09 May 2010

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Part One – An attempt to Understand Naxals, Naxalites or Naksalvadis

Part One – An attempt to Understand Naxals
Do You Think Naxals, Naxalites or Naksalvadis are Terrorist?
Understanding Naxals – A great threat for India or Indian Corrupt Population or Politicians
Reality Views by sm –

Naxals are not terrorist, but Naxals are on the first stage of Terrorism and any time Naxals organization can become the Terrorist group.

Naxals and India – Understanding Naxals

Naxals movement started in India in 1967 in a small village Naxalbari in West Bengal.
Communist party of India [Marxist] leaders Charu Majumdar, kanu Sanyal and Jangal Santhi started this movement against the landlords.

May 1967 –
Landlords men attacked a sharecropper near Naxalbari village and later Police team arrived to arrest the peasant leaders, but tribals led by Jangal Santhal protested and
An inspector was killed in a hail of arrows.
After this many Santhal tribals and peasants joined the movement and started attacking local landlords. This group started to grow in Naxalbari and this group got the name of

Meaning of Sharecropper –
Sharecroppers are the persons who work on the land of landlord or landowner.
Many times landlords provide seeds, tools, housing to the sharecroppers.
All the hardwork is done by the sharecroppers and but all the profits are taken by the landlords, indirectly the sharecropper family becomes the slave of landlords.
But now India is making progress and this type of cheating by landlords is decreasing.

Charu Majumdar was inspired by the theory of Mao Zedong and said that Indian lower class tribals, farmers, peasants should overthrow the government and upper classes through the barrel of the gun.

Charu Majumdar – a son of freedom fighter
Born – Siliguri, West Bengal
Born in 1918 and died in 1972
That time Charu Majumdar wrote 8 articles explaining his ideology, theory which supported armed struggle and revolution against the upper class and Government.
In 1969 Majumdar and Sanyal founded Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist)—with Majumdar as its General Secretary.
Charu Majumdar was captured on July 16, 1972, and died in police custody at the Alipore Central Jail on July 28, 1972.

What Charu Majumdar wrote, what his articles said about the Revolution, and ideology of Mao and India?

Whatever Charu Majumdar wrote in those years was suitable for that time, and today also many arguments made by him are true but today world has changed, global politics has changed and Indian Naxals and Indian situation has not changed exception is only 30% Indians .
Arms revolution will be always dreamt by everyone who thinks Bhagat Singh and Subhas Chandra Bose as Gods of India.
In future Indian Naxals will be labeled as Terrorist groups and will be finished mercilessly by Indian military, but I Doubt if we can not even hang Afzal Guru
So where does this Naxal Revolution will lead to India

India is marching towards youth with gold medals, education without any jobs and good salary in future .

What if they join the Naxals?

May 8 –
In Chhattisgarh Maoist used the landmine and killed 8 CRPF Jawans.
The powerful blast took place on NH-16 that connects Nizamabad in Andhra Pradesh with Jagdalpur in Chhattisgarh. The site is around 100km from Dantewada, where the 75 CRPF jawans and their police guide were massacred on April 6.
It was reported that in Dantewada our CRPF jawans used the mine-protected and armored vehicle but mine protected vehicle failed and Jawans died and No one cried for them in India , where does all the candle light lovers disappeared ?

This shows that our CRPF jawans need good quality vehicles which can save their lives.
In USA they got such vehicles which withstand fully such mine attacks.

Jai Jawan Jai Kisan
Do not forget Kisan

Kisan means farmer
Jawan means soldier

Continued –


Rià May 10, 2010  
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Rià May 10, 2010  

Understood that they r what they r sue to circumstances, but then the acts tht they resort to wud harm others as well na!

Samarjit Roy May 10, 2010  

I live very near to Naxalbari (10 km from my home) You should see the life of the people to understand why Naxals rose and fell. But they are still out there... in hiding.

Maya May 10, 2010  

i dont mind them killing police men...

SM May 10, 2010  

thanks, yes the situation is very dangerous.
they can harm anyone

SM May 10, 2010  

thanks .
as i will be writing on this topic regularly I hope your comments will be very useful for everyone and will give us more insight into the problem.

SM May 10, 2010  

Uncommon Sense,
Lets hope Naxals will not kill Honest Indians.

Dhiman May 12, 2010  

Very good that you have started a series on this problem.... because a lot of don't understand about the actual problem...

sm,  May 17, 2010  


Pooja,  May 24, 2010  

should not harm innocent people

Aanchal,  July 02, 2010  

very well said,your articles are making me clearing my concepts regarding various social issues every now and then.
please write more on Naxalism,more about the control and solution regarding the problem.

sm,  July 03, 2010  

i will try to write more on this.

Aastha Bhansali January 10, 2011  

where's the next part???

sm,  January 10, 2011  

Kathy Owens,,
Its pending still not completed.

Aastha Bhansali January 11, 2011  

please complete it soon... Need it to prepare for an exam :(

sm,  January 11, 2011  

Kathy Owens,,
I will try to complete it as soon as possible.
if possible let me know exactly what you are looking or for studying for or topic.