30 April 2010

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Belgium becomes first European Nation to ban the Burqa , Hijab

Belgium becomes first European Nation to ban the Burqa , Hijab -
Reality Views by sm -
In the lower house of federal parliament ,136 members voted for a nationwide ban on clothes or veils that do not allow the wearer to be fully identified including the full face niqab and burqa.
No one voted against the bill and 2 members did not attend the voting.

"We're the first country to spring the locks that have made a good number of women slaves, and we hope to be followed by France, Switzerland, Italy, and the Netherlands; countries that think,'' Said liberal deputy Denis Ducarme.

The ban will be imposed in streets, public gardens and sports grounds, public buildings.
In festivals, carnivals only municipal authorities can relax this rule.

People who will not follow this rule and law will face a fine of 15 to 25 Euros and or a jail sentence of up to seven days.

Regarding this law all political parties supported the bill.
Upper house of Belgium got the 2 weeks of time to raise any objections to this law.
If the Senate approves it, Belgium would become the first country in Europe to ban the burqa.
One town Maaseik in Belgium banned the burqa six years ago. And no one wears Burqa in this town today.

France banned Muslim head scarves as well as Jewish skullcaps and Christian crosses from schools in 2004.
President Nicolas Sarkozy has declared that the burqa is not welcome in France, but still France is in the process of making this law.
France's National Assembly will begin debate in early July on a bill banning Muslim women from wearing the full Islamic veil.
A final draft of the legislation outlawing the face-covering veil from all public spaces as well as state institutions is set to be approved by the cabinet on 19 May.
Staunchly secular France passed a law in 2004 banning the wearing of headscarves or any other "conspicuous" religious symbols in state schools.

Belgium has done it now lets see can the France, Italy and Other European nations do it and ban the Burqa, a piece of cloth which is against freedom of females and against the dignity.

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abc,  April 30, 2010  

great news thanks sm;can u give your detailed profile?

Unknown May 01, 2010  

something to ponder upon..

sm,  May 01, 2010  


Anonymous,  May 01, 2010  

France in particular is against display of all religious symbols in public spaces. I saw this news and wondered what everybody else thinks of this.

Admin May 01, 2010  

Well, I don't want to comment much on this as this is not my issue. It is a question of one's freedom and we shouldn't interfere with it. Let us do what others want to do. We should mind our own business.

sm,  May 02, 2010  


sm,  May 02, 2010  

thanks, regarding this majority Indians will prefer not to express.

sm,  May 02, 2010  

But India also got the Muslim population, this is the social problem, problem of our society and one should express feelings freely.

Insignia May 03, 2010  

There are 2 things to this. Religious freedom and respecting a country's law.. Tough!!

sm,  May 03, 2010  

thanks, yes rightly said tough decesion

Anonymous,  May 07, 2010  

So now muslim women are truly shackled to their homes with this new law. Talk about oppression when your government bans you from... existing. Wonderful. We should all rejoice that now muslim women have been skillfully cut from having anything to do with the outside world and cannot get an education anymore.

I wonder where the hell those 450,000 morrocans and turks are. But than again - what sort of country would have the guts to do something as low and disgusting as this if they didn't take the targeted victims as flossy morons?

sm,  May 08, 2010  


Singh is King May 11, 2010  

I Think Some laws are necessary for a country’s security. However, banning something like the burqa may not be the most effective initiative to fortify security measures. All it would do is hurt the sentiments of a community that is now forced to abide by the law and perhaps go against its own beliefs in the process.http://www.lawisgreek.com/burqas-in-belgium/

sm May 15, 2010  

Arvind Singh,
every law or custom which discriminate between male and female should be banned or changed.

NRIGirl October 17, 2010  

Thank you for the info. I had heard about it on the news but didn't know in such detail. Thanks for sharing... Yeah, it took me a while to catch up with your posts. Sorry about that.

Thanks for stopping by NRIGirl and sharing your thoughts every now and then.

~ NRIGirl

SM October 17, 2010  


Anonymous,  March 19, 2011  

sorry, id beg to differ!!!! the entire concept of hijab is to protect and not to take away the freedom as some of the people think.

wearing hijab should be voluntary, it shouldnt be made a compulsion.
similarly not wearing hijab should also be voluntary and not a compulsion. either ways it should depend on the individual to either wear it or not.

sajjad khan.

sm,  March 19, 2011  

Sajjad Khan,,
One point you agreed.
Now tell me Which Muslim Religious leader has said that?
I will give u examples and Fatwa of punishment if females do not wear Hijab.
So this becomes indirectly compulsory to use Hijab.
thus law is required to ban the Hijab

Anonymous,  March 21, 2011  

wat the heck u ppl are knowing abt hijab?? in ur societies women are eager to come out from her dress.. coz u made ur culture like tat, rape is common. the creator of such sites and the ppl who praise this things r the part of such filth minded.. to know more.. visit this and read it till it goes in to ur mind.

www.irf.net www.peacetv.com ask ur doubts there abt hijab

Anonymous,  March 21, 2011  

Thank you sajjad khan.
I agree with u. I also request my friends not to ban the HIJAB.

Anonymous,  March 21, 2011  



sm,  March 21, 2011