09 January 2010

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Satya Sai Baba Part 3 Questions From one of our friend

Satya Sai Baba Part 3 Questions From one of our friend -

Reality views by sm -

On my article about Satya Sai Baba our one of the Anonymous, friend has ask me lot of questions.
Below is link to that post ,

Satya Sai Baba part 2 [ Magic Black Side ]


Below is the link for Satya Sai Baba Part 1 [ white side ]


He asked me following questions ?

1. Have you visited the place called Puttaparthy.? Have lived there ? Not for days... weeks... months... but for years together.

2. Have you seen people getting cured/healed?

3. Do you know of an educational institute that offers free education from KG to PG?

4. Do you know of any one who has given free medical services, including cardiac,nedhrological,neurological... surgery free of cost? Which a poor person cannot even imagine of ...costs lakhs of Rupees other wise, including food.

5. Have you seen any Hospital where 'Surprisingly' there is NO BILLING SECTION?

6. Ask the thousands of villages (mind you not villagers but Villages) who had No drinking water right from the days of British until a few years ago... ask them... but you may not have guts even to find out... anyway all these things are NOT publicized in media or internet... so I would not blame you for not having the "Knowledge" of it.

7. If you have even an iota of objective, rational and neutral investigation/research please speak to at least 10 devotees if not more, before you make such conclusions, Nasty as I may call.

8. A magician is a magician is a magician, and I have not heard of any magician create a better world, except his own please educate and enlighten if YOU know of some one.

9. Was there was No poverty during the times of Christ,Rama,Krishna ? (This is a question if you believe in GOD/Avatar)

10. Even if you believe in GOD who may not have a form, was poverty completely absent a few hundred... of thousand years before?

11. Was there NO disease at all? At least I have read about fatal epidemic in many ancient books and stories.

12. Ayurveda has been there for thousands of years, do you say that religious/god fearing people in the past... more so in the recent past ,were people wrong in believing Saints and Avatars... be it Sant Dnyaneshwar,Tukaram,Namdev, Sri Rama Krishna Piranhas & The Buddha (Both are Avatars).... the list goes on my dear.

13. There were innumerable saints and respected Godmen who have done a lot for the Humanity but always had an opposition to their good work. There were people who attempted/harmed them. Christ was crusified,Prophet Mohammed's Sons were done away with, Sons of Guru Teg Bahadur were buried alive...into a wall... do you mean to say all these HOLY MEN and SAINTS have NOT Contributed to Humanity or have FAILED in their Mission....?? I love and respect them... and I am proud to say that My Sathya Sai Baba has only made Hindu a better Hundu, a Christian a better Christian, a Muslim a better Muslim... I really have nothing to say if you are all together an aeithist,with due respect to your belief.

14. No where in Sathya Sai Ashram or centre anywhere in the world ,you would find a Daan-Peti ( like a typical temple or shrine), not that I am opposed to it, but its an answer to one of the questions/points raised.

15. May I ask if we believe in & respect the intelligence and knowledge of people like Mr.APJ Abdul Kalam and we believe in his contributions to India, why do we NOT have the ability to listen if he has something to say about Baba, His Mission... after all Mr.Kalam is an intelligent, scholarly, descrete and the one 'Who Knows His Stuff",The problem here is that we want people to say 'Only What We Want to Listen" a basic problem in ant personal/professional relationship. By the way Mr.Kalam apart from the 'Sciences' Knows Vedas and ancient texts in Sanskrit that could put many so called scholars to Shame. He has a credibility & reputation and guts to say what he wants... but what identity do the people posting all the filth have ? many are anonimous..... is'nt it ironical.

16. I am speaking/writing from an experience of and have the credibility to say so after having stayed there for years....

17. After all "My Swami" Says people throw stones only at fruit bearing trees and that an when an elephant walks calmly dogs bark... but its the very nature of dogs... they are NOT at fault... becaue they just do not have the capacity to understand and comprehend'That Huge dark thing passing by them....(according to sciences Dogs have Black & White and 2 dimensional vision). We are after all human beings so very gifted....., we should have the integrity of a professional researcher who does research...ound work... filed wor... experiment and what not... before coming to conclusion. But here in this case why do we want to take a short cut ? because we feel that no one is going to examine what we indiscreetly blurt out ? or is it a sheer convenience of internet research... but mind you if we take a short cut like the professor he is only going to become an object of 'fun' to his students because they know that 'He does Not know His Stuff' its all a borrowed Gyan and nothing else. In the mean time may I request you to find out the answer for at least 2-3 questions I posed initially. With Warm Regards & Sairam !

18. May I request you to read a book titled " God Lives in India" by R.K. Karanjia... if you do not know R.K.Karanjia was a celebrity journalist & editor of "Blitz' which he used as a medium to critique Sathya Sai Baba... but a difference between the journalists then and now is they had the professional integrity to investigate what they put in ... Mr.Karanjia was one of them. But in this internet age every To,Dick & Harry has an'Opinion" I am really afraid you may not find this book or its content on the internet... get to the real research buddy... unzip your purse shell out a few bucks & read it... because good things never come for free.

Regarding many questions in my two part series I have covered it .but still again I will say I have not visited the place.
Without visiting the place also in part one I have by researching looking on the internet I have found good points about SSB.
About the SSB having free hospitals I have mentioned in my part one article on SSB.
If you will read my few post you will understand the content of blog.
About poverty I will say how is it possible God is there and there is a poverty,
It does not sound correct.
Who has created poverty God or Humans?
As you said about saints they never collected money, never lived in palaces, never enjoyed great foods , they lived a simple life from original Sai or Tukaram.
The kings offered them money but they never accepted it.
My question is if our blood is red, why we can not just stay as a human why we need the name or tag of religion. Why not try and make a race which is known as only human.
Why religious leaders like to keep the tag of religion with the humans.
Why I can not stay just like a human. ?
Why we need the different names ?
About Dan its part of Manu or Hindu Culture.
I do not believe in magic, but there is power of heart or mind which can cure the diseases of mind not body example Hypnosis or Reiki.
Example is let the magician or healer cure the AIDS or Cancer and I will believe it.
In the history of India this never happened. Healer can only cure the mind diseases or the persons who are weak by heart or in mind; like someone is afraid to drive a bike he can with the help of healer can drive a bike.
if tomorrow Kasab or Taliban or the don says I am running 500 hospitals free of cost, will you forgive him for his bad deeds.
Do you know that MNS, Shivsena, RSS, and BJP got millions of supporters , so does it permit them to build or do you support the building of Ram Mandir without Supreme Court judgment.
Does it mean that if someone got millions of supporters ,then he is truthful, he is like God and one has to obey and listen to him as he got millions of followers.
Taliban has millions of supporters do you support Taliban.
About the saints from Maharashtra you have said, please you read what they have said how to find a saint and compare with today’s saint and you will find majority will be failed on the given test by those saints. I am not able to find that particular Abhang , hope you know that Abhang is like a poem told by saint.
I believe more in the services of Baba Amate, Phule, Ambedkar .
If you are talking about so much powerful people why India was a slave country for more than five hundred years by different people .
If they got magic why they did not killed the enemy, why they did not oppose Sati system, why they did not oppose caste system.
I will request you please clarify on this –
Do you believe in the magic ?
Do you believe he is God ?

Just remember will you accept progress with science or magic. When in India magic was at its peak, that time we Indians were slave of Arabs, Muslims, Portuguese French, and British.
So what this magic has given us, slavery of heart, it has made Indians lazy and coward people.
Just few hundred outsiders came here and ruled us, but this magic has not given us freedom.
Open your eyes and choose the path of science , we may live in poverty but live with the science, one day science will give us tube light and bulb, light and if we live with the magic it will make us a slave and make our future generations also a slave of a religion and slave of few so called Gurus.
• As there is no magic, only hard work and honesty pays.
With Magic one can fool uneducated Indians, which is very common in India, people do not have food, water and education and no hope for better life , when situation is like this ,if some one comes and shows them magic they accept him as God, a hungry person can not see magic or cheating, hungry person only dreams about roti, and rice with or without sleep.
He is always thinking in his mind someone will come and rescue him, in reality no one comes and if someone comes one has to praise him, accept him as God.
• Hundred years back our grandfather was a beggar and today we are beggars. Hundred years back our grandfather also found the Baba, but still he died in the poverty and without medicine and in future you will also go through same. No baba will rescue us.
Why politicians and Filmstars and Celebrities Go to such places and Gurus ?
Answer -Remember they have done hard work, they have earned everything and they want to safeguard there money and want to earn more money, or
want to get peace of mind as many become rich by deceiving poor people,
in this situation they visit the babas to get the peace of mind.
If you read newspapers you can always read that bank robbers or income tax evaders donating to temples and praying that hey god give me more money and I will pay you 10%.
If he can produce gold ,why do not produce unlimited Gold and remove the poverty from India .
• If you are God why you do not give us the list of Swiss Bank Accounts
• If you are God why don’t you save us from drought
• If you are God why don’t you stop 26/11 attack
• If you are God why don’t you give us cure on AIDS AND H1N1
• If you are God why don’t you stop killing of female child in wombs permanently
• Hey God This is prayer to you if you exist there do this miracles

Believe In Humanity: Look Within and you will find the truth, you do not need any agent of God to reach the God, if there is god, he has not appointed any one as his agent, he is capable to look after his all children.
Humans because of financial conditions need the help of others to raise the kids, the god who has created this universe do you think he needs the help of Human agents to run his empire.
Last question is same once again
Does God will need the agent to maintain his empire ?


Julia,  January 09, 2010  

keep blogging

Apanatva January 09, 2010  

Its a real pleasure reading your post . Keep it up .

Samvedna January 09, 2010  

This is a very complex subject,I believe in God but not those humans who claim themselves as God, becaus ethey dont behave like a sage.

sm,  January 09, 2010  


sm,  January 09, 2010  


BK Chowla, January 10, 2010  

Frankly,I have never visited his ashram.
Your post is very informative.

sm,  January 10, 2010  

i have also not visited the ashram.

Admin January 11, 2010  

Very useful and informative. keep it up..

sm,  January 18, 2010