22 January 2010

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India – Rajasthan Government Indirectly Legalize Child Marriage

India – Rajasthan Government Indirectly Legalize Child Marriage –

Reality Views by sm -
State government of Rajasthan has decided to
Register child marriages in the state of Rajasthan.
The Ashok Gehlot government now plans to register all such marriages. Shanti Dhariwal, Home Minister of Rajasthan says, "We will register all marriages, whether of adults or children. If a child marriage happens, later they have children and then a husband or wife dies. What kind of children will they be called if there is no registration? What proof will such a wife have if a husband dies, how will she claim any property? So registration is needed even for child marriages."

The registration of child marriage is nothing but giving legal status to the child marriage.
The parents who should be shown the doors of jail will be given certificate of registration for the child marriage.
Mahatma Gandhi who got married at the age 13 was also against the child marriage which he has written in his autobiography.
This time also I will again say thanks to British Government who ruled us and banned the Sati Tradition, I am sure if now we fail to stop Rajasthan government tomorrow they will build the temples of Sati females who commit suicide after the death of Husband.
For my American and European readers I will clarify that, in Indian culture we got the custom, tradition that suppose a husband of female dies, after the death of husband a wife has to burn alive with her dead husband, this alive female, widow wife burning with dead husband is called as Sati System which was banned by the British People who ruled the Indians.
Whatever reasons you can give but we will not support child marriage, then this will open the doors for the rules like Sati system, No education for females , making females bald and like this hundreds of old customs.

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Swatantra January 23, 2010  

The child marriage should be banned..

Ramkumar January 23, 2010  

What kind of a stupid move is this from the Rajasthan Government, Im sure they will be forced to withdraw such rules,.

deeps January 23, 2010  

days of dog's rule ...
inviting days of misery...

BK Chowla, January 23, 2010  

There is something wrong with the Congress Govt.
Recent election victories have made them lose their basic ideology.

Balvinder Balli January 23, 2010  

You have said very rightly that instead of showing the door of the jail to the parents of the chlidren the government is legalising it. Our politicians either suffer from acute myopia that they can't see into the future or they have some hidden agenda to take the country back to the dark ages.

Anonymous,  January 23, 2010  

We seem to be going back in time :( We should encourage marriages between two adults who have met each other and have a say in who they spend their future with. This ridiculous, regressive child-marriage registration idea should be strongly opposed.

sm,  January 23, 2010  


sm,  January 23, 2010  

thanks stupid rulers what they will do, if monkey gets sword what he will do ?

sm,  January 23, 2010  

thanks for excellent words

sm,  January 23, 2010  

will say say masti chad gai hai

sm,  January 23, 2010  

Balvinder Singh,
yes there overall plan is take back to india in a era where Jamindars ruled forever.

sm,  January 23, 2010  


Insignia January 24, 2010  

Are they kidding? They should have lost their mind. Even people who have attained the legal age of marriage behave like kids..how about poor kids then?

sm,  January 30, 2010  

thanks,doing this they know how to waste the time of Indian citizens.