10 March 2010

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Women Reservation Bill 2010 - A view regarding Comments on women reservation bill

Women Reservation Bill 2010 - A view regarding Comments on women reservation bill
Reality Views by sm –

After reading all the comments on my post

I thought it is better to make it one short article rather than answering each comment.

Following are the comments and views regarding the women reservation bill.
• Undemocratic.
• In Germany, political parties field 30% women candidates in elections.
If Germany can do it, why can not India?
• I think Indians are basically against reservations.
• How can the choice get restricted for the voter???
• Politicians are busy too busy thinking about their vote banks.
• .one should achieve something on the basis of merit and not reservation; period.
• What can be done is give equal opportunities. Make sure proper education is given, providing of all that needs to be. And then if they are worthy they will get what they aim for.

Reality Views by sm - an attempt to understand the comments

“Sometimes I wonder if we shall ever grow up in our politics and say definite things which mean something, or whether we shall always go on using generalities to which everyone can subscribe, and which mean very little.”

In current Indian political system all the above thoughts are ideal and great, just like a fairy tale, a dream story.
But one has to stay with the reality of India, and reality of Indian politics and political parties .
The reality of India is that
Even Educated males in India are afraid to contest elections,
Educated by books and uneducated in thoughts and actions do not go to vote
For them voting is waste of time.
Today on what merit the candidates are elected, there is no merit required to contest elections.
Only merit required is capacity to win the elections by paying money and showing fear.
In India we do not have democracy as such if there was democracy then why Hussain can not feel safe in India.
Why Taslima do not feel safe
Why Government of England issue a notice to British females that if visiting India use the local Indian dress, basically in Goa.
Why Majority Indians fear to visit police station or fear to file complaints?

A democracy is nothing more than mob rule, where fifty-one percent of the people may take away the rights of the other forty-nine.

In current situation if political parties start reservation in India, then only we will find that all brother and sisters are standing in elections. So reservation in political parties is useless as today political parties have become a business house just like any other multinational
We already know that every politician has made his son or daughter a MP in last elections. Every political party is run like a privately owned business; the son of ceo become ceo, the son of political party workers remains a party worker.
Pawar, Gandhi, Patil so many
If as per Germany our political parties start reservation just think who will get the election tickets?
A combination of husband and wife, then brother and sister and then grand mother and daughter.

Even Pakistan has more females as Member of Parliament than India.
We can not compare Germany with India as the ground reality of India and Germany is different.
In European nations leaders are studied and educated and in India our leaders are uneducated, corrupt or criminals or belong to born rich families.

Today in India people say this bill will take away my right to choose candidate, this will limit my choice
And on the other hand people say that we do not have good choice so we do not go to vote as all the candidates are criminals or uneducated .
A total confused mind
People say that this will not give chance for candidate to develop his area; I want to say where development is?
Why still I have to stay in darkness daily more than 12 hours?
Why in last sixty years I do not have clean water?
24 hours electricity?
And today also in India we have villages that do not have electricity.
Why today also villagers put the sign board village is for sale outside the village.

The women reservation bill is required because in last sixty years we have seen that political parties in India are not willing to give tickets to the females.
Political and social progress of India is very slow.
We Indians waste more time on debate rather than experimenting with it.
It is better that this bill is passed and now we can test this bill and something positive will come from that.

Do not expect sweet things from corrupt political parties.
Do you know regarding black money 40 committees have been formed so far in India and government of India has not accepted a single idea given by these committees to get rid of black money in India.
Even political parties are not ready to implement police reforms.
So it is better that through this bill Indian female will get the chance to stand for elections.

So something is better than nothing
It is better to move forward than thinking on ideals. And dreaming that one day magic will happen and everything will happen great way.
It is better to experiment with something rather than waiting for thousand years.

“All this will not be finished in the first hundred days. Nor will it be finished in the first thousand days, nor in the life of this administration, nor even perhaps in our lifetime on this planet. But let us begin.”

As Women Reservation bill is already passed by Rajya Sabha.
Lets hope this will be passed in Lok Sabha
and we can experiment this in the coming elections of 2014.


~ Lopa March 10, 2010  

Now with this bill, we have to see how much it changes the current situation, there might be more female in parliament now, but will it change the way they are percieved by their co-workers and society in general, that's the question !

Rahul,  March 10, 2010  

will it make impact

Anonymous,  March 10, 2010  

i am waiting for the political circus today in Lok sabha

Apanatva March 10, 2010  

wait and watch............

Aswani March 10, 2010  

One thing I must say..I learn a lot from your blog. This article is just so detailed and informative. Came to know about most of the things which I was unaware of. Yes, I think the bill must be passed and the good news is that it has been passed in the Rajya sabha. Hopefully..it will be passed in the Lok sabha too..lets us wait and watch ;)

Neha March 10, 2010  

sm, people will manipulate even if reservation is there.. everything has its pros and cons..I hope this bill will have more pros..

BK Chowla, March 11, 2010  

I would wait till it gets passed in LS

lostworld March 11, 2010  

I'm completely against this reservation for women fight. Feel its regressive, not progressive:(

chitra March 11, 2010  

I too get lot of information from this post which I am not aware of. Thanks for it sm

sm March 12, 2010  

~ Lopa,

sm,  March 12, 2010  


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sm,  March 13, 2010  

yes lets hope lowerhouse will pass the bill

sm,  March 13, 2010  

i just hope you will think about Indian politics then decide what is good or bad regarding this bill.

sm,  March 13, 2010  


Anonymous,  March 21, 2010  


Bhartiya March 23, 2010  

Hi nice blog..

I have proposed a solution in my blog.. Hope you guys will like it..


sm,  March 24, 2010  

surely i will visit your site and read the post.