10 May 2010

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Census 2011 to Include Caste, Is It Wrong Decision By Congress To Ask the Caste to Indians?

Census 2011 to Include Caste, Is It Wrong Decision By Congress To Ask the Caste to Indians?

Reality Views by sm –
Monday, May 10, 2010

Now Congress and BJP both parties have agreed to ask the Caste to Every Indian.
Finance minister and leader of Lok Sabha Pranab Mukherjee said that counting on the basis of caste would be included in Census 2011. "We will be doing it,"

In the year 1931 British Government did the same in their slave colony India , Today again Congress and BJP both parties are doing the same ,
So I felt that, am I still living in the country which is controlled by British Kingdom?
Are we still living in the colony called as India , controlled by Indians ?

Last year on 21 September 2009, I have written the article regarding caste and census and I am again reproducing it here with adding more points.

“The last caste census was done in 1931”

Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, independent India’s first Home minister, had decided in 1950 that there will be no caste-based census from 1951 onwards, when the first census took place in Free India.”

Part of Patel’s reasoning, was that the country needed unity and such a census could have caused divisiveness.

After that there was no caste census, but now as Indian youth is making progress, Indian youth is moving towards equality, education, and forgetting about caste system, our political parties are afraid of this change and very intelligently political parties are trying to take us back to the caste system and want to rule with same rules of divide and rule and keep us Indians uneducated, afraid and powerless.

There are more than 3,000 castes and sub-castes among Hindus.
Though only the census of Dalits, who constitute about 25 percent
Of the community, has been made caste-based

This is one of the reasons in coming years India will again see the Mandal 2 happening in the India.

In the year 1931, the last caste based census was done, after there was no such census.
But all parties in India are now trying to get caste census be done in the year 2011, if done, it would be the first caste-based census after Independence, the last one having been carried out by the British in 1931.

What is Census?
A census is the procedure of systematically acquiring and recording information about the members of a given population.
It is a regularly occurring and official count of a particular population.
The census is carried out by the office of the Registrar General and Census Commissioner, India, Delhi an office in the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India, under the 1948 Census of India Act.

The census happens in two phases: first, house listing and house numbering operations; and second, the actual population enumeration phase.

The census is carried out by the canvassing method.
In this method, each and every household is visited and the information is collected by specially trained enumerators.

9 February 2001, the first day of the 2001 census was celebrated as the census day.
The argument to do caste based system is that it will help them to know the true Condition of Each Indian, they want to find how much difference, progress and gap is between Upper class and Lower class people of India.

Recently the law and justice minister, Mr. M. Veerappa Moily, has written to our Prime Minister regarding this that in the year 2011 the clause of caste should be included in that Census.
The Supporters say that it will help them to remove the differences between upper class and lower class people. This will help to understand and know the current status of people of India and like this many reasons in the support of this caste based census.

This demand is shocking and just shows that how shameless we Indians are becoming.
“The last caste census was done in 1931” and “all census since 1951 have break-up of population based on religion only” not caste

But why politicians, political parties are making demand of caste based Census and what is there original plan lets understand ?

If you see the current politics in India you will realize that Divide and Rule policy as well as caste and religion based voting is diminishing, decreasing from the Indian soil.
This is what makes the political parties afraid of.

Don’t you think if we study only the reasons why certain people are poor and certain people are rich, this will give us all the information and reasons why those people are poor.

We don’t need to spend money on census issues when there is no education, no schools, when schools are held under a tree and a school has a holiday when there is a rain,
what more reasons we need to find to improve the conditions of poor people of India.

Don’t you feel ashamed to ask the caste of a person, is it not enough he is Indian, he is human?

The other reasons are that they want to add more caste into the reservation; they want to take reservation more than 50%.

The Constitution which provided reservation for only SC/STs and that too for a period of 10 years commencing 1951, has been extended indefinitely.

Without civil war I don’t think this reservation will ever go from India, hope this civil war will be peaceful in India and will bring the economic reservation at everywhere where reservation is required.

Union Law Minister Veerappa Moily’s proposal that caste be enumerated in the national census, slated for 2011, comes in the wake of a Rural Development Ministry’s BPL survey that estimates other backward classes as comprising 38.5 per cent of the rural population.

The figure is far below the Mandal Commission report’s estimate of 52 per cent.

The ministry’s finding appears to tally with National Sample Survey Organization’s estimate of OBC numbers at about 35 per cent.

The disclosure comes as a blow to OBC leaders, who since August 1990, when the Mandal report was implemented by the VP Singh Government, have been relentlessly lobbying for hiking concessions and privileges for members of their communities on the premise that OBCs comprise at least 50 per cent of the population.

Their argument is that numerically fewer upper castes need to cede ground to them in the power hierarchy.
They need to wield influence in proportion to their population.
Don’t you think this type of thinking will divide us more into the caste system?

This is just another trick to include the OBC and more categories into the reservation, because of coalition politics these people are influencing the government and trying to get more and more benefits for there own creamy layer people from there own caste,

I read that few people saying that we do not have held caste based census from last 70
Years and still India has neither eliminated caste distinctions nor ended caste inequality. So we should carry out this caste based census.

So my question is that please tell me in last 70 years which steps government of India has taken to eliminate caste system from India.

Child is not born with a label of his caste and religion but as soon as he goes to school on his school admission forms you make it compulsory to write his caste.

This where the boy or girl starts his or her journey of life with the label of caste , why government of India does not a make law, which will prohibit asking the caste and religion and which will send such persons to jail for asking the caste and this type of laws will eradicate caste system from India forever.

But we Indians are such people I will tell you something,
Now a days many parents tell there kids something when they know that there son or daughter has become adult and she is going to collage, these parents tell them that,
Son, or my daughter I am a very progressive and modern father, I won’t oppose your lover marriage, but I tell you see that your lover is from our own caste and religion.
This is India; this is the reality of India.

What this caste census will do in the Indian society?

If Government of India found particular caste has more population, because they do not do family planning, does Government of India will give them more reservation?

What If tomorrow the particular caste people who got more population demand, reservation based on the population percentage, more population more reservation and facilities ?

Think then what will happen in India?

In short tell you India is country where law breakers become rich and live happily
Example –
Recently in India few small villages became the part of big city, and because of that tax of villages got increased as facilities also increased.
Now honest persons paid their increased taxes to corporation and every government department.
After few years government took the decision that the people who do not pay the tax will not go to jail, but they are forgiven for not paying taxes and government will never demand that tax from them, government will certify that those people do not need to pay the arrears or pending tax.
In this case Government will not return the tax paid by the honest Indians villagers, proving and encouraging them to become corrupt, yes can we say proudly Corruption is Religion of My Nation India.

Same way BJP and Congress will support the demand that Yes More Population More Reservation, if your ABC caste people are more and rich still give them more reservation as their numbers, population is more.

This will make us aware about our past and our caste, will give rise of caste feeling in the local neighborhoods. This will divide our population , political parties will find more useless topics to waste the money and time of India , time of progress of India , This will give them chance to add more caste into the reservation , will help them to increase more reservation.
When you talk about caste system of India, as an Indian I feel ashamed.

Update – Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Big B, Amitabh Bachchan has said that he and his family do not believe in the caste system.
If anyone will ask his caste he will answer it as Indian.

The sorry state is that wife of Big B that is Jaya Bachchan belongs to the party which is demanding caste based census.
What a politics, Great.

BJP - Gopinath Munde, - Relatives got election tickets, started wine factory with government funds.
Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) chief Lalu Prasad, - Chara fraud
Samajwadi Party (SP) chief Mulayam Singh Yadav – what I can say
Janata Dal-United (JDU) president Sharad Yadav – do I need to say anything.
All the above educated and most intelligent and corruption free leaders are demanding this, caste based reservation.


freedownloadfont May 11, 2010  

hi there, warm greeting ^^!
hope you get success all the time.


चला बिहारी ब्लॉगर बनने May 11, 2010  

definitely a post supported by facts..but many Indians are not having courage to say that it's wrong..People from Bihar, a deep caste oriented state,have stopped using their surnames which indicate caste.
It's really an opener post. keep it up!!!

sm May 11, 2010  


sm,  May 11, 2010  

चला बिहारी ब्लॉगर बनने,

~ Lopa May 11, 2010  

Good post... addresses one of the major prob in india right now.

While was in india, i hated this system and now when i look at that from outside, it looks more pathetic. Everytime there is a discussion with foreigners about India, they point out at discrimination in India and how india will need to come out of it if it wants to grow. Thing is we have so many type of discriminations... poor and rich, upper class lower class, educated and illiterate .... and when we complain about discrimination og white and black... are we even entitled to complain? Even if those whites discriminate against black or brown, it is much more milder than what we see in India.

Whole world had moved on or trying to move on, but India is trying to go backwards... all thanks to these politicians and their games for the vote bank.

Not only in Bihar, you will find people from all across the country who have changed their surnames not to relieve their caste when it became unbearable and so that they can live peacefully... if caste is not forgotten with their changed surname right now, in hope it will be atleast after 1 or 2 generation making their children - grandchildren living without discrimination.

R. Ramesh May 11, 2010  

wonderful post ya...i was very happy when MGR ordered that caste names be removed from street names in Tamil Nadu years ago...but then politicians have understood that if castes go, they will also go...as they cant divide n rule...cheers buddy

jamos jhalla May 11, 2010  

जातिपर आधारित इस मर्दमशुमारी २०१०_२०११ के लिए मतगड़ना कर्मिओं का चयन हो रहा है कया ये भी जाति पर आधारित है|यदि नहीं तो क्यूं नहीं?

chitra May 11, 2010  

Divide and rule is what came to my mind when I started reading the post. You have narrated it beautifully. Come next 100 years, we will not change as things are of today.

sm,  May 12, 2010  

~ Lopa,
Yes you said it all. Lets hope more and more people will understand in India that caste system is more ---------- than racism .
no words to say so blank.

sm,  May 12, 2010  

R. Ramesh,
yes we need more politicians like MGR who dare something to do against old customs which degrade humans .

Piper .. May 13, 2010  

Why on earth would someone want a caste census???
I couldnt think of one single reason really!!
This is such an eye-opener, this post of yours!
My first time here, through the comment you left on my blog. And for sure I`ll be back :)

sm,  May 14, 2010  

yes i agree with you we wont change .

sm,  May 14, 2010  

Piper ..,
thanks, you said it correctly
I couldnt think of one single reason really!!

shilpa,  May 17, 2010  

we will not change

weekly current affais July 05, 2010  
This comment has been removed by the author.
weekly current affais July 05, 2010  
This comment has been removed by the author.
Update Gk July 05, 2010  

The 2011 Indian census is a caste-based one and first time after independence. Caste is the distinct feature of our society and it has great relevance in India.
in India where still inter-caste, inter-regional as well as across the border marriages are encouraged (In haryana same gotra marriges issue is also caste issue)
and even at present so called liberal and modern men opt for caste based marriages and our newspapers are filled with caste based matrimonial advertisements. India has a religious belief about casteism.
If we go by Bhagavad Gita (chapter4, Sholka 13) Lord Krishna clarifies the origin and purpose of
caste system to Arjuna and created four varnas named - Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaishya and Shudra. and they constitute the four fold order according to differentiation of gunna and karma.
india has become a strong economy in this globalised world and making progress by leaps and bounds but this growth is not equitable as all sections of indian society
are not making their contribution due to their social, educational and economic backwardness. And this backwardness is prevalent among many sections of society in India.
Backwardness is also divided in terms of castes and classes and government formulates its social welfare programmes as per the data of caste and classes. But this data has got outdated. As we have old estimates like Kaka Kalelkar and Mandal Commission had evolved criterion for ascertaining the population of OBCs.
(At the national level the population of OBCs has been accepted as 52 per cent of the total population of the country and reservation to the extent of 27 per cent has been made for them in Central government posts.
This was the outcome of the implementation of Mandal Commission Report in 1990.)
Caste based census seems to be relevent as it will figure out the appropriate number of people belonging to different castes.
This will enable government formulate and implement its programmes effectively with efficieny. And thereby will uplifft
the socially, educationaly and economicaly backward population. From equitable growth perspective it seems relevent.
It has an objection as this census will also give impetus to caste division and its perpetuation.

Update Gk July 05, 2010  

As i was contemplating on this topic, so i reached at one point that caste census will not lead to divisions since caste system has existed for long. Government also give benefits to people on the basis of their castes so this census will fulfill the need to find out those people who need benefits from government-run social programs.
Also caste system has been here for ages and Caste system has remained even where there was no enumeration.
As everything has its own advantages and disadvantages if we think about advantages of caste census, it will really act as a source to uplift the backward sections and finally economy. This data will create differences in the society if used by wrong hands(Politicians). As we know politicians can go to any length to grab the votes...

sm,  July 05, 2010  

Update Gk,,
Racism and Caste system both are same. You may feel proud about Racism I do not feel proud about our Indian caste system.
I do not feel ashamed to accept that yes caste system and racism both are same.

For me every poor Indian is my brother I do not ask him his caste when I help any one.
Neither any one has asked me caste, exception is Politicians.

You must understand politicians want caste system in India, just make few laws and you can see that Indians are forgetting to ask and talk about caste system.
Eg. It should be unlawful to ask on any government form to mention the caste of any Indian.

Why you want to help only OBC poor people?
Why you do not want to help upper caste poor people?
Are they not Indians?
Why you need to ask the caste of person when one can see the person is poor and he needs help?

This is the India where one of the saints gave water to dying donkey.
He does not ask him his caste.

Why don’t you just find all poor Indians and help them,

Sorry there is no advantage in caste census.
Advantage is only for the political parties.
They want to know there number of votes based on caste.

Please write the article regarding benefits of caste counting, benefits which Poor Indian people get or mother India will get.

weekly current affais July 06, 2010  

you are right that racism and indian caste system are of almost same breed. but casteism has been here for ages and hindu society has religious belief in it as Lord krishna in Gita says to Arjuna about four vernas.....comment on this religios belief which is stil persisting in our motherland

sm,  July 06, 2010  

weekly current affais,,
Please go through this article.
Understand; Know The Truth and Story Behind Varna And Caste System:


Anonymous,  August 11, 2010  

Don't even talk about reservation...
the reservation is the one way bye which we can
help to build our nation...
because of reservation we r here otherwise
u the waste people of india avoid us.

Think in both ways.
Because a coin can not have a single face.

sm,  August 12, 2010  

Learn to support economic reservation.

sm,  August 12, 2010  

Congress Party –
Central Government cleared caste-based census. The caste-based census will be done from December 2010 onwards.
The decision to carry out caste-based census was taken by a Group of Ministers (GoM) that met in New Delhi.
The GoM on caste-based census includes Union Ministers Sharad Pawar, AK Antony, P Chidambaram, Mamata Banerjee, M Veerapa Moily, Farooq Abdullah, Dayanidhi Maran, Kapil Sibal, Mukul Wasnik and Salman Khurshid.

1931 – India was a slave country of intelligent British people.
British people have done this and we were slaves.
After Independence again all political parties got united and proved that
Yes once India was a slave of White people and Now India is a slave of its own black uneducated and corrupt people.
Political parties like the Samajwadi Party, the Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) and the Janata Dal-United (JD-U) and Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) all demanded and supported it.