22 January 2010

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USA – Corporations Can Influence the Elections, Candidates – Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission

USA – Corporations Can Influence the Elections, Candidates – Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission

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The judgment given by the supreme court of USA opens gates for the corporations to spend unlimited money and influence elections, and thereafter get benefits, discounts and creation of laws which are favorable to the corporations.

We as Indians know what money is doing in India, Indian elections and our Indian corporations.
In future same will happen in America as Supreme Court removed all restrictions,
Before this judgment in America there was a kind of firewall which prohibited direct contact of corporations with elections.

Corporations and unions had to set up PACs (political action committees), filed separately with the IRS, that would receive donations. Just like our Indian income tax department, IRS, Internal Revenue Service is American tax department. The IRS is a bureau of the Department of the Treasury and one of the world's most efficient tax administrators. In 2004, the IRS collected more than $2 trillion in revenue and processed more than 224 million tax returns.
The judgment given by the American supreme court in the case of
Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, it announced that corporations and unions can now spend money directly in support of candidates.
The decision in Citizens United v. the Federal Election Commission, which overturned the ban on independent expenditures by corporations, paves the way for unlimited corporate and union spending in elections.
Rights of humans and Corporations can not be same, every human has his own mind, but in case of corporation, their is more than mind, more than one person.
Corporation is not a human being.
As per my reading the judgment talks about first amendment, and right, I am not expert in American law, but still I can understand the basic principal that American first amendment is for the humans and not for the corporations.

Freedom of speech and money can not be compared.
Furthermore its collective money of big corporations, what congress will do if big corporation declare that vote for xyz politician and corporation will finance your implants or reduce your interest rate in the banks.

This can be done directly as well as indirectly. They will not do directly but indirectly it will happen , and we know in India how this happens in the name of gifts and discounts.

Humans go to jail but as per any law corporation never goes to jail. 

Corporation is just a legal entity created by law to run a company and make profits.
One vote one human then you may be rich or poor it does not make any difference but after the judgment in this case , Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission
Will change everything. Money will make difference. 

When there will be offers from the corporations, suppose corporations say or declare one private bank will say we support xyz candidate, what share holders of those banks will do ?

Then bank declares that if our candidate wins we will reduce the interest rate
After these type of incidents which candidate will win the election.

Above are the just few examples you can guess what will happen after this judgment,
So if you are American I will say oppose this judgment and do whatever you can do so President Obama can change this judgment and amend the American constitution.

This will lead America more into the debts and corruption. Today we know what is happening in India on the name of SEZ or public and private partnership programs.

Now I can only say America is on sale.

After this ruling will it be not possible that any global corporation can purchase the American congress?


BK Chowla, January 22, 2010  

We need to up grade and implement our electoral reforms

RNSANE January 22, 2010  

There is so much corruption, sadly, and money buys votes. I think it is the same worldwide.

sm,  January 23, 2010  

yes in India we need to do more changes .

sm,  January 23, 2010  

yes but in india condition is very bad, people do not vote and recently i read on one of the blog that in one of the village ,all the villagers auctioned and sold there each vote openly which was recorded and shown on tv.

Insignia January 24, 2010  

People in India must be educated how valuable their vote is. Here, people sell their rights for TV, rice and alcohol....Pathetic

sm,  January 24, 2010  

Insignia, -