14 April 2010

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Know about Salt - The white poison

Know about Salt - The white poison 

Reality Views by sm -

Packaged Salt is different from natural salt.

Packaged salt, I want to say salt that we purchase from Kirana or Grocery store, which is normally iodized salt.

Table salt is refined salt, which contains about 97% to 99% sodium chloride

Different names But remember salt is salt.

This salt has no natural elements the reason is while making this salt its so much heated that nothing remains in that salt .

And mostly it is a chemical sodium chloride while natural salt has up to 80% natural minerals in it.
Normally human blood contains 0.9% salt, which maintains the balance of sodium throughout human body.

Natural salt is a white gold but now white salt has become white Poison for human consumption.
The salt, which we eat, has direct effects on our body.

High sodium intake causes swelling and water retention.

Salt is sodium chloride, an inorganic chemical with no nutritive value. Chemically speaking, it is a crystalline product of the union of two elements -- sodium and chlorine.

When we eat salt more kidneys has to do more work, as function of kidney is to remove water from body, and salt holds on to water, this way our blood pressure rises.
Thus, Kidney has to do more work and this may lead into one getting kidney disease.
If this kidney disease is not treated, and blood pressure is not controlled this may result into the kidney failure,
Same way this can damage the functioning of heart, brain, and arteries.

I am not going into the details but in short, we must understand,
Eating more salt for long time or few years, will result into high blood pressure, and this way our four organs mainly Kidney, arteries, brain and heart, has to work more, and this results into these organs stop functioning one day, causing death or serious problem to our health.
Consuming more salt daily may result in one of the following diseases –
Asthma, hypertension (high blood pressure), heartburn, osteoporosis, cardiac enlargement, ulcers, and edema

Does reducing the consumption of salt can result in the weight loss?
Salt has no calories. When we eat more salt, it retains the water in body, and this increases the weight, same way when we eat less salt, it retains less water in our body and reduced the weight, but it is not permanent weight loss.

So Daily how much salt our body needs?

In the United Kingdom, the Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition (SACN) recommended daily 4grams of intake for adults

Normally adults should consume 4g up to 6g of salt daily.
Including salt, which we get from the vegetables and packaged foods like bread, biscuits and breakfast cereals, 2-minute foods, etc as they also, contain salt.

This way its impossible for us to know how much salt daily we are eating , so its better not to try to count how much salt daily we are eating , the option is always try to reduce the salt intake .

One of the methods is never add extra salt while eating at table,
Avoid adding salt to salads and curd as they also got their own salt and taste so try to eat them without adding salt.

Stop the consumption of ready-made soups, as they contain lot of salt; learn to make soup at home its very easy and simple.

To reduce the use of salt while food making , and also maintaining the taste of food
For taste, increase the use of following while preparing
• onions
• garlic
• chillies
• ginger
• cinnamon
• lemon juice , fresh
• pepper

Salt works as a food preservative also.

Salt and Myth –
Now a days many people eat salts which are marketed as natural salt , but know the truth and that is salt is a salt , then it may be Sea salt, rock salt, garlic salt, natural salt are all salt and contain sodium.

So best option is to reduce the salt intake.

The only salt, which does not contain sodium, contains potassium and is mentioned on those bottles clearly.
But remember Potassium helps to reduce the blood pressure, so if you are a friend of High blood pressure then this salt is very good for you.
This is reason one should consult the doctor while increasing the intake of Potassium eating.
Few good sources of Potassium - Banana, Tomato, Fat free milk, yoghurt, orange

Short list of food names which contain more salt
•Tomato ketchup
•Tinned, packet and chiller cabinet soups
•Beef, chicken and vegetable stock cubes
•Gravy granules
•Soy sauce
•Dried fish
•Curry powders
•Ready made sandwiches
•Microwave and frozen ready meals
•Breaded chicken products

Do not forget that chat Masala also has salt; do not think I am using Chat Masala so I reduced the salt intake. Make the habit to read the contents of bottle or packet .

TATA has introduced the light salt, and TATA claims that it has 15 percent less sodium.

Normally How Tata salt is made?

Arabian Sea water is pumped into solar pans.
Then seawater is concentrated by natural evaporation.
This concentrated sea brine is brought to the Mithapur plant by two pipelines where the sand and foreign particles are first removed and then fed into steam-heated vacuum evaporators.
The heating process creates a solid-liquid mix, which is pumped into decanters for the first level of separation.
In the second stage, the settled solids are pumped into a centrifuge to separate the moist salt.
Once separated, it is dried and iodized, making it ready for use.
Salt is then packed

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Remember Best option is to Reduce the intake of salt which ever salt you eat . 

salt is a salt and is a salt.


Admin April 14, 2010  

Really god information SM. Sorry for the late visit. Quite busy with my usual routine so didn't find time to come here. btw, I will have to think on my habit. I am taking too much of salt in my daily food habits :(

chitra April 14, 2010  

This a wonderful and informative post. Though we know intake of too much salt in our diet is not good. Post like this help us to keep a tab on our in take,
There is a Tamil saying "uppilla pandam Kuppayile" meaning food with out salt is worthy to be in the dustbin.I am sure after reading your lovely post people definitely will have second thoughts on that saying.

Apanatva April 14, 2010  

very informative and useful post . thanks .

Insignia April 14, 2010  

informative... I somehow am averse to salt.. never use it in curds and always add lesser salt to food. People say my cooking is bland, but thats fine :-)

sm,  April 15, 2010  

i also try but its very difficult task.

sm April 15, 2010  

thanks for adding more info.

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Apanatva April 15, 2010  

sm DARPAN my 100th post missed you .:)

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sm,  May 02, 2010  

Derpan is a beautiful poem, i read it and commented on it .

Julia,  May 02, 2010  

I will have to think on my habit