30 April 2010

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Know About INS Shivalik Warship – The First Stealth Warship Build by India

Know About INS Shivalik Warship – The First Stealth Warship Build by India

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Meaning of Stealth Warship –
Stealth warship is a warship which can not be found by the normal radars.

Commissioned – means to put (a ship) into active service.

On April 29, 2010, Indian Defense Minister, A K Antony commissioned “INS Shivalik”

INS Shivalik (F47) Is the first warship designed and built in India by the Mazagon Docks Limited (MDL).

The total cost of Shivalik is Around Rs. 2,300 crore and 60% of the components have been built in India.
It can carry about 257 officers with about 36 Staffs with it. It has length of 143 meters in length and has a large range of about 5 KM.
The weapon-sensor fit of the Shivalik is controlled through a Combat Management System called ‘CMS-17’, designed and developed by the Indian Navy and manufactured by Bharat Electronics (Ghaziabad).
The system allows the seamless integration of the ship’s systems as well as with the weapons and sensors of other Fleet ships, thus enabling the concept of ‘Co-operative Engagement Capability’ (CES).
With her ability to detect and engage surface, air and sub-surface assets of the enemy at extended ranges, this ship represents very significant combat-potential.
INS Shivalik will be armed with the Klub anti-ship and BrahMos supersonic cruise missiles. The vessels use 10 gigabit LAN for their network.
Other feature is the commander of chief will get all the information regarding warship in real time in any situation regarding all the working of warship.
The ship’s electric power is provided by four Diesel Alternators, which together produce 4 Mega-Watts of power – enough to light-up a small town.
The power generation and distribution on board is controlled through an ‘Automated Power Management System’ (APMS), which enables the optimal use of electricity at all times.
The two Multi-Role helicopters that would be embarked on Shivalik will provide for enhanced surveillance and attack capability.
One of the most prominent features of INS Shivalik is that it can operate Sea King helicopter.
Shivalik has the speed of 30 knots (or over 55 kmph)

The Shivalik is also equipped with a proven defense against Nuclear, Biological and Chemical attack.
The state-of-the art ‘Total Atmospheric Control System’ (TACS) ensures filtration of the air going into the ship at all times.
In addition, it ensures the complete removal of radioactive, chemical or biological impurities, thereby protecting the crew and ship borne systems even when operating in areas contaminated by nuclear, biological or chemical agents.

What is the meaning of Shivalik class frigates or Project 17 class frigates -?
Project 17 was started Indian Navy for the design and building of stealth frigates in India.
In February 1998 Mazagon Dock Limited (MDU) got letter of intent from Government of India
The Indian Navy formally ordered the first three units in early 1999
INS Shivalik was commissioned on 29/04/2010 and Two more ships, INS Sahyadri and INS Satpura, are also under construction at Mazagon dock.
It’s expected that in November 2010 INS Satpura will be commissioned and INS Sahyadri will be commissioned in April or May 2011.

India will be building total 12 INS Shivalik class frigates.

In short Important features of Shivalik class frigate –
• Type: Guided-missile frigate
• Displacement: 6000 tons standard
• Length: 142.5 meters (468 ft)
• Beam: 16.9 meters (55 ft)
• Draught: 4.5 meters (15 ft)
• Speed: 32 knots (59 km/h), 22 knots (41 km/h) (Diesel Engines)

• OTO Melera 76mm SRGM
• 2 x AK-630 30mm guns
• 32 x Barak SAM [5]
• 9M317 (SA-N-12) SAM, total of 24 missiles
• 8 x Klub/Brahmos cruise Missiles [6]
• 90R missiles (ASW)
• DTA-53-956 torpedoes
• Klub ASW Missile
• 2x RBU-6000 (RPK-8)

Aircraft carried: 2 x HAL Dhruv or Sea King Mk.42B

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Below are the Photos of the INS Shivalik –


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