be returned by them after the games.

Further he said that "If you furnish and paint your house before your daughter's wedding, then the money spent on that cannot be said to be part of the dowry," he said.

Sm - To the Minister
We do not do corruption in family affairs, and many times in India in a wedding of daughter, a family of girls becomes a beggar family as demands keep rising from the boy’s family and girl’s father keeps taking loans from banks and private sources.

This common wealth games expenditure list is not complete.
According to few reports
Total expenditure on the Games would be close to Rs 87,000 crore which would be higher than the Rs 50,000 crore budget of forthcoming London Olympics 2012.
The difference between the Future London Olympics 2012 expenditure and CWG common wealth expenditure clearly shows the corruption happened in India.
Further more London Olympics - their preparations are over and players are using them.

It was decided to hold the games in Bawana in north-east Delhi, poor undeveloped area [villages] to ensure the growth and development of that region.
So how were the games shifted to the posh areas of Delhi, which is already developed?

"When the Games were given to India, Suresh Kalmadi claimed that the total expenditure to stage it would be only Rs 1620 crores.
Now how is it possible expenditure is raising everyday?
This clearly shows the lack of planning, corruption,
One of the ingredients to do corruption is lack of planning in a given project.

In year 2003 India got this contract, and still we are making preparations for the games.
The games will be over on 13 October but our work will continue and our government will continue patching the holes.

Corruption is our religion and we will follow our religion.

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Insignia August 10, 2010  

Its so shameful. What would other countries think about our country? Pathetic

Dhiman August 10, 2010  

CWG have proved to be a goldmine for these filthy politicians .... but I am thinking one thing why these things are coming out so late ...things should have been detected may be year back and action taken against the culprits....

chitra August 10, 2010  

87,000 crores. I can't even imagine about such huge sums. God save our country.

sm,  August 10, 2010  


sm,  August 10, 2010  

Still Bhopal is pending, aaruhi is pending, Mumbai blast is pending, jacket is pending list is never ending.
At a good time media exposed this so now corrupt politicians will find it difficult to hide misdeeds.

sm,  August 10, 2010  

Supreme Court Judges also say same thing. God save India.

Amrit August 11, 2010  


Thanks for bringing these facts in black and white and in simple form.

It is pity despite people like yourself, BK and some good media and democracy corruption continues to rise. There does not seem to an end to it.

BK Chowla, August 11, 2010  

We have gone past all the levels of corruption and only brought shame to the country.

sm,  August 12, 2010  

Without civil war this will not stop.

sm,  August 12, 2010  

BK Chowla,,

Rahul,  August 12, 2010  

Its shameful.

sm,  August 13, 2010  


Unknown October 04, 2010  

Delhi is oldest lady of India, She need some makeup to showcase to the world.... but this is the height.... as BIG shame for India....
Is there any case registered against this corruption ? or we will just talk like this ???

Unknown October 04, 2010  

There was also multiple cases of items being rented for the 45 days for more money than it would cost to actually buy the item.

eg, 72 golf carts were hired for Indian rupee 4.23 lakh (US$9,348.3) each, when they could have been purchased for Indian rupee 1.84 lakh (US$4,066.4) each.

Source: http://indiatoday.intoday.in/site/Story/108072/payoffs-&-bribes-cast-a-shadow-on-cwg.html?complete=1



SM October 04, 2010  

No one is even ready to boycott the games, who will register case and against whom.

Anonymous,  November 10, 2011  

the cost of CWG = the total amount of all the money pumped into North East India till now..

kudos morons..indians suck