25 June 2010

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Congress Decontrols Petrol, Fuel Prices – Burns the Budget of Common Man – Fuel Prices Increased

Congress Decontrols Petrol, Fuel Prices – Burns the Budget of Common Man – Fuel Prices Increased

Reality views by sm –
Friday, June 25, 2010

The empowered group of ministers (EGoM), met here Friday to discuss fuel pricing reforms, decided to decontrol petrol and diesel and increase prices of kerosene and cooking gas.

This means that petrol and diesel prices have been de-controlled and will be linked to the market price of crude.
The decision means that whenever international crude prices go up, users will have to shell out more for petrol and diesel. Similarly, prices of petrol and diesel will come down whenever international crude prices come down. The government will no longer subsidize petrol and diesel.

Sundareshan said that for an average car user the increase in petrol price would add a burden of only Rs 150 per month while for a motorcycle user the burden would be Rs 30-35 per month.

Mr. Minister what about my savings?
What about our future and Pension?

MMS totally fails on the price rise.
Let the ministers manage their home in 1000 Rs. Monthly budget
Then tell me the price rise is good for India and Indian economy.

Now common man is looking at BJP, BJP has to do or die but must see that
This price rise is cancelled by the government of India.

After decontrol the prices of petrol and fuel will never decrease.

Just like gold Petrol will become costlier and costlier.

Petrol prices will go up by Rs 3 per liter and diesel Rs 2 per liter from midnight.

The government has also decided to increase cooking gas prices by Rs 35 per cylinder and kerosene by Rs 3 per liter.

“Only petrol and diesel prices will be market driven,” Sundareshan said.

Government of India does not have money for subsidy then
My question to the Congress is that how you got the money to increase the salary of Member of Parliament.
Next month congress is planning to increase the salary of Politicians and it will be 70000 rupees and increase in all the facilities as well as perks.
And comedy is that all the member of parliament are very very very rich .

If you are good government cancel the salary and perk of politicians and give us subsidy.

This the one of the Black day in the history of India.

This is the second time the EGoM is meeting to consider the fuel price reforms. Last time, the decision on reforms was postponed due to protests of UPA allies.

Does IPL scam is managed by government of India?

Now I feel that this government is chor government and MMS is a Puppet of Gunda criminal politician.

Am I right or wrong?

Freeing of petrol prices would reduce the Rs 74,300-crore deficit by about Rs 5,000 crore. A one rupee per liter hike in diesel prices would cut losses by Rs 3,800-4,000 crore.

And this will help them to increase their salaries.

From today midnight all new rules and prices will be applicable.
If you want go and get the more petrol for your car that is two wheeler.

From today midnight LPG Mumbai price will be 348 Rs. Currently it is 313 Rs.

So all the prices will increase.

MMS we will manage our homes daily by earning 1 dollar , you keep increasing the salaries of Politicians and stay like the king . You should resign from your post for this mistake.



BK Chowla, June 25, 2010  

Let us get over the shock of the increase first before we comment

sm,  June 25, 2010  

BK Chowla,,
yes thanks let us see what they do on the Member of parliament pay hike.

Prabhjot Singh June 25, 2010  

Yaar i think the problem is the failure of oppostion. Big party like BJP must act now for the interests of people. They are repeatdly failing on surrounding the government on these big issues.

chitra June 25, 2010  

The hike of Rs . 34 for gas cylinder is going to hit the domestic budget a lot.
We are having a World Tamil conference in TN. Millions are spent. Only if it is used for bettering the infrastructure and meeting the basic necessities of many.God save our country.

sm,  June 25, 2010  

Prabhjot Singh,,
BJP needs to act,show the real efforts to Indian citizens.
yes i agree with you

sm,  June 25, 2010  

the side effects will be felt after 1 month.

Maya June 26, 2010  

I think what the government did was brave.. they are not going to put the money in the pocket what they are doing is for the country..
you can see whats happening to the subsidies economy of europe.. huge deficits..

The government did what they had to do without fearing about their vote bank. Also i think the salries of ministers need to be increased only then they would stop being corrupt and better ppl would join politics

Nisha June 26, 2010  

Yesterday there was a chaotic situation at petrol pumps to fill up gas. I wonder how much they'd save by filling their tanks once.

Not interested in politics at all so no comments on their actions but the price hike has another side to it. These things were subsidised since long and we need to understand that it has to go slowly.
Really a subject of debate.

sm,  June 26, 2010  

Uncommon Sense,,

sm,  June 26, 2010  


Insignia June 26, 2010  

The price of petrol in Bangalore is 38/- If I am not wrong its highest in the country.

We are not getting proper salary hikes, bonus is linked to salary component, our flexible and extra benefits are curbed. No hikes due to recession last year. And yet, the prices of much needed commodities like food, fuel are going upward!! Government doesnt provide social security. When would we save?

sm,  June 27, 2010  


sm,  June 29, 2010  

BJP declares "July 1 will be observed as Inflation-Protest Day. In all state capitals and cities we will hold big rallies. UPA-II (United Progressive Alliance) has failed to curb inflation
The party also announced a march to Rashtrapati Bhavan during the start of the monsoon Parliament session to submit a request letter to President Pratibha Patil with 100 million (10 crore) signatures against price-rise.

paul,  July 15, 2010  

The hike of Rs . 34 for gas cylinder is going to hit everyone