14 February 2010

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Terrorist Target Pune – Blast at German Bakery Kills 9 ,Wounds 45

Terrorist Target Pune – Blast at German Bakery Kills 9 ,Wounds 45
Reality Views by sm -
One more time Terrorist attack on India. This times its Pune the education city of India.
On 13th Feb 2010, evening time near about 7.15 pm terrorist made a blast at German Bakery and the blast killed 9 persons and injured 45.
The injured were admitted to Sassoon Hospital, Jehangir Hospital, Ruby Hall, and Inlaks Budhrani hospitals.

The 22-year-old German bakery is popular with foreigners and is located near the Osho Commune, Ashram in Koregaon Park., with this blast it clearly shows the intention that terrorist wanted to kill Indians as well as foreign people.
The blast occurred when an unidentified bag was being opened by someone and police have found another bag with RDX.
It is reported that in this blast at least 5-7 kgs of explosives were triggered off by an improvised explosive device (IE), similar to the types used in the Mumbai serial blasts few years back.
Investigators from the Army’s bomb disposal squad said it appears that a battery-operated improvised explosive device had been used.
Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) militant David Headley had surveyed the areas near the German bakery in Pune, where a blast occurred.
The Jewish Prayer Centre is situated around 200 meters away from the German Bakery that was shattered in the blast but no Israeli national is dead or injured.
No group has yet taken responsibility for the attack,
Who is the criminal is not important question , he may be Indian or he may be Pakistani
Important question is
Why again and again India fails to stop terrorist attack?
Why India has to face terror attack one after another?
If one will sleep and keep the doors of locker room open
What will happen?
A bomb blast
So who is more responsible for the theft the sleeping person or thief
The government or the terrorist

Below are the photos of the Pune German Bakery Bomb blast -


Balvinder Balli February 14, 2010  

When the country's complete security set up is busy in ensuring the safe running of a movie in the face of a threat to life and property by a political terrorist group, the jihadi terrorists are bound to take advantage of such a situation.

Dhiman February 14, 2010  

Absolutely I agree with Balvinder Singh what do you expect when the nations political parties are more worried about a film by a particular filmstar and not the basic issues.... who can save us...

sm,  February 14, 2010  

Balvinder Singh,
yes you said it correctly
who cares for common man ?

sm,  February 14, 2010  

India will only improve if people will start to vote and take interest in politics
who can save us ?
Supreme court of India said
God save the India .

Admin February 14, 2010  

Hi SM, thanks for your comment on my new post. Well, it happened just before the valentine's day. I was in my room during that time and just near about 7pm, I heard a loud explosion..I thought that it might be some celebration...but later in the night I came to know about the reality. This is truly shocking..in such a peaceful place like Pune. Just to let you know, I am living very close to this German Bakery and I've been there quite often. German Bakery is hugely popular spot among foreigners especially those coming from Europe..it is very close to the OSHO Ashram. Anways, acts such as these are highly condemnable. No words can justify these acts of madness. And security..absolutely nothing..pata nahin kya hoga iss desh ka..sab bhagwan bharose hain :(

BK Chowla, February 14, 2010  

The entire police force was busy with security of mannat, srk, movie.
Lives of few are not so important if the actor is connected.
I am ashamed. Will now also srk say that Pak is a good neighbour?

R. Ramesh February 14, 2010  

No words can justify these acts of madness. u said it..:)

sm,  February 15, 2010  


sm,  February 15, 2010  

R. Ramesh,

Samvedna February 15, 2010  

very sad ...and all that brauha of SRK...his comment was wrong but undemocratic ways of Shiv sena made him a martyr....and your last questions are so prudent..

Now atleast one thing people should never say..Pakistan is a great neighbour or sympathise with them.

Anonymous,  February 15, 2010  

What can you expect from our government?
They’ll assure that they have provided security in different parts.
Why don’t they understand that we need to clean our country. We don’t need to protect different areas, we need protection for our people.
Why can’t India take serious military action in POK?
Are we so scared???
Now our ministers will talk about giving evidence to Pak??
Are they so important that we should give them proofs?
Why do are politicians expect the U.S should take action against terror...
A message to all our ministers - "Take action, stop speaking!"
Do something for our country!!

sm,  February 15, 2010  

Hope one day India will get leader like Bose and Bhagat .

sm,  February 16, 2010  

thanks This is the policy of Indian political parties.
Will not change until we do not have more than 75% voting in each election.

Insignia February 16, 2010  

It was the common man who suffered? Who cares? The politicians? Nah!! They are busy screening a movie!! It was real sad

sm,  February 16, 2010  


Apanatva February 16, 2010  

so many questions remain unanswered............as usual........
I have posted a poem after this blast .......... :(

sm,  February 17, 2010  

will visit to your blog and read the poem
your poems are very meaningful
like them.

sm,  February 22, 2010  

Pune German bakery blast total injured 53 and not total death toll reached to 15.