02 October 2009

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Wake up Sid Is it a Marketing Trick or Real Controversy –

India - Bombay - Wake up Sid Is it a Marketing Trick or Real Controversy –
Whatever may have happen, but our Indian Democracy is defeated once more,
Our rich people are also afraid of going to judiciary, and police department.

Reality views by sm -
Someone says He do not like this part and we Indians immediately say sorry to him, because I fear he will beat me, he will do the damage to me.
If political parties want to work as censor board then what is the use of Indian censor board, don’t you think Indian censor board should be scrapped.
If I like to use word, Bombay what is bad in that, does it mean I do not love India,
When I am not ashamed to use to the laws given by the British people to Indian slaves, which I am proudly using them , that time why don’t I get the feeling that I am insulted,
Where is my freedom of speech and liberty?
Controversy is that in the movie, the word Bombay is used and some one didn’t like it so they disrupted the screening of this movie. After this it is expected that one will go to police station and launch the complaint but here happened something else, the so called person said sorry, without his any mistake.
It is reported that the film’s producer Karan Johar has apologized for referring 'Mumbai' city as 'Bombay' in the film. He further said that a disclaimer will now be carried in the beginning of the film.
After this I only know that Indian Democracy is defeated in this, I have decided not to watch this movie.
And if you love the Indian democracy and if you feel that Indian democracy is defeated in this controversy then please do not watch this movie Wake up Sid.

Jai Bombay Jai India
Vande Matram


Samvedna October 03, 2009  

But by boycotting the movie we will be punishing the innocents, not the guilty.

sm,  October 03, 2009  

thanks for comment i will update the blog with reply to comment, let me know whom do you think innocent. Do you think producer is innocent or who ?

Anonymous,  October 03, 2009  

I am surprised that nobody objected to Kameenay.

There was some coincidental resemblance to some real characters, and the conversation of the imaginary character in the movie with Guddu Sharma from Barabanki (whose father had moved to Bambai, when it was still called Bambai) caused no reactions??

Any disruptions would have benefited the movie ... in fact after Swine Flu epidemic, all theatres were forced to close and so the movie made a bad beginning, some publicity would have been good for them.

So my feeling is this is a publicity stunt.

SM October 03, 2009  

Yes if you are right, then also no one has right to play with our law and order to earn money.

Aswani October 03, 2009  

These things continue to happen. And I am just sick of all these. Don't know when will have an end to all these nonsense. bty, it does look to me a good publicity drama.

Swatantra October 03, 2009  

I was not knowing of all this controversy. we watched movie today morning and it was complete fun. I do not even remember any scene where he has used Bombay or mumbai...

sm,  October 03, 2009  

thanks this is one of the reason to write this article.

sm,  October 03, 2009  

thanks for information

Insignia October 05, 2009  

The hue and cry over referring to Mumbai as Bombay was totally uncalled for. Those people want attention, they want to hog the limelight. Whats the loss if people call the place as Bombay or Mumbai. Pathetic!!

sm,  October 05, 2009  

yes i agree with you, in legal books, exams we can use the Mumbai word no problems, but when we are having entertainment no one has right to control my fundamental rights to say what i like when it is not defamatory.

khalid October 06, 2009  

Your suggestion of not see movie is very good, by doing this we can give signal to all these publicity seekers to not do all these fake things. And that Thakrey, he is just a law breaker every time, he don't believe in Indian law, his own children are getting education i Bombay Scottish School, he is a double standard man and just doing bad politics.

sm,  October 06, 2009  

thanks for your comment.