19 December 2009

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India – Creation Of Small States – Need of the Hour For INDIA

India – Creation Of Small States – Need of the Hour For INDIA
Small states means Better Administration – Better Government – Participation of common man in the administration
Creation of small state is one of the answers to Reduce corruption or At least corruption amount.
Know – Why we should support the creation of small states?

Reality Views by sm -

In India, when congress declared that a new state Telangana will be created from AP.
Everyone in India started to discuss about the creation of small state, is creation of small state is good for India ? or is creation of small state is bad for India?

Many Indians opposed this creation of small states in India by giving many reasons.
Following are the few reasons why people oppose the creation of small states.

• Creation of small state will divide India

• Creation of small state will take the India to pre British era

• Danger from China, china wants to divide India.

• Small states in India are not making progress , Chattisgarh and Jharkhand

• Small states Depend on Central Government

• What is the guarantee that small states will make the progress?

• Politicians want to become the chief Minister or for the political power.

• Hatred Among state will increase

• Election vote should be counted who is defeated

Like these I am sure there are many more reasons to oppose creation of small states.

But I still I say and insist that Creation of small state is good for India.
Let’s understand and know why creation of small states is good for India?

Before Arrival of British people in India, there was no India.There were small kingdoms and big kingdoms.

Today when we say India, there is feeling, My India, in olden times there was no such feeling, all those feelings were for there king or god. I will fight for my king, my God.

Today our army when fights it fights for the India, not for Prime Minister of India.
If Prime Minister of India will try to sell the India I am sure our army will not hesitate to arrest the Prime Minister or any other leader.

Today nothing is superior than India , Olden times everything was king, if he wanted to donate his kingdom to someone without asking anyone he donated that, and foolish population of that state accepted that willingly as their all feelings were for there king.

If you read the history carefully you will understand, and find that xyz warrior died for his king, today when any army man dies he dies for his mother land, for our India.

After the arrival of British People in India, they started the real formation of India,
Under there influence and rule, we got the feeling of oneness among us, one India.

In olden times, before the arrival of British, for the people of small states for whom there king, there caste and religion was more important, everyone always obeyed the family of king.

Remember the battle of Plessey, Robert Clive with the help of just 300 white soldiers won the battle by giving bribe. And he won the battle by defeating more than 50000 Indian soldiers. They surrendered because there army head said that I surrender, today if in India one head says that he will surrender to small enemy , drop your weapons ,do you think Indian forces will drop the guns or they will arrest that head and will fight for the nation.

In that times when outsiders came fought with the small states, that time neighboring states did not help that state, when Arab people looted the small kingdoms and become the rulers of that state.

Other kings kept enjoying there life and kingdom, they did not thought about the safety of neighbor state.

Today if Pakistan attacks on Kargil, we hear the voice from every corner of India that destroy enemy.After 26/11 we heard voices from every corner of India to Punish Kasab,this never happend in old asian kingdoms.

So now I think you got the point that today when we create the small state, the feeling of one India, oneness will not go. Creating small states will not take us back to the pre British era, as before the arrival of India there was no India.

Mere creation of small state will not destroy the feeling of one ness , the feeling of Indian on the contrary will increase this feeling and love towards India and will reduce the feeling of love towards there language or state. For small states love for India will grow.

And also small state will be created from the big state so there will be 2 states or more states which will speak same language. In this way we will solve the problem of language also.

On the contrary in the future when states will become rich, there is a possibility and chance that these big states will make there police force very strong and will demand the independence from India.

When we divided India on basis of language we made mistake, and today you may not agree with me, but when States will make progress and will make money and other states will not make money, these money making states will demand the independence and because of finance and big nature of state, they will do this very easily by purchasing arms from china.

So remember big states will divide the India in future not the small states. A small state is the only one solution which can keep us integrated as India.

As India is divided on the basis of language, In one state all same language speaking population is staying which encourages more love for state than India the hatred is rising as few states are making progress and others come to this state, this gives rise to hatred.

This is not gift of small state. And we do not see language problem in small states, if media will stop giving importance to this problem automatically this language problem will go to dustbin, Anyways after 25 or 30 years I am sure they will not find language problem takers... Today power of knowledge is with Indian youth and no one can make them fool for a long time.

Few Facts about our Indian states –

1. Uttar Pradesh with population of more than 167 million is bigger than Germany + France or Russia ,Pakistan

2. China, America, Brazil and Indonesia are the only few nations who are bigger than Uttar Pradesh.

3. TamilNadu (62.2 million) is bigger than Britain and Italy

4. Andhra Pradesh (76.4 million) is little bigger than Germany and Vietnam

5. Bihar is bigger than Mexico

6. Maharashtra with 92.1 million is bigger state than Germany. Maharashtra has ten million more than Germany.

7. Bengal is bigger than the Philippines

If the big states means progress then why India has not made progress like America, Germany, France or Hong Kong or England.
America, Hong Kong both were ruled by England just like India.
Do small states suffer? Not if one views Punjab , Haryana and Himachal Pradesh.

This shows that there is no guarantee that big state will make progress or small state will make progress.

Remember it does not matter state is small or state is big, most important thing is who is our law maker and how honest he is with his job and nation.

If law maker, politician is not good then small or big it does not matter, he will do the corruption and he will take the wrong decisions.

When law maker, politician is corrupt no one can save the nation.

But when law maker is good he can take the small state to such heights that the small nation can rule the world.

Once England ruled the world and today we can see the progress made by the USA or Hong Kong or Taiwan.

Our democracy works like this - one head of the state, then other elected members, run the state with the help of IAS officers and bureaucrats.

When the state is big, those officers and elected politicians, law makers are not able to watch carefully every project and how the money is utilized by everyone in every project.

Today budget of Government is becoming so big that common people find it difficult to understand, and even studied accountants find it very difficult to understand and find out the mistakes.

If common man does not understand the budget How he can participate and keep watch on the politician to stop the frauds and mistakes done by politician

When state is small, if any government employee or law maker or politician will do the fraud, immediately it will show the effect on the other projects as it will become very difficult for that chief minister to bring new funds or hide his black deeds.

Just take the example of classroom of 100 students and classroom of 25 students, so in this case which classroom will be easy to manage and give the results.

Today as our states are big, many times villagers from remote places even find it difficult to reach the place of district court, forget about the High court of state.

When small state will be created it will give easy access to high court.

Small state means small government, small budget, and small departments, very less chance to show fingers on each other by saying that, that department is not doing the work so file is pending.

Small states will create competition among each other; this competition will be with the same mother tongue speaking language population.

Because of big nature of states today indirectly the law maker, politician has become the king of that particular area.

Because of this honest people will rarely get chance to rule the state or to get elected.
Small states will not give chance to politician or law maker to hide his failure or fool the people by saying that this time we have given funds to west or north, as small state means the population will know in real what is happening in every part of his state.

Big states does not benefit towards saving money ,but the nature of big states help to waste the money as well as it gives unlimited scope to do corruption which benefits to the law maker or politician.

In small state if any politician will amass wealth, the people of that state can easily notice that and will know how he is earning and making the money, this will help to expose the wrong contracts and his hidden property.

Even Indian constitution has article 3 which favors and talks about the creation of new state. It states that -
. Parliament may by law admit into the Union, or establish, new States on such terms and conditions as it thinks fit.
If party who support the creation of small state does not win the election this does not mean that the people of that district do not want separate state. The election is held to choose leader ,MP or MLA and they do not vote for the creation of state. Even if when there is not 100% voting how can it become the will of that district ?

Our constitution of India does not have this provision, to get the peoples vote to decide regarding the creation of small state . The ball is ,power is with the parliament.

Again I will come to the point that Small states will divide India, one of the best parts of our Constitution is that the duties between state and central government are divided.
Central government is in charge of our army, naval and air force.

The heads of these forces do not report to the chief minister, further more brilliant clause, is that our forces do not have common one head of all the forces.

This means we got 3 heads, Army head, Naval Head and Air Force Head, and all these 3 heads report to the Prime Minister and President.

We do not have one head of all these 3 forces, if there is one head then he will become so powerful that he can with the help of few states can form the new nation, but as we do not have one head, army forces will not obey the head of the naval force, each one has there own ranking.
So when you say that small states will divide India, think again now?

When there is no money, no big budget, no big police force, and no big coastal guards how can small state will become Independent and will think about waging war against India.
USA is smaller than India but they got more than fifty states.

Remember big states are good for political parties and corrupt leaders or uneducated leaders.
Big states are good for the government servants.

Our complete Indian working system has become rotten and dirty and these corrupt people have become so rich and powerful that honest common man will not be able to fight with them and win

We will need another civil war to repair this corrupt system or to repair this corrupt Indian system we need creation of small states which will help us to break this nexus, friendship of government servants and businessmen and politicians and political parties.

Today in India we got different political parties, but do we see any difference between there political vision.

Every party has only one vision, win the election, get the chair and make money.
Regarding our political situation in India I am not dreamer, No politician will make changes in this system, a system which makes them as well as there future generations the king of India.

To change this we need civil war in India or reforms like creation of small states which will give chance to common Indian to know and understand how the chief minister and his office is working. Small state will give chance to participate in the administration of government, we can monitor them.

With small states there are unlimited benefits and with big states benefits are less and finally everything depends on Good law maker.

When small state will get corrupt law maker or politician we can have satisfaction that the corruption amount is not big which will be also in millions.

Let’s hope that in future States Reorganization Commission (SRC) will not give more importance to language when dividing or creating new states. States should be created only after consultation with scientists, engineers and taking consideration of geographic area and advantages.

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Insignia December 19, 2009  

Thanks for your explanation sm.
I guess there is no definite formula here.
As you said Punjab being a small state has progressed. Why not Jharkhand?

But yeah, thought provoking. Thanks

Swatantra December 19, 2009  

Amazing Point of View you have!! Loved reading it!!

sm,  December 19, 2009  


sm,  December 19, 2009  


BK Chowla, December 20, 2009  

I don't think any decision should be taken in hurry.Some experts must join hands and subject must be made to open for public discussion.

sm,  December 20, 2009  

Bk,yes this should be done with complete public participation and debates.

Jashan Gill December 21, 2009  

I agree with Most of your points. Bigger states have been either complete Mismanagement like UP, MP, Erstwire Bihar so some large parts of them have been in complete tatters like AP (All except Hyd and 2 3 other cities), Mah (Vidarbha Region) and so on. Hope government realizes this soon.
But one point you missed small is good but not too small like states of NE that loose economy of scales. So in my view lower limit is Punjab < Haryana....Higher Limit for a state shud be Guj, Jharkhand

sm,  December 21, 2009  

I mentioned about Punjab.The topic is regarding creation of small states in India, so i have not written how or big should be state in details.
but yes i agree state should not be too small.
thanks for comment.

Anonymous,  January 10, 2010  

All right...
But is there some relation of division of states and politics...
I mean is there some practical intrest of political body???
as division of states dosnt serve some real positive for states like Jharkhand, Uttrakhand so is there any actual need for dividing states into smaller states..???

sm,  January 10, 2010  

yes there is actual need,just tell me can we handle baby of elephant more correctly, or elephant.
Can we handle small criminal properly or taliban.
When state is small we can control our kings and law makers, if state is big we can not touch them because they are too big,more example if wrong is done by your boss or neighbour we can touch him what if the corruption is done by your company boss,which company is sperad all over.
This is one of the most important reason
Thanks for asking the question.

Anonymous,  January 10, 2010  

The progress will not depend on states being big or small.Comparison should be made on the efficiency of the governing body but not on size of the state.if progress comes from the size India can be divided into small districts.Now in Indian style of govt. functioning the more no of states the more expenses ,more financial burden on the public to feed the politicians

Ajit Singh January 10, 2010  

hi i read ur views
its contradictiory u say that brits won coz we were divided and u reason that division again will strengthen the nation.. no logic..

jharkhabd, chattisgarh, uttarakhand.. how much have they progressed..
u say politicians cant hide in small states and a mass wealth.. look at koda..

the metaphor of army navy etc is absurd.. we are comparing states here, large or small they have a lot in common.. While army navy and airforce have are all together a diff entities.. do u c a single command in any country.. its not logical.. All the 3 have diff implementation of 1 goal ie protection of countyr,.. its like comparing an Aloo and a Mango..

infact the small states have small electorate.. so any politician has better chance in a small state.. see KCR.. he wants to be CM...so he is trying to get a smalle section of the society on his side!!

ur facts are ambiguous.. U have shown only population and size.. they are out of context!!

tiwan, HK are ok...why dont u look at China, Brazil ,Russia.? plese show both sides..

villages already have panchayat raj!!

all this is just for political gains cant u see??

My views are...

Isn’t it strange that ‘Regionalism’ has suddenly started gaining more prominence lately?

Don’t you feel that regional parties have become more powerful in holding the UNION at ransom?

Why is this happening so often?
Answer: I believe that it is human nature to follow what others do (if they are successful in achieving what they want).

My reasoning:
The congress didn’t take any action against the MNS till the elections were over, why?
Because the MNS was nullifying the Sena and so the Congress was at profit without doing something outrageous.
As soon as the elections are over, Congress wakes up and acts (suspension of the MNS MLA’s from the legislature) portraying that they are against any violence. Where was the Congress when there was far bigger violence happening on the streets of Mumbai (thrashing of the poor and the helpless)? Where was the ‘action’ then? So an example was set that one could get away by talking Regionalism.

The issue of Telangana has a long history of over 40 years. But why has the regional party TRS become so aggressive in pursuing it lately even though it was formed in 2001?

please read the full blog on The Indian Sky!!

do post ur comments!!


sm,  January 11, 2010  

i have mentioned in the post that progress depends on the leader it does not matter state is big or small.
But it matters when we think about corruption amount.
when 1 state is divided into 2 states it may happen that 1 state has corrupt leader and other has honest or less corrupt leader
when state is big that 1 corrupt leader will do very big corruption.
when that state is not big that corrupt leader will do the corruption but amount will be small, and there will be chance that the corruption will be exposed more quickly.
as funds are less they cannot easily fool the population.
when state is big, the cm becomes so big that no one is able to ask him, and for him it becomes easy to fool the part of state by saying that he is funding other state, the chances and opportunities increase for him to fool the population of state.

sm,  January 11, 2010  

Ajit Singh,
1. My point is that before the Arrival of British People there was no India present.
India took birth after the arrival of British Rule.2nd is the Asia was ruled by Hindu Kings But that time there was no thought of India. Or one nation.
This is the concept of one nation, nation a family, a nation is one nation when someone attacks on one part, whole nation sends there sons and daughters to save the nation.
But before the arrival of British Rule this never happened in India, Muslim Arab came from outside fought with 1 Hindu King and that same time other king neighbors enjoyed there life without doing anything. So I that time we were divided. Now after the formation of India, we are dividing the power of chief Minister, we are not giving them freedom or Independence. We are just dividing the state into the small states.
No one is giving them Independence from India. Division among the state is different from the Independence of the state. First get the point clear that now after division of state, we are not dividing India. First be clear that we are not giving them Independence
This is just division of a state. I do not believe before arrival of British people there was India. There may be kings who were Hindu. I do not consider them Indian Kings.

2. Pakistan is a nation where one person becomes the head of all forces .there are other nations also. That is reason he becomes powerful than the prime minister of Pakistan. Also but I have to confirm that so I do not say, but I will mention it. The President of Pakistan serves as the Commander-in-Chief of the Army. The Chief of Army Staff (COAS), a General, is a four star commander and commands the Army. There is never more than one serving general at any given time in the Army. Only one officer have been conferred the rank of Field Marshal, a 5-star rank and the officer serves as the ceremonial chief.
3. Indian President is the rubber stamp; he is just for the name sake head of arm forces. There are 3 individual persons who are heads of each, army head, navy head, air force head, they report to the President of India and president of India indirectly reports to Prime Minister of India, President of India can not do anything without the permission of Prime Minister of India.
4. One head is one of the differences between India and Pakistan this is one of the reason Pakistan has seen Army Head ruling the Pakistan but in India this never happened as no Indian force head is as powerful as the Pakistan army Head.
5. China is not democratic nation so no comparison. About division of USSR you know it, and USSR was also not democratic nation.
6. Please read the History my one article so what MNS is doing you will know that is happening in India before the Independence . Below is the Link.
7. http://realityviews.blogspot.com/2009/11/india-independence-and-hindi-language.html
8. After reading this article you will know that what MNS is doing is nothing but copying what others have done before them in the past.
9. Please read the history of Indian language problem you will understand regionalism problem better.
10. Jharkhand was carved out of the southern part of Bihar on 15 November 2000. Jharkhand has 24 districts, 211 blocks and 32, 620 villages out of which only

SM January 11, 2010  

Jharkhand has 24 districts, 211 blocks and 32, 620 villages out of which only 45% are electrified while only 8,484 are connected by roads. Jharkhand is the leading producer of mineral wealth in the country, endowed as it is with vast variety of minerals like iron ore, coal, copper ore, mica, bauxite, graphite, limestone, and uranium. Jharkhand is also known for its vast forest resources. are electrified while only 8,484 are connected by roads. Jharkhand is the leading producer of mineral wealth in the country, endowed as it is with vast variety of minerals like iron ore, coal, copper ore, mica, bauxite, graphite, limestone, and uranium. Jharkhand is also known for its vast forest resources. In last 61 years only 45% is electrified.
11. How can we compare the newly formed state with the other states which are 61 years old. How can we compare the 10 year with 61 year.
12. Jharkhand has a population of 26.93 million,
13. Jharkhand's poverty rate, while still high by Indian standards, has declined by 2% per year between the periods of 1994-2002.
14. The literacy rate in Jharkhand is 59.6% (2007). As per the 2001 census conducted by Government of India the official literacy rate for the state was 54.13% (Male: 69.74%; Female: 39.38%) with 5 districts above the average literacy rate
15. Jharkhand has made primary education so accessible that 95% of children ages 6–11 are enrolled in school as opposed to 56% in 1993-94,
16. Its nominal per capita income (($314 in 2003/04) is low (only 55 percent of the all-India average), though not the lowest among the major Indian states. It is actually higher than the per capita income of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh (UP)
17. Please read the both articles which I have written more carefully get facts more correctly and I will again read and write more.
18. http://realityviews.blogspot.com/2009/11/india-independence-and-hindi-language.html

sm,  January 20, 2010  

India achieved record annual GDP growth, averaging 8.45%, in the five years, 2004-05 to 2008-09
Bihar averaged 11.03% growth annually. It was virtually India’s fastest growing state, on par with Gujarat (11.05%).
Uttrakhand (9.31%), Orissa (8.74%), Jharkhand (8.45%) and Chhattisgarh (7.35%), have all grown faster than the standard miracle benchmark of 7%.
Uttar Pradesh, a huge, poor state of almost 200 million people. The excellent news is that UP’s growth rate has risen impressively to 6.29% annually and Madhya Pradesh (4.89 %).
Uttrakhand and jharkhand have grown as fast as or faster than the all-India average of 8.49%.
Reported by times of India.
Now progress is of India is not reaching to poor people.
Only 30% Indians are enjoying this growth.
Creation of small state and language problem are different do not mix them
As u said about MNS, you should know that MNS is against the creation of small states.
About Pakistan please you see it what I said you are supporting that same.
American constitution started its progress in the year 1689 we started in the year 1948 or we can say 1935.
The United States Constitution was adopted on September 17, 1787,
Your logic is totally wrong , as MNS is aganst creation of small states.
You should understand the logic is that more big state, more power to chief minister ,more chance to do corruption, when we are making small state it will cut the hands of chief minister ,this means his working area will be limited , and people can ask him questions.
We are not dividing India, we are just limiting, cutting the power of chief minister and his office.
Language parties , regional parties will find it more difficult to survive in the small state .
As progress will automatically become the norm not language, as people will understand the real cause why they are not making progress, and why only there political leader is making progress and money.

sm,  January 20, 2010  

Money is not reaching to the poor the real cause is our system, without change in the system and laws we will never make progress, SC has recommend many changes but no state is ready to implement them, when small states will be there, there will be more chief ministers in India, and there, we may get one honest chief minister who can implement those reforms like police reform.
Progress is equal to honest IAS, IPS officers + honest chief minister
Then state may be small or big it does not matter.
When every one is corrupt, small state matters lot, if you will see and study u will realize that it is easy to expose corruption in small state not in a big state.
Eg. Koda, what happened to the big state corruption you know it, chara or bofors became real chara.


Ajit Singh January 20, 2010  

Bihar has progressed coz of an honest CM and not by getting divided. You blame politicians for being dishonest and you seem to be supporting their view to create new states! Do you really think that they want new states to bring about progress? They just want to make vote banks for themselves so that they can be in power at the centre and divert funds to their states and again do corruption!

Language problem is just a political gimmick. Like the demand for new states.. do u think that the masses care if the language is hindi or something else or where the states boundary ends? They just want the basic necessities of life, that’s it. Politicians rouse emotions by talking on these subjects just to get their vote banks!

If CM’s want to work they can do it not matter what the size.
The logic that people can ask questions is idealistic. When was the last time the ministers listened to the masses??? If u say that people will question, then if bigger the state, more is the population so more should be the questions, Does it happen? Or does it happen even in the smaller states?? Get realistic not idealistic!!

Just the area is shortened, the powers of the CM’s remain the same. Answer this: would u be more powerful if u are allowed to rule a small village or a big dictrict?
I think a village. Coz small the area, more powerful you can be, u can keep people in fear. Coz they know they don’t have any option as less will be the candidates. It is easy to manipulate at small scale that to do it at a large scale. Eg: the traffic police can take bribe any time and go scott free, but the DIG cant take bribes at the “same frequency”(I am not talking about the “size of the bribe”). So who misuses the power most?

By making new states you are not changing the system, infact you are multiplying the system!
We have been waiting for the ONE HONEST CM since ages, none have arrived?
Police is the tool of the incumbent CM to rule. So why will they reform it?
You want to divide by expecting an HONEST CM when the history shows exactly the opposite.
I am not against hoping for the good. Its just that we must put are hopes in some other direction where there is a ray of hope!

Please don’t just blindly quote TIMES OF INDIA. Times is always known to have biased, Capitalist, and govt friendly views.
About MNS I want to say that where is the Chief now that the elections are over. The chief people demanding the new states will do the same once their political goal is achieved. We have to learn by looking at other fields (lateral thinking!).


Nation Divided


sm,  January 24, 2010  

Ajit Singh
To show the progress i have written about the GDP rates which were given by the times of India, try to find the GDP on government websites and you wont find them eaisly .
so point is clear that small states make the progress.
Today our system is so corrupt that one honest cm can not change it.
It is better to divide the powers of chief minister who are becoming so rich and powerful that we are unable to reach them or there office.
and also we are so fearful that media also thinks thousand times before writing the truth about the politicians.
when powers will be limited, he will king of small state, so his money making capacity will be limited, and his criminal raj will be limited.
what is the reason we are moving to nuclear families ?
what is the reason we demand small class rooms ?
what is the reason we demand that in each class room there should not be more students ?
what is the reason educated Indians are moving to rule hum do hamara Ek,
Think on the point that when one language speaking state will be divided into two states, who will suffer, regional parties will suffer more.Regional parties are not supporting small states, Bjp is supporting small states,
mns and shivsena both oppose the small states,
Try to write a post on disadvantages of small states and you will get the picture .
Do not mix language and small state creation regarding language they are making us fools so just ignore it.

Jashan Gill February 17, 2010  

Ajit and SM many thought provoking points. I believe small states are absolutely a need for the hour. Kindly note that once Uttarakhand, Jharkhand & Chhattisgarh were formed they have done much better than the national average consistently. Bihar which also came near a management zone (MP's or DM's between 5 to 25)they have done better than a combined state. UP which remains big still remains in a bad state. I have tried to analyze all these points in my blog


People interested in the topic can take out some time and read it. I have tried to analyze from both the sides. Comments are most welcome


PS: My name is Jashan and not Jashan83 :)

khan,  March 06, 2010  

excellent article

Neha March 07, 2010  

sm, my point here is not about the divided India which you have emphasized on..I don't believe at all that small states will divide India and make India weak..nor I believe that small states do not make progress..

my point is simple - politicians are suggesting this division of states so that they get powers..they want their seat as a CM..for that, they create violation and hatred among people of the same nation..

we made a mistake while creating states - we divided them on the basis of language..we are doing the same thing again..telangana people wanted THEIR state..now comes Vidarbha..

and you are talking about more states communicating in same language - we are not spreading the same language across all the nations..Gujarat or Andra won't communicate in Marathi and vice versa..

all we are doing by dividing states is giving birth to more politicians..if we are lucky; they will be good..or we are not better or worse off at this moment too..

you know, I wrote one post on Language; where I just expressed my opinion about how we can at least try to solve the problem of language barrier in our own country where we misbehave with our country people only because they do not know the local language..you should see the comments I got there..instead of talking about solution, people made it an ego issue..tamil people started bashing north ones and vice versa..

Let's Communicate

I guess long enough comment already.. :)

but I quite appreciate your research and clarity of thought..I am fine with big/small - any kind of nations..my problem is corruption/personal benefits of politicians at the stake of people - that's all..

Neha March 07, 2010  

http://nehasilam.blogspot.com/2010/01/lets-communicate.html - the post link that I am referring to

sm,  March 07, 2010  

Just think that A who is more powerful ,a owner of small scale industry or multinational company ?
The chairman of the small bank or chairman of the multinational bank.
Politician chief minister of big state or small state ?
Who can do more corruption CM of big state or Cm of small state ?
As a citizen we do not even know how our Municipal corporation works , so what is use of cm and his office if we can not reach to his office because we do not have money or knowledge how it works.

Just think the benefits of small states and you will get the idea what small states mean for India.

What happened in the past we can not change it now we have to see the the powers of chief ministers get divided , we need more teachers and principals for our nation not one big

we have to find the solution on the problems and one of the reform is creation of small states.

in my future post which i am planning to write i am sure you will get the more insights.

To understand that post once needs to know the correct history,which you know it .

For me language is a tool to communicate with other human .nothing more.
reality is languages keep dying,as new methods are invented.

Anonymous,  March 19, 2010  

Loved reading it!!

sm,  June 08, 2010  


sm,  June 08, 2010  

V online,,

Ashutosh,  December 31, 2010  


telengana was under control of nizam's and andra was british colony. because telengana was part of monarch, it could never grow(on grounds of literacy, culture and many other aspects except economy) where as andra was ahead of its times. now merging of these two state was a ingenious decision because they could exchange there resources and knowledge to become a prosperous state. but unfortunately it never got right candidate(politician) for that purpose.
all the time politicians wanted to separate it. if they have so much guts to separate and develop 2 small states then why no use that energy to develop 1 state as a whole.
its never too hard to develop a state no matter what its size is.
we have eg. of china, gujarat, punjab, states of USA, Canada, and many more. all these states are developed, yet have huge size and good ratio of population.

mere size and population is never an issue in case of development.
separatists always provoke war to rule. people like Potti Sriramulu gave their life to keep states together.

sm,  December 31, 2010  

Please read the history again carefully.
How many states is America?
Does china got the democracy?

After Independence India divided states on the basis of language, indirectly on the basis of caste system.

That time in the year 1953 Fazal Ali commission, the states Reorganization Commission was formed by Prime Minister.

The commission created a report in 1955 recommending the reorganization of Indian state.

This commission said that and recommended that Telangana should not be merged with the Andhra Pradesh.

This should be decided by the people of the Telangana.
Uttar Pradesh with population of more than 167 million is bigger than Germany + France or Russia ,Pakistan
China, America, Brazil and Indonesia are the only few nations who are bigger than Uttar Pradesh.
TamilNadu (62.2 million) is bigger than Britain and Italy,
Andhra Pradesh (76.4 million) is little bigger than Germany and Vietnam
Bihar is bigger than Mexico
Maharashtra with 92.1 million is bigger state than Germany.
Maharashtra has ten million more than Germany..
Bengal is bigger than the Philippines

Hope this will clear your doubts.
Feel free to ask again.

Anonymous,  August 01, 2011  

Very unconvincing.

It maybe a ploy by the ISI to divide India, to destabilise it. ISI can do anything.

sm,  August 02, 2011  


Anonymous,  November 17, 2011  

Hey SM, This was really a good article. I liked it more. The more funny part is the comments :-). I have seen some comments which will show/prove how educated people will behave like illiterate. If they have read your article precisely and understood each and every point they need to comment on it instead of saying it as good article. The problem with this kind of people is they think they know everything but they really don't know anything. I don't want to debate on this... Good Research Keep it up...

vikasthakur910@gmail.com November 20, 2011  

So, Now I find that Mithila state should be curved out of BIHAR...
Jai Mithila

SM November 21, 2011  

Anonymous, thanks.

Anonymous,  February 27, 2012  

Good Article.
Gorkhaland demand in India is now 107 years old, but why is this demand not full filled till date, are not we living in the world's democracy

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