25 January 2010

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The Election Commission Do Not Support Gujarat Compulsory Voting Bill

The Election Commission Do Not Support Gujarat Compulsory Voting Bill -

Reality Views by sm -
The Gujarat assembly passed a bill making voting compulsory in elections to all local bodies in the state, which Chief Minister Narendra Modi termed a “historic move to strengthen democracy”.
Election Commissioner S.Y. Quraishi said, “We consider that democracy and compulsion do not go hand in hand.”

Chief Election Commissioner Navin Chawla had also said there were difficulties in making voting compulsory in the country due to the huge size of the electorate.
Sm says , There is no excuse for failure , one should resign from the post, if you feel the job is impossible.
Before Independence if freedom fighters also thought same way, then do you think India will have ever got independence.
When there is will there is a way, today we are talking about going inside Sun, and you can not dream that for the betterment of India, you can not make voting compulsory as there is large population.
Congress is against the compulsory voting, this is the only and one reason election commission of India is rejecting the bill of Narendra Modi.
Democracy and compulsion do not go hand in hand
Then how come following laws are passed in India which compulsorily bans the doing of following activities or things in India.
• I can not eat after 11 pm night time, all vegetable hotels are closed.
• Fashion TV is banned.
• Sex education is banned.
• Plastic Bags are banned.
• Sat phones are banned.
• On the name of official secrecy act ,many things are not allowed.
• Digging inside Taj Mahal is banned.
• Valentine day is banned in India , indirectly.
• I even came to read that blogspot blogs are also banned.
• Fire crackers should not be used after 10 pm.
• Banning of Books

How can then government of India is planning to give national id to every Indian citizen.

Like this list is unlimited,
the duty like voting , which will never harm any Indian but will strengthen the Indian Democracy for that duty How can you say we can not make voting compulsory as we got Democracy ?

Where is Democracy in India ?
The real reason is every corrupt person is afraid of compulsory voting.

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Neha January 26, 2010  

sm, totally agree with you here..our politicians are just looking at their own benefits than the country..it is all sad..

sm,  January 26, 2010  

they are all just busy making money situation is bad

Anonymous,  January 26, 2010  

totally agree with you

BK Chowla, January 26, 2010  

unfortunately,no one is bothered.The only issue for them is self interest and votes.

sm,  January 26, 2010  

yes no one is bothered

Hemant,  May 05, 2010  

The only issue for them is self interest and votes.

Kirtivasan,  May 10, 2011  

Voting should be made compulsory.It will definitely be a move forward. Election commission should make voting compulsory. Otherwise we will lose our position as the world's largest democracy. And if world does not recognise India as the world's largest democracy, then we do not have a chance in UN security council. It is only the fact that each one of us participates in the governance of the country that UN will recognize. Not some other country's recommendation.