12 April 2010

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An Attempt to Compare Germany and USA –

An Attempt to Compare Germany and USA –

Reality Views by sm –

Germany and USA both are superior countries than India, so it is necessary for us Indians to know these both nations correctly.
So this is an attempt to compare both Countries , as I will compare them both, I am sure you will understand both and will be able to compare it with India.

Reality Views by sm –

1.USA – In the US elections, many candidates stand for the election and the candidate who gets more than 50% votes wins the election.

2.On the other hand, in Germany, Germany uses different type of voting, where voter gives two votes one for candidate and one for party. This way in Germany Party becomes more important, Party controls all, Loyalty is towards party, and taxpayer’s money is given to the political parties according to the proportion of votes each political receives, also big companies pay donations and by membership. In Germany individual opinion no value, important is what the vision of party is.

3.In America, political parties raise their own funds, In American political parties do not decide the candidates for the elections, and it is decided through primaries races between the party candidates where every voter who thinks he is supporter of the party goes to vote, in this way party workers decide who will be their election candidate. In America, country is divided into congressional districts, one for each member of the house of parliament, and the person who wins the district seat gets the corresponding seat in the House, After every Ten years the area of districts is changed to keep the size of the districts same, but here its possible that ruling party can change districts such a way that opposite party voters are divided and ruling party will again win that seat.

4.In America President is not more powerful , more powerful is congress on the other hand in Germany Chancellor in Germany is elected by the parliament , the Bundestag this means that Chancellor in Germany is very powerful as he got the seat with the majority .

5.In many US states, they got a system of direct democracy, where citizens can bring up ballot measures if they raise enough signatures. There are no restrictions on the contents of these measures, tax reductions, criminal laws, recalls of non-performing politicians and changes of state constitutions, Local prosecutors, sheriffs, and judges are also often directly elected by the citizens, on the other hand, in Germany they are appointed, this way Politician becomes more powerful.

6.In America, voting percentage is reducing because American people have started to think and behave in such a way that permanently they are going to remain the richest country of the world. This is just one of the reasons.

7.In America Employer can fire employee without any reason and the employee get insurance benefit only for 26 weeks, In Germany for One-year employee gets all the benefits.

8.American people do not save money , they live on the credit cards, People of Germany also live on credit cards but they still try to save the money monthly.

9.In America is land where Freedom of speech is very well guarded, if one American did not like the book of other American , he will say him I do not support your view , but I will fight with you so American government will not ban the book, On the other Hand in Germany this will rarely happen, because of Nazi experience. Still in US, freedom speech is mainly enjoyed by the rich , if you are from middle class and if you are doing job and your boss is against your political views he may fire you and you cannot claim this in the court that , the situation in US is very complicated regarding Freedom of Speech. In Germany, it is not easy to fire the employee it requires notice with reason it is a lengthy process. In US patriot Act is one act which is used by FBI and if it is used against a person he becomes totally helpless once the court orders are with the FBI , the person against whom such order is passed is not allowed to talk to anyone, he is not allowed to tell his or her wife or husband or family , he is not allowed to write a letters to newspapers, So again here freedoms are not safeguarded .

10.Prostitution , Anal Sex and zoophily are not illegal in Germany but are illegal in many American states , in the year 2003 Supreme Court of America struck down the prohibitions against anal sex .

11.In few American cities they got curfew rules, which prohibit teenagers to travel alone at night , must be accompanied by an adult , In Germany Teenagers can enjoy with the friends. Alternatively, even plan to trips to other nations .

12.In American at the age of 16 one can get driving license also in Germany age is 18

13.In America, some school use very strict rules for the students like testing them for drugs or students cannot touch other students or hug or cannot wear revealing clothes etc.

14.In the Many US states parents cannot leave children at home alone if they are under 12 , the age changes as per the state rules, Germany does not have such laws.

15.In Germany male, have to do compulsory one-year military service or some other service .

16.In Germany, every German citizen has to register his home address always even if he goes outside nation he has to register that address.

17.In America because of Drivers license all, the information is with the authorities.

18.Regarding count of appliances per person, Americans have more appliances ,devices than per German. America is a country of technology where they are always ready to experiment with the new technology.

19.In America, filling the tax form is very easy and simple it is like a Childs play. While filling our tax form if American person faces problem he has to just call a toll free telephone number and someone on the other hand will help you out by giving guidance step by step, even one can file whole taxes over the phone, on the other hand in Germany its very difficult process.

20.In America after the divorce of parents father has to pay for the kids ,but if father runs away from that state, it becomes very difficult for mother to get the money from that father, on the other hand if in Germany when parents get divorce , the payments of the kids is directly cut from the fathers salary and is given to the mother so no chance for the father to run away and not to pay the mother for the kids.

21.In Germany, it is very difficult to default on the payments in America it is very easy to default on the payments. In Germany if someone defaults, he is reminded and then court person comes and takes the possession of properties to recover the dues.

22.In Germany the system of car insurance is such that it becomes compulsory indirectly for the everyone to get the car insurance when purchase the new car, in US the situation is not like this.

23.In Germany Unions, are very powerful and In America Unions are not as such powerful , if in Germany one union declares strike , one should know that half of the Germany would stop the work. This is the power of Union in Germany.

24.In Germany German Employees work, only 35 hours a week while in America 1 can do more working hours.

25.In US states a police officer has to undergo only six month training on the other hand in Germany Police officer has to do 3 year schooling and training period.

26.In US to become a teacher one has to do 4 year collage degree , then he has to take pass the teaching license test and if he passes the exam he gets the teaching license. On the other hand, In Germany teacher has to study in two subjects for about 5 years at the university then he has to give states exam, then again he goes through 2 years studies and training then he has to write a thesis and pass the states second exam after that he gets the teachers license.

27.Any person in the US can become a car mechanic and open a car repair shop without any qualifications But in Germany if someone wants to become a car mechanic first he has to do three year apprenticeship then he gets to work as a car mechanic for three years and then study and then he has to pass the exam known as Meisterprufung, So if someone wants to open the car repair shop he must pass this test then he can open the car repair shop.

28.In US majority companies have the toll free telephone number , every product which American people purchase , and after opening it also that product can be returned and the buyer gets his money back . But in Germany, only defective products can be returned and you will not get cash back .

29.In US punishment to the criminals are very strong they deter the persons , American laws are complicated on the other hand German laws are easy and punishments are not harsh.

30.In the US they got system of reporting a crime using the phone where everything is kept private and if that phone call results in the criminals getting convicted the person who has inform gets the rewards, in Germany they do not have such system , this type of system was used by the Hitler.

31.Regarding bail in American one has to pay the bail money or he goes to jail But in Germany bail money is not required as defendants have to stay in jail only they are not send to jail if they are not considered dangerous to society and will not run away.

32.In America, police officers are allowed to use tricks and make the person do crime and this way they arrest the person , EG. Police officer may become drug seller and sell you drug and then on the spot arrest you, 2nd is police officer may put the bags on the roads and the persons who take the bags to home and did not report it to the police later they are arrested for felony. But in Germany, this does not happen.

33.The great feature of America is that all the data collected by federal government of US is directly given to the public , is open for public to see it or use it freely for whatever reason they want . But in Germany, this does not happen.

34.In Germany Internet and phone call, Registry is maintained strictly for six months, so it is very difficult in Germany to do act on phone stay anonymous. In US, this is possible.

35.America got the high school education ,and public schools are financed locally so if local area is poor ,the school quality is poor , if you are in rich area ,school quality is good with facilities but rich parents can afford to send their kids to more excellent private schools. In Germany the private school, system does not exist as more than 95% kids attend the public school, so every school has quality and great facilities.

36.The salaries of German Teachers are more than the salaries of American teachers.

37.In America they got lot of private universities as well as public universities they are funded by federal government as well as big corporations .Public Universities charge very less tuition fees to students

38.Regarding exams in the US, students are granted a degree if they have passed a sufficient number of classes but in Germany 1 has to go through written and oral exams .

39.In America, you will find more fat people than Germany , In Germany people drink more than the American people.

40.In Germany, system is such that every one got the insurance, and American health insurance is complicated.

41.In US profession changing is very easy even you will see engineers working in supermarket as minimum wages are good , but in Germany profession change is nearly not possible because of 3-year training period where salary is paid is very less.

42.Every public bus in the US is equipped with a lift for wheelchairs , this is not common in Germany.

43.All Public Buildings in the US are accessable by wheelchair required by law , Germany does not have such law.

44.In US one can easily see the male dominated jobs done by the females, like driving a truck or car But in Germany this is not the case ,

45.American adoption law is easy and Americans can adopt children from poor nations easily but German Adoption law is complicated, which does not encourage adoption.

46.In US To be rich is proud but in Germany many Germans still think that if someone is rich then he must have robbed someone to become rich, as without robbing others its impossible to become rich, so this mind set is very dangerous for the politicians to become rich.

47.Standard of Living in America is higher than the Germany

48.In US they got different kind of Corruption if you want a favor you have to do a favor

49.In America food and energy, electricity consumption is more than Germany.

50.Germany and America both are developed Nations with different political systems.

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Insignia April 13, 2010  

Those were some real good facts. Will add a couple of related ones.

1. In US, every building/shops has a designated car parking for the physically challenged.

2. Customers are king in US. The return policy is excellent. One can return a product within 90 days, even if they are not defective.

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