12 August 2010

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All is fair in love and war – Meaning of Proverb with Political story explaining meaning of Proverb All is fair in love and war

All is fair in love and war – Meaning of Proverb with Political story explaining meaning of Proverb All is fair in love and war

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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Proverb - All is fair in love and war
Proverb - Where drums beat the Laws are silent

Proverb Meaning –

1. This idiom is used to say that where there is conflict; people can be expected to behave in a more vicious way.
2. People in love and soldiers in wartime are not bound by the rules of fair play.
3. When you are in love or waging war, you are allowed to be deceitful in order to get what you want.

The proverb has been traced back to John Lyly's 'Euphues' (1578).
First attested in the United States in 'Horse-Shoe Robinson' (1835).
The proverb is found in varying forms.
The proverb is frequently used to justify cheating.

Political Story explaining the meaning of Proverb – All is fair in love and war.

Story one -

Few Times in India Indian media exposes the truth about few political terror parties of India.
When Indian news channel expose these political terror parties doing corruption or doing and planning acts which are Taliban style,
These political parties immediately send 50 to 100 political gundas , members of that party , to the office of that news TV channel and then they beat everyone in that office, break the TV sets and everything , apply black color to the face of chief or anyone they find.
The final aim of these political terror parties is that to create and maintain fear in the mind of honest Indians.
After this attack the boss of that political terror party comes and says to everyone that
As news channel shown bad things about him, his men became angry and they attack the office in anger, they did not do it purposefully.
Everything is fair in love and war.

Story 2 –

On Friendship day and valentine day in India many political party members [ gundas ] who never get love from mother or sister , who are failed in love and are rejected by all the Indian girls , go to the parks and hotels and beat the boys and girls , and say that they are saving Indian culture.

Political story 3 –
India got CWG games contract in year 2003 but to do corruption the people decided that to do nothing until final moments and these way on the name of emergency just gave the contracts to the people who agreed to give them bribe under table.
As losses happen, they found the excuse that we did not get time to find good contractors.
Everything is fair in love and war.

Always remember this proverb is used to prove illegal things legal.


Bikram August 12, 2010  

offcourse it is ..

the reason for the proverb i nreality as faras my knowledge says was people in love and in war do things which they would not do ordinarily .. a soldier can show immense loyalty or fierceness or even be scared .. and in love people have killed or got killed thus the proverb

putting it in context to our politicians well now thats not right.. politcians in INDIA area a QNIQUE breeed .. in there context the proverb stops at ALL IF FAIR. thats it everything is fair for them ... murders, beatings, rapes, corruption , betrayal, disloyalty is all FAIR for them, the moment they take the oath they are ALLOWED and its comes as one of the incentives of being a politician.

end of...

R. Ramesh August 12, 2010  

ya bikram said it well..:)

Sareezfashions August 12, 2010  

Yes you are absolutely right...

They should wear a Saree as a dress..

sm,  August 12, 2010  


sm,  August 13, 2010  

R. Ramesh,,

sm,  August 13, 2010  


rohan,  August 22, 2010  

like the stories
our politicians will do anything for money