03 October 2009

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Beware Airtel Mobile Customers – A New Kind of Cheating by Airtel company

Beware Airtel Mobile Customers – A New Kind of Cheating by Airtel company

 Airtel Customers Complaint Forum – India

I myself got cheated by Airtel Company for more than 200 Rupees,

While writing this I just received one message and again got cheated for Rupees one.
So exactly what happens, I got 2 air tel prepaid mobile numbers, So what happens is that , suddenly I Receive the message following types of message, As you will read the message you will understand how the Airtel company is cheating to its customers.
1. You have been renewed for bikinirichalert 3day free subscription service from Airtel. You have been charged Rs. 1 I Received this message more than 20 times.
2. Airtel spicy jokes service started and automatically subscribed for 30 days 30 rupees 10 days 10 Rupees.
3. Job alert service
4. Free Hello tunes subscription charges Rs 10 for 10 days
5. Congrats you have been activated for a free trial of jobs on mobile Rs 10 for 10 days.
Every time I contacted the customer care got the service busy or got disconnected, but I lost my more than 200 rupees, to contact customer care service means I have to waste my valuable 4 to 5 hours, as there customer number rarely works ,
Just dial 9890098900 they will tell you, press 1 for Marathi, 2 English, 3 for Hindi, then they will start there hello tunes, advertisements etc et and tell you to wait again and will ask you to choose the option, but you do not have any option to choose which will take you to the customer care person, this will happen and phone will get disconnected. If you are able to talk with there customer service, then you should consider that you are the luckiest person on this earth.
In last 3 months I tried lot of times to contact them but I was able to contact, talk with customer service person just 2 times, first time he said money will not be refunded,
And 2nd time he said that who am I? Prove that I am the owner of mobile number, he started to ask tell me when and where you got your phone recharged etc and then I tried to explain him but he disconnected my phone insulting me,
And after that I am trying to contact the customer care service but in vain.

Currently my balance is 114 Rupees, date October 3, 2009; every time I will receive the message, the message of cheating from Airtel I will update this post.

My 2nd airtel mobile was having more than 250 Rupees Balance but currently balance is only 37 Rupees.
This money is our money this money is not owned by airtel mobile company.
If your friend is using Airtel Prepaid Mobile please inform him and make him aware about this type of cheating and tell him to keep watch on his balance and sms messages

Must read if you are planning to purchase or become Airtel mobile customer

Reality Views by sm-


BK Chowla, October 03, 2009  

Thank you for info.I am not on Airtel,any way.

Neha October 03, 2009  

that is ridiculous...i will pass it on to ppl who use airtel...I don't use it though, thankfully..

Swatantra October 03, 2009  

That's a great business model airtel has..

Dr B.M.Pathan,  October 03, 2009  

Iam an AIrtel user but now want to dicontinue, as well as inform all my colleagues to unsubscribe and get away from the company which is fleecing its own clientele

sm,  October 03, 2009  


sm,  October 03, 2009  


sm,  October 03, 2009  

Dr B.M.Pathan,

sm,  October 03, 2009  

Update Airtel Balance Reduced.
Just receive airtel cheating message,
Currently balance now Rs 113 and 37 Rupees.
you have been renewed for Bikinirichalert 3day free subscription service from airtel you have been charged Rs.1

sm,  October 04, 2009  

Airtel cheating message balance 112 rupees.
i have not authrotised airtel to send me any offers and i am not interested in that.
who has given airtel a right to cut my money without my permission.

sm,  October 05, 2009  

Balance 36 Rupees 2nd mobile again airtel cheating message.
thanks airtel for cheating me.
i am sorry if this is not cheating.

sm,  October 05, 2009  


Insignia October 05, 2009  

Oh!! thats bad. Vodafone does it too. They just attach a caller tune and deduct charges. Credit card companies do it too....Why cant they earn their profit ethically is what I dont understand

Tejaswy October 05, 2009  

File a complaint with DoT and then file a rti to see what action has been taken in regard to the complaint. its simple....They dare not do anything like this in delhi!!!

sm,  October 05, 2009  

thanks the real reason is our laws are fully outdated and no one fears the law.

sm,  October 05, 2009  

its good know that you have not suffered.
I just expect you will sperad the word and this post all over.

sm,  October 05, 2009  

Airtel,balance 34 Ruppes one more time cheating.
Again today i got cheated by the airtel company
they reduced my balance by 2 rupees. on the 2nd mobile.

sm,  October 05, 2009  

Airtel- Today at 7.30 pm India time, i tried to call customer service of India but again my few attempats failed. I was not able to talk with any customer service person of airtel.There helpline number is 9890098900.

sm,  October 06, 2009  

Airtel.in India cheating 111 balace,
today again i received the message from Airtel youhave been renewed for bikinirichalert and charged for Rs.one. now balance is 111 Rupees.

sm,  October 06, 2009  

Today at 3.33pm i again called to airtel customer service,but again i failed to talk with them. just kept on saying try again. try again ,this is not valid option.

sm,  October 06, 2009  

Airtel -Balance 33 Rupees again airtel cheated me.
thanks for cheating me.

Everymatter October 07, 2009  

its a blundar

legal action must be taken against them

just complain with TRAI

I will pass on this message to more ppls.

sm,  October 07, 2009  

thanks,please spread the message.

sm,  October 07, 2009  

Today 2 pm i again called to airtel customer service did not get chance to talk with there customer person.Its waste of time.
air tel thanks for cheating me.

sm,  October 07, 2009  

airtel Balance Reduced 110 Rupees.
again received the message Bikinichat alert charged rupees one.

sm,  October 08, 2009  

airtel Balance 109RS.Again airtel has cheated me I was just wondering if they cheat daily for one rupees to every customer how much profit they are making CEO Bharati Sunil Mittal
how much salary you are getting ?

sm,  October 08, 2009  

airtel customer service does not work.Today at 5.50 india time i called them but in vain they do not have call centre.Am i wasting my time by calling 9890098900 ,they are not ready to give other number.

Anonymous,  October 08, 2009  

i am from Mah.state i also got same problem.
i shifted to reliance now. you also change it.

sm,  October 09, 2009  

AIRTEL India again cheating message, balance 108 rupees.
thanks airtel for cheating me.

sm,  October 10, 2009  

airtel india maharashtra sends me again cheating message. Balance is 107 Rs.

sm,  October 10, 2009  

airtel.in airtel India cheating messages now balance is Rs.27 on 2nd mobile.
airtel cheats you, thank you for cheating me airtel.
thank you for cheating me airtel india.
thank you airtel ceo allowing your company to cheat me.

sm,  October 11, 2009  

airtel balance Rs.106 one more time airtel cheats me.
just thinking if they cheating 1 million customers of airtel how much profit they will make.
send a one rupee cheat message to every customer
my god great business.

sm,  October 15, 2009  

airtel again sends me cheat message.
When wealth is lost, nothing is lost; when health is lost, something is lost; when character is lost, all is lost.

Best Credit Cards October 20, 2009  

Looking forward for more of your postings. I know everyone is eager to read informative topics like yours. Thanks for sharing.

sm,  October 20, 2009  

Best Credit Cards,
thanks for comment.

sm,  November 07, 2009  

one of the my airtel mobile got at last zero balance, i have decided to change the mobile number.
Thank you Airtel.in for cheating me.
If you are cheated by any company mail me or mention here in a comment.

Anonymous,  November 10, 2009  

very true airtel has started fleecing custumers in many ways ..i too find my balace getting evoporated without use

Anonymous,  November 10, 2009  

why we should file a complaint in the consumer court and make them pay for damages

Anonymous,  November 10, 2009  

i think tata company is best ..they follow ethics ..tata do co mo mobile service would be better

sm,  November 11, 2009  

thanks for comment.yes good words evaporated.

sm,  November 11, 2009  

our laws and punishments are too weak, we will not get anything.

sm,  November 11, 2009  

yes tata is the good brand

sm,  December 22, 2009  

airtel joke
Sid drives into 1-way and crosses no entry board,police - tune no entry ka board nahi Dekha?
Sid- Mujhe laga film ka poster hai.

Ravichander Venkatraman(Ravi) April 06, 2010  

Whistle-blowing Airtel’s Humongous BILLING SCAM

Airtel has dumped useless goods on me(Have you ever heard of Anti-Virus Software, PC- Secure??), without my consent, either in written form or even a verbal consent - In my case, DUMPING PC Secure and Online Desktop Storage(ODS) and NEVER informing me of the same – be it a quick call or an email/snail mail or even a remote SMS, from atleast one of their numerous outsourced providers, some even in Timbaktu!

So is it not a fit case of Dumping Goods on Gullible Customers without their consent(Written or verbal, whatsoever!)

Pl refer to TRAI Notification 21st March 2006 Vide File 305-8/2004(QoS) Points 1.1,1.3(Page 4) ie. Information relating to Tariffs(Enclosed). Is this not a blatant violation with scant regard to the ‘Telecom watch-dog’ TRAI, fooling the Govt(s) and duping millions of customers??

Embedding Technique to Cheat(hide real information)- After 3 months,I have found out that they have charged for Online Desktop Storage(ODS) when I have NEVER activated or used. As you can observe in the Airtel Bill enclosed, amount for ODS is not in the first page and somewhere “embedded” inside the pages with 4-font, escaping the normal human eye. When questioned, their faceless and nameless officers say nothing can be done, when they are forced to sport the Airtel brand even in their intestines and kidneys! Sir(s), am not kidding. Kindly observe the front page of the bill. 40% space is occupied for brand promotion!!! Have you ever seen/heard of this? Hence the analogy.

All for WANT of GREED, in their quest to be numero uno. And with their "mindless outsourcing", "they have stripped themselves to their waist", with absolutely no coordination and Ms. Aruna of their Chennai Nodal Office confided verbally that she is unable to trace the roots as to how, why and who charged me for ODS. Maybe, some strange divine intervention, is it!!!

She says Human Error for charging for PC Secure, when the executive who installed the same was told to lie that it is free of cost! I was having Norton Antivirus and was happy with that. PC Secure didn’t remove even the common viruses. My system crashed and I incurred a huge data loss, thanks to Airtel!

From my experience and that of others (one can see for themselves- Typing Airtel+Fraud or Airtel+cheat in Google) as to the systematic swindling of gullible customers over the years!!!. A quick analysis of the content, language, tone and tenor, Jantha pouring in forums, their peer groups, blogs etc., running into hundreds of pages with tens of thousands of individual experiences with Airtel reveal their TRUE COLOURS. Most pertain to GREED-ie.”Dumping” AND “Cockroach Type Approach” to Customer service, "Sensuous Lip-service", at the start though.

Putting it simply, with a tinge of Sidhuism, “Little Drops and tiny droplets of Water make the Mighty Ocean, my friend”. Airtel, has been systematically swindling from millions of gullible customers like me - in amounts ranging from Rs.100-1000 or even more, month after month, since 1996!. It’s a humongous Billing scam – akin to Satyam Accounting Scam which needs to be investigated by TRAI or CBI or preferably the eminent panel which restructured the beleaguered Satyam Computer Services, now rechristened Mahindra Satyam. That’s the need of the hour.

sm,  April 06, 2010  

thanks,you can file the case against them if you wish, or change the connection.
But thanks for daring and complaining your troubles openly.

Ravichander Venkatraman(Ravi) April 20, 2010  


Dear Bretheren,

Kindly view 15th April Indian Express and The Hindu (Both Chennai edition)

http://expressbuzz.com/cities/chennai/customer-files-complaint-against-airtel/165478.html and


While we applaud Mr.Infant Dinesh for his bold initiative, my heart goes out to the rural folks AND other lesser mortals who otherwise won’t have any clue to the “gullible” marketing techniques of Private operators like Airtel. The sections in which the cases are registered by the Chennai Suburban Police shows the seriousness of the case, as I whistle-blowed couple of weeks ago, after hearing the language against Airtel, posted in various online forums by all of you.

Can we do together and make Airtel kneel-down and pay-up? Shall we have people volunteering from each state to file a police case and others following up with their complaints based on the Infant Dinesh model? Concentrate on VAS related frauds, they are huge, we found after a research. It’s against the LAW, charging without customer’ consent. Hence the police are taking it seriously and are looking at more evidence.

To start with Kindly email your complaint against Airtel to infantdinesh@gmail.com or gatesandwindows@gmail.com with subject Airtel. Write in brief a) Your basic details-Account or phone no, b) Your complaint c)Response from Airtel d) Quantify the tangible losses e) What are the intangible losses – Like losing connection, time waste, mental torture etc.,, if possible quantify that as well.

People in Chennai please contact Mr.Infant Dinesh @ 98413 14812(Folks, he’s an advocate as well) or myself @ 98410 47174 RIGHT NOW. With you, together, we’ll be meeting the Police Commissioner next week as per plan for the next steps.

Please pass on this message to your near and dear as well so as they can share their experiences as well.

Look forward to everyone’s support.

Good day!

Warm Rgds

sm,  April 21, 2010  


Anonymous,  May 27, 2010  

I was "Subscribed" twice to "matrimonial" then to some other crap and finally to cricket scores even though I never did subscribe to ANYTHING.When I had had enough I went to the Airtel "dealer" in the town I live in ..who showed as if he was in no way connected to the company but had 2 conveniently placed telephone instruments where we could connect to Airtel ourselves for free. It was 2.00 pm in the hot afternoon and there were at least 15 people with the same complaint in my very small town. I can well imagine how many "you have been subscribed" messages went unnoticed and how many people had their prepaid balances deducted. Can anyone convince me that this is not an organized racket?
I got every paisa back after shouting at the "how can I help you...thanks for your patience" moron and his boss ...but I prefer not dealing with people who don't deserve my trust..if they are capable of such low down tricks for 30 and 40 rupees who knows what they might do with private details...bank messages etc. My suggestion to everyone ...go back to BSNL..they might be a bit inefficient and generally don't know the basics of how their own network works...but the network does work most of the time somehow ..by engineering outsourcing or whatever...and they don't cheat. I think that is most important.

sm,  May 27, 2010  

Yes i agree with you BSNL is trustworthy.

Udit Mendiratta,  November 01, 2010  

Airtel has been fleecing me too.. They activated this service called 'Online Desktop' without my instruction or request and even without informing me.. I have called them several time to get this service deactivated and they keep telling me to give a username and password I use for this service.. I have no clue what the username and password are because I HAVE NEVER USED THIS SERVICE.. I have been paying Rs. 99 every month god knows for how long noe..

sm,  November 02, 2010  

Udit Mendiratta,,
Just finish the balance and do not add more money into mobile for a day or a week then see what happens may be service will stop.

Shift to landline it is best. mobile for receiving only.

yozenbalki December 11, 2010  

For the past two months the same story goes on in Airtel with me. This is 2010 Dec and you wrote the same content one year before. But the attitude of Airtel is just looting and nothing else from the innocent people. What to do we live in India where Mountains are eaten up by the big shots.

Mohan Balakrishna

SM December 12, 2010  

i came to understand that reliance is also doing same.

Anonymous,  February 19, 2011  

same happened with me!! airtel just want to become rich by taking others money!!

sm,  February 20, 2011  


Michael October 27, 2012  

airtel joke Sid drives into 1-way and crosses no entry board,police - tune no entry ka board nahi Dekha? Sid- Mujhe laga film ka poster hai.