14 February 2010

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Immigration Policy – Invited Danger or Boon

Immigration Policy – Invited Danger or Boon -
Reality Views by sm -
From olden times humans are always traveling places for good life and good food.
In ancient times anyone was free to go anywhere and stay there, those times were different.
Now in this Global village Immigration is a legal way to settle in a new better country.
Immigration is a process to move from low class, 3rd class nation to the First class nation. high class nation.

So it is duty of every country to see that only eligible, good humans come and stay in that progressive high class nation.
Today this Globe is divided into 3 thoughts and visions,
1. Democratic - full freedom of humans ,
2. Limited democratic freedoms
3. complete religious ideology

Democratic - full freedom of humans-
If first category humans go to anywhere in this world they do not harm the local culture or the democratic values. They believe in the principal that if you are in Rome, be Roman.

2nd category and 3rd category people when come to settle in any nations they can become harmful to the nation.
Limited democratic freedoms -
2nd category people accept Limited Democracy and try to balance religion and Democracy, but problem in this category people is that these people can any time become the extreme people, religious people and cause damage to the nation or start to divide the nation in the name of Religious rights, caste and religion.

Complete religious ideology-
And 3rd category people give birth to the Taliban. For them religion is important than constitution, peace or human joy. They are not ready to sacrifice their religion, caste for the human peace and joy or the constitution of that nation.
So it is the duty of every person to see that Government, law makers do not allow 3rd category people to settle in their respective nation.
Even each government should see that 2nd category and 3rd category people do not come to their state through immigration.
Immigration is a process through which a nation invites, gives a right to person from low class nation to settle in their high class nation when he comes to settle in high class nation that person not only brings his education and skills but he brings his thinking, his ideology with him which in future will damage the high class nation if he belongs to the 3rd category of person, and 2nd category person is a potential danger.
Prevention is better than cure.
So high class nations should make such laws,such a immigration policy that only category one, full democratic people should settle permanently in their High class nation.
Even on the name of education and skills or for the higher studies the governments should not allow 3rd category persons to settle or visit their high class nations.
The solution is for studies or education Scholarships only female students should be allowed or given visa.

Normally in all 3rd class or low class nations, a female child is considered as a burden and parents are not ready to teach them, send them to schools, collages and higher education

So high class nations should make a law and only invite female students for studies in their high class nation which will reduce crime rate as well as those females will when return to their low class nations they can try and empower the other females of that nation and this may help change the ideology of low class nation ,
Where female is considered as a burden and just cow, producing babies.
Time has not lost; Change Immigration Policy otherwise Wrong Immigrants Will Change your Culture and Only Damage will be done to the higher class nation Females.
Females should never forget
Every Religion is against them as well as freedoms.


teddy,  February 14, 2010  

nice article

BK Chowla, February 14, 2010  

I like your writings which are very much to the point and have been researched well.

Insignia February 16, 2010  

"1. Democratic - full freedom of humans ,
2. Limited democratic freedoms
3. complete religious ideology"

To the point and how true. You seem to do lot of research I guess. Very nice post

sm February 17, 2010