25 June 2010

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Understanding Honor or Honour Killing – A social evil

Understanding Honor or Honour Killing – A social evil

Reality Views by sm –
Thursday, June 25, 2010

What is Honor or Honour killing?

Honor or Honour killing is also called as customary killing or traditional killing.

In a case of honor killing normally males, family male’s brother and father including relatives kill their own daughter, wife, sister for bringing dishonor to family because of following reasons
• love marriage
• by marrying person outside caste or religion
• disobeying the dress code given by community to females
• engaging in lesbian relationships
• Refusing arranged marriage

The above reasons for murdering on the name of Honor are valid for all nations including India.

In honor killing many times male, the lover of girl is also killed.
In this murder the males and family females think that by killing the daughter and her partner, the family status is purified.

The tradition of honor killing is just like the tradition of Sati system of India.
Both traditions show that female is a property of male or a slave of male
Like Sati system many times females of the family support the killing of daughter on the name of Honor.

The term honor killing was first used by the Dutch Turkey expert of the University of Leiden Ane Nauta in 1978.

Following are the names of countries where Honour killings happen –
• Egypt,
• Jordan - gay Jordanian man was shot and wounded by his brother.
• Lebanon,
• Morocco,
• Pakistan - Relationship outside tribe
• Syrian Arab Republic,
• Turkey,
• Yemen,
• Iraq
• Saudi Arabia - Saudi woman was killed by her father for chatting on Face book to a man.

In Pakistan honor killings are known locally as karo-kari.

Majority time’s Terrorist people do the act of terror to get money for the poor family; many times they are misguided and shown a wrong way by white collar criminals of society
But what about society and culture which supports the honor killing
The act of honor killing is more shameful than the act of terrorist.

And our own country India -
India and Honor killing -

Indian culture is also not divine culture, Honor killing is a part and parcel of Indian culture.

Honor killing is also one of the indicators that the culture is faulty,
Culture is based on the presumption of that female is the property, slave of the family and this thought is supported by family female members.
2nd Indicator is that the females in that society are uneducated and does not have their own money to spend; the females are dependant forever on males of family.

Honour killing is found largely in Indian states namely , Punjab, Rajasthan, Haryana and Bihar
Khap killings are also type of honor killing where whole village kills the female and her partner for disobeying the orders of village chief.

But we should feel proud that one of Indian state, west Bengal has not seen an honor killing in last 100 years.
Also it is very rare to find an act of honor killing in states of Maharashtra and Gujarat.

In June 2010, the Supreme Court of India issued notices to the Central Government and six states including Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana and Rajasthan, to take preventive measures against the social evil Honor killing.

After this the government of India is planning to bring a new law, a bill in the Monsoon Session of Parliament next month (July 2010) to stop this social evil honor killing.

I just hope the bill,law will include the punishment of 100 year jail term or death punishment with no right to accused to demand mercy from anyone or President of India for doing the act of honor killing.

The culture which has a social evil of Honor killing
Do you think such culture is given by GOD?

Every Guru or Mulla or Religious leader who supports the honor killing is not fit to be a religious leader.

Honor killing is nothing but an act of murdering humanity.

Honor killing is a one of Culture Indicator which shows that female is still the property of male in a society.
Property = Possession of Car same way possession of female.


BK Chowla, June 25, 2010  

We must look at the problem as a social evil and not a political opportunity.
I heard one person asking a question;
What was the action of the Govt after Shah Bano case?

sm,  June 25, 2010  

BK Chowla,,
yes that time Congress government changed the court ruling to get the votes of muslims

Prabhjot Singh June 25, 2010  

I'm really astonished knowing all this about Honour killing. Means now anyone can commit a crime in the name of Honour killing?

sm,  June 25, 2010  

Prabhjot Singh,,

Insignia June 26, 2010  

Its nice to hear WB has seen no honor killing since 100 years. Its pathetic that its happening in India. People are going back to being beasts

sm,  June 27, 2010  


RNSANE June 27, 2010  

sm, I knew this happened in the past but was not aware it continued in India. It is horrible. I do understand that India is still very much a male dominated society - a bit hard to accept, for me, as a woman who raised two of her three sons alone, without child support, because the father of her last two children, an Eastern European was abusive and I could and would not tolerate that or subject my sons to it. He never even bothered to see his two exceptional children.

As a forensic nurse, I occasionally saw women with genital mutilation, a practice common in the countries you listed. That should be outlawed as it is in many places. It puts young girls at risk for terrible infection, may interfere with future childbearing and is a barbaric ritual done to please men.

Don't get me wrong, I think men are wonderful but I consider them equal, not superior to me.

I remember watching the movie, "The Bandit Queen" about Phoolan Devi. While she was definitely a controversial figure who committed many outrageous crimes, she was also victimized repeatedly and horribly. I do like what she said in an interview ( according to Wikipedia ),
"My main goal is that things that only the rich and privileged have enjoyed until now should also be given to the poor: for example, drinking water, electricity, schools and hospitals... I’d like there to be seats reserved for women in government posts. Women should be educated in schools. And people should not be forcing them to get married at a very young age...the most important thing is equality. So that people can get employment, they can get proper food and drink, and also to be educated. And especially women – now they are really treated very lowly, like shoes! They should be treated on an equal basis. And like other countries that have progressed and have comforts, I also want my country and people to progress that way."[

Admin June 30, 2010  

Hang these honor killers...wtf! In a time like today, if we have people like these then we should be ashamed of being an Indian. This is truly insane and I don't have any words to justify these acts of madness. What pride, position, money, religion...rubbish...total shit! Love is blind...it doesn't know any religion, power, pride, honor...It is pity that instead of sorting out these issues peacefully, we are resorting to these inhumanly heinous acts of violence. People practicing these things have no right to be called as humans. They are worst than animals. They are curse to this society and to the nation as a whole. We must get rid of these satanic minds as soon as possible otherwise we are heading towards the doomsday !!

sm,  July 01, 2010  

yes I agree with you all are equal
Bandit Queen is an excellent movie

sm,  July 01, 2010  

otherwise we are heading towards the doomsday !!

Update Gk July 08, 2010  

your blog articles provide immense help in to me in writing articles...You are really a hard thinker about the indian system and i admire u...keep it up...

sm,  July 08, 2010  

Update Gk,,

NRIGirl October 17, 2010  

Got goose bumps reading about it. Didn't quite know such things existed, thought it only happens in movies...

Somehow this post makes me sad and helpless. Not even sure where to start, what to do, to help these poor lonely souls.

~ NRIGirl

sm,  October 17, 2010  


Unknown February 05, 2011  

Speak up and get involved.

Stop honor killing.


sm,  February 05, 2011  


Mohini Puranik May 11, 2011  

I never heard a word like honor killing and I am reading this nowadays in news, very commonly, couldn't understand this. I don't think, this is in Maharashtra, I never heard. Even never seen much problems in inter - cast marriages or on dress code.

I don't think we should blame our culture, we have lived in the slavery of thousand years. And it happens time to time, wrong customs, get formed if wrong people become powerful. But this doesn't mean the whole culture is wrong.

I agree males have this thinking that women is their property and that in any relation, may it be brother, father, boyfriend or husband. But that also depends in which background they are brought up.

What would we say, when male kills a girl if she rejects him?

Whatever may be their thinking, as honor of family....or what, but there is no action taken against them, that's what is encouraging.

About the traditions and customs, whoever is powerful interprets the things in such a way, that it will be beneficial to them. And force the weak that this is only tradition.