17 October 2009

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India – In Short History of Kashmir - Part Two

India – In Short History of Kashmir - Part Two

Read Part One of History of Kashmir-

Few comments and explanations on Part One -

It was the decision of Maharaja of Kashmir to stay independent,
India was ready to have talks with them, but Pakistan was afraid that
As king was Hindu, he will go with the Dominion of India in the future.
This is the reason Pakistan attacked the Kashmir, As Jinnah and everyone knew that

Kashmir Is heavenly place blessed by nature, so they made attack on the Kashmir to take over as thinking that Muslim population will support them.

That time also Indian army was capable to capture all of the Kashmir again which was forcefully taken by the Pakistan Army but our Leaders did not wanted the war with Pakistan so they went to United Nations thinking like a child that USA and UK and other big countries will order the Pakistan to hand over the captured part of Kashmir to the India, but Pakistan Leaders were to intelligent they did not feared and did not removed their army from the Kashmir and kept there army present in that area, and big nations when saw India has no foreign policy or strict leader they did not forced the Pakistan , this way the Kashmir become the Disputed Kashmir because of our weakness. 

If our leaders would have died for the country by ordering the full capture of Kashmir that would have been the correct approach, but we did not want war. 

United Nations agreed with the View of India, and ordered that Pakistan should remove the army from Kashmir, and UN ask the India to hold referendum or plebiscite in Kashmir, this is a process through which people of Kashmir would have decided to go with India or Pakistan. 

But Pakistan did not agree, and we did not order our army to capture the part of Kashmir which it occupied forcefully

If we talk legally , you can see that The agreement of Kashmir king with India was legal and Kashmir become the part of India , this way today also Pakistan has no right on the occupied Kashmir , also there is no need to hold any Referendum or plebiscite today or tomorrow the full Kashmir belongs to India.

Do we have courage to capture the Kashmir again by sending our army, waging war against the Pakistan; it’s our legal right to wage a war against Pakistan to capture the remaining part of Kashmir. 

Why the so called Hindu Political parties do not remember the message of Krishna.

We were selfish or satisfied we got chair, we got half Kashmir, we become kings, lets enjoy the freedom and new status of rulers of India.

Do you think this was the thinking of politicians?

Why did not India ordered war and captured the remaining part of Kashmir when world was with us, United Nations also upheld the side of India and told Pakistan to withdraw forces

Whatever may be reasons the above reasons may be right or wrong everyone has to decide in his heart what he feels. As today this situation has changed in the year 2009.

Let’s start the History of Kashmir, Part 2
The history is so complicated with many folds I have tried to make it short and add as much as information to this history of Kashmir after our Independence. As I always feel now the time has come let’s forget what happened before Independence, and let’s know what happened in Our India, after Independence.

1. In the year 1951, the people of Kashmir elected the State Constituent Assembly. After this the Delhi agreement was signed between the two Prime Minister of India and Prime minister of Jammu and Kashmir giving special position to the state under the Indian Constitutional framework

2. The State Constituent Assembly ratified the accession of the State to the Union of India on February 6, 1954 and the President of India subsequently issued the Constitution (Application to J&K) Order under Article 370 of the Indian Constitution extending the Union Constitution to the State with some exceptions and modifications. The State’s own Constitution came into force on January 26, 1957

3. October 17,1949 The article 370 was added to our Indian Constitution , that time also Dr. Ambedkar, and many other leaders opposed to this article but it was added ignoring there opposition.

4. 1952 July 24, Prime Minister Nehru announced special position for J&K under Delhi Agreement Parliament told Kashmir’s accession to India is complete in law and in fact.

5. Year 1952 - Jana Sangh begins campaign called "Ek Vidhan Ek Pradhan" (One Constitution, one leader) and demands that the State of Jammu and Kashmir be totally integrated into India and that the people from the other States be able to visit Jammu and Kashmir without a passport.

6. Year 1953 - Jana Sang leader Shyamaprasad Mukherjee dies in a Kashmiri Jail under mysterious circumstances.

7. 1953 - Sadar-i-Riyasat, Yuvraj Karan Singh dismissed the State Government; Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah arrested; Bakshi Ghulam Mohammad sworn-in as Prime Minister

8. 1955 - Soviet leaders Bulganan and Kruschev arrived in Srinagar and declared that Kashmir question as one of states of India has been settled by people of Kashmir.

9. 1956 - China’s Chou En Lai said that the people of Kashmir have already expressed their will regarding accession to India.

10. 1956 - Former British Prime Minister Attlee says " Kashmir has definitely opted for Union with India."

11. 1958 - Comptroller and Auditor General of India’s jurisdiction extended to J&K.

12. 1959 - J&K High Court brought at par with other High Courts in India.

13. 1959 - Permit system for entry into the State abolished.

14. 1961 - Prime Minister, Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru and President Ayub Khan of Pakistan held talks on Kashmir in London.

15. 1962 - Soviet delegates to Security Council said "Question of Kashmir as integral part of India has been decided by the people of Kashmir."

16. 1962 - China launched attack in Ladakh. National emergency declared. China declared unilateral cease-fire after occupying 14500 sq. miles in Ladakh.Ladakh is also part of Kashmir.

17. 1963 - Pakistan illegally transferred 2200 sq. miles of State territory, under its illegal control, to China under boundary agreement.

18. 1965 - Pakistan attacks India, in operation code named, Gibraltar. The defeat of Pakistan results in the Tashkent Agreement between the two countries.

19. 1965 - Article 249 of Indian Constitution extended to Jammu and Kashmir whereby the center could legislate on any matter enumerated in state list (just like in any other State in the Union). Designations like Prime Minister and President of the State are replace by Chief Minister and Governor.

20. 1971 – Pakistan war, again India defeated Pakistan in the war.

21. 1972 - India and Pakistan sign the Shimla Pact.

22. After this Pakistan realized that Pakistan can not defeat in India ,its impossible for Pakistan as India is big brother for Pakistan forever, so they started the different type of war by finding the Mir Jafars of India and these Mir Jafars misguide the Kashmiri youth as well as others to wage a war for independent Kashmir, even if today also if India gives them freedom why they do not understand the dragon will capture them, or Pakistan will capture them and sell them to dragon. Once dragon owns them they will be destroyed there culture will be destroyed as China is a big brother of India, and china is fearful that the India a weak brother has started to gain power and any day it will become as strong as china in everything declaring and establishing India as a Main and No.1 Big brother of Asian Region. It’s possible but our law makers can they do it , or still they want to follow the policy of No War .

In short and few words I will only say that Kashmir problem just shows that we do not know about foreign policy we are zero,uneducated regarding the foreign policy we have defeated Pakistan two times, but we made such pacts that Pakistan become the winner after those pacts, why we did not demand the Pakistan occupied Kashmir after winning the war, even as a foreign policy as a punishment we should have demanded the Punjab and Sindh also that time after winning the war. 

India won the wars but what we gained after the pact ?
India gained nothing , i am sure when the pact was signed the Prime Minister of Pakistan as well as world was laughing at our foolishness.


SG October 17, 2009  

Indian leaders, whichever party they belong to, are incapable of taking decisive actions. That is why we still have this problem. If they think Kashmir is integral part of India, why “special status” for that State? Why not treat Kashmir like Kerala or Karnataka?

Half Indian October 17, 2009  

Very good blog!
Happy Diwali!

BK Chowla, October 17, 2009  

sm,good post.
My only comment is..will the Govt extend Article 370 to Meghalaya also because it is a Christian majority state?The day we can find an answer to this,a lot of problems will get solved.

Anonymous,  October 17, 2009  

@ sm,

good blogpost.

i agree the whole of J&K has to be integrated with india asap ... then only we will have a proper and prosperous relationship with pakistan.

i am sure it will be done in the near future.

god bless !

happy diwali to you too !

cheers !

Neha October 17, 2009  

just another example of our impotent government...even law books separate Kashmir...u must be aware that all the Indian laws are applicable in all the state except for the state of Jammu and Kashmir...the whole Kashmir belongs to India, still a special status is given to the part that is very much within India...this is the reason we don't have the remaining part..

sm,  October 17, 2009  

thanks yes you have correctly said this is what we expected from BJP but they failed when got the power.

sm,  October 17, 2009  

Half India, SG.
happy diwali

sm,  October 17, 2009  

Yes you have correctly said, but regarding Kashmir, in the year 1950 also we did not understand the foreign policy, and that is the result our law makers accepted this 370 article.
The 370 was added because the king of Kashmir made a mistake once, but second time he and others behaved intelligently and got that special status for Kashmir because of Muslim religion majority they did not got that special status. It was the intelligence of Kashmir Maharaja and leaders and failure of our law makers.

sm,  October 17, 2009  

Vamsi, Bk,
happy Diwali

sm,  October 17, 2009  

yes i agree with you, but reality is where is the equality of law in India.
you change the state and the majority laws are changed.E.G.VAT
happy diwali

karan,  October 17, 2009  

happy diwali

sm,  November 02, 2009  

Srinagar, Nov 1 2009(ANI): Pre-paid mobile connections were blocked in Jammu and Kashmir from Sunday following the Union Government's decision to ban it on account of security concerns.

Anonymous,  April 30, 2010  

excellent blog

kashmir,crown of INDIA belongs to indians, not for the muslims not for the hindus, bcz there is no such religion partition between us...