07 January 2010

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Russian Magazine claims Mukesh Amabani Preplanned YSR Reddy Murder

Russian Magazine,exiledonline,exile claims Mukesh Amabani Preplanned YSR Reddy Murder

Reality Views by sm -

The Russian investigative newspaper exile stated the death of YSR Reddy was not accident but a pre-planned murder by Reliance group - Mukesh Ambani and others.

One thousand crore rupees were spend to murder the YSR Reddy. The original source is Russian magazine and American website has given this news .
On 2nd September 2009 , Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Y S Rajasekhara Reddy was killed after the Bell 430 helicopter in which he was traveling crashlanded atop the Rudrakonda hill in the Nallamalla range, about 40 nautical miles east of Kurnool.
The chopper was carrying the AP Chief Minister, his Principal Secretary P Subramanyam, and Chief Security Officer ASC Wesley, pilot Group Captain S K Bhatia and co-pilot M S Reddy

Source Websites -
• www.exile.ru
• exiledonline.com
• www.exiledonline.com
There is no source or proof is given and currently the websites are not opening they have been blocked. But I got the few cache pages from exile website which you can read below, after update four.

On internet one of the websites has said that,
38 lakh crores worth of natural gas and oil reserves were found in the Godavari basin
Reliance demanded the contract on which CM of AP YSR asked for 5000 crores as bribe but Mukesh Ambani offered only 200 crores.
YSR refused ,Sonia Gandhi came into picture and told YSR that he should not play with the ambanis mafia network, so Amabani guys gave 100cr to mafia and sonia , and killed the YSR.
Source -
I do not know about the truth, but Andra Pradesh is burning because of this.
This may be a marketing trick or anything.
Currently I can only say nothing is true, Mukesh Amabani is innocent, the next questions I ask

is it new controversy to put the Telangana issue on the back foot?
Blog post update 4-
The website is not available but below is the cache of above article , which are pics where you can read the article clearly.
Please right click on mouse open it new tab , one by one.
Still I have not found the original article which clearly says about Mukesh Amabani. Planned murder of YSR Reddy, if I find the pages I will post them.
Below are the images from the site exiledonline

Update 5 – January 8 2010
Police have registered cases against owners of the Telugu TV channel TV 5 which aired the story based on a report on a Russian website. The report sparked violence in Andhra Pradesh and attacks on Reliance stores.
Cases under sections 153/3A (provocation with intent to cause riot) and 502 A (sale of printed or engraved substance containing defamatory matter) were registered at Jubilee Hills police station
The police have booked 96 cases and arrested 185 people for the attacks on properties of both Reliance groups.

The Statement Reliance released after the controversy of YSR Murder and Reliance Group

According to a release issued by the company, "We are shocked and outraged at the false, malicious, motivated and libelous news on TV5 channel concerning the fatal mishap of Shri Y. S. Rajasekhara Reddy's helicopter. We condemn, rebut and reject the allegation with the contempt it deserves. It is the dirty handiwork of our business rivals in cohoots with TV5.
"This is also evident from the well coordinated attacks on RIL's personnel and establishments in Andhra Pradesh within minutes of the telecast by TV5. The channel has thrown all journalistic norms to the winds to malign the reputation of RIL, which has made significant investments in Andhra Pradesh to promote the development of the state and the nation. RIL is a law abiding corporate citizen.
"We mourned the untimely and tragic death of Shri Y. S. Rajasekhara Reddy as much as anyone else. However, we cannot and will not let this criminal attempt by TV5 to besmirch our reputation. We will file a criminal complaint against the channel. We also demand that the central and state governments initiate an immediate investigation into these despicable acts and bring the culprits to justice."
This triggered a chain of violence against Reliance outlets in Hyderabad and in many parts AP. Furious at the charges; Reliance said in Mumbai that it plans to file a criminal complaint against TV5 channel alleging the channel's attempt to besmirch its reputation.

Mukesh Amabani photo



shilpa January 08, 2010  

Kuch bhi? Some news stations/papers are so jobless!

Samvedna January 08, 2010  

Earlier also some big industrialist was under supicion for murder and a book was published in US.

dont know what is true, but anything can happen for money

Prasant Naidu. January 08, 2010  

that's an interesting fact :). Well i have always believed that what ever we see or read in media is not the truth they always remain undercover. Eg: 9/11 attacks, US shouted its Taliban but the truth was something else..

Keep Rocking,

BK Chowla, January 08, 2010  

Truth will never come out

Unknown January 08, 2010  

This vilification campaign" at the behest of "anti-democratic" forces must be stopped. The Russian website which first reported the news but also be taken to task. "It is necessary to nip these malafide endeavors in the bud for the sake for peace in the state.

lostworld January 08, 2010  

Whoaaa!!! That's news to me.. !!! :-o

Btw have you written about Ruchika Gehrotra's case? I'd like to read your views on the same..

sm,  January 09, 2010  


sm,  January 09, 2010  

yes you are right, but where the corruption is religion , if rich people want something they can pay and get the chief minister changed, they do not need to murder.

sm,  January 09, 2010  

Prasant Naidu.

sm,  January 09, 2010  

yes there is something different fishy behind this which we will never know.
we will never know the truth.

sm,  January 09, 2010  

Below is the link for Ruchika case

Admin January 09, 2010  

Truly shocking! I cannot believe it. I hope its not true. Yes, I think Reliance has done the right thing by filing a compliant against that channel.

sm,  January 09, 2010  


kumar January 14, 2010  

Y.S.Rajasekhar Reddy Death Conspiracy

YSR lost his life due to his interest in procuring gas right to Andhra Pradesh. To under stand the conspiracy we should understand economics surrounded with oil exploration and its magnitude. Mukesh Ambani's KG basin actual explored gas reserves easily cross 5,00,000 cr Rs, while projected is less than 2,00,000cr Rs. He has shown wrong expenditure on exploring gas reserves as morethan 50000 cr Rs, but actual amount hardly cross 10000 cr Rs. Last year there was a news and debates on Oil ministers involvement or support to ambanis. There was difference of openion between Reddy and M ambani on sharing of gas and Price in A.P. YSR promised Rs 100/- gas connection to every house hold in A.P, since gas is explored in Andhra Pradesh. When ambani's took U turn on there promise supported by Oil minister backed by Sonia Gandhi. YSR has not bended to this pressure from central and money offered by them and initiated and started a New Oil exp Firm by AP govt in technical support of British Petrolium. All these did not auger well with central and ambani's. Few manths back there was a news that Mukesh is planning a new pipeline from Kakinada To Gujarath via touching some part in khammam dist. Event Telangana agetation trigered by TRS Chief KCR is fully funded by Ambani's to cut gas rights of Telangana region and Hyderabad both accounted to more than 75% of AP Gas consumption. By doing this they can save more than 1,00,00 Cr Rs. Try to study the need for secong Gas Pipe line when it is not at all feasible for 2,00,000 cr Rs gas res proj by ambani's. KCR receved an exp Car worth more than a crore along with the money paid to him for this in Mumbai.

sm,  January 15, 2010  

thanks for visiting site and comment and expressing all your feelings.

Unknown January 22, 2014  

At any time the truth will come out on the mystery on ysr death

Unknown December 22, 2015  

There is no way of natural deth mr mukesh ambani .

naveen May 07, 2018  

There was no other alternate person for AP ,y s r was so powerful that Congress high command may not allowed ton interfere in state politics.so article look like may be true.