11 October 2009

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Does Barack Obama Deserve the Nobel Peace Prize 2009?

Does Barack Obama Deserve the Nobel Peace Prize 2009?
The thing which was not in my dreams has happened, Barack Obama was given the
Nobel Peace Prize 2009.
I do not know why he was given the award but whatever conditions they used if they are applied then I think Sonia Gandhi or Our Prime Minister Man Mohan Singh are better options than President Obama.

Reality Views by sm -
What President Obama has done is nothing but saying sorry to few peoples which I feel is one of the biggest mistakes done by the President Obama in American History. In future they will realize that it was the mistake. Before becoming the President of Usa, did you ever heard the name of Barack Obama.
In just nine months of time he has done so much for peace. Does he has really done anything for Peace?
Sorry I do not agree with this award and his policies, his policies may be good for few communities but on the American front he has failed every American.
CNN reports that the Norwegian Nobel Committee lauded Obama for "his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples."
What is Extraordinary?
Now only Norwegian Nobel Committee can define this term.
Obama in his speeches clearly shown that he is ready to accept everything which Islam says and he has projected that Islam will be superior to American Constitution, is this, the cause of Nobel Peace Award.
It is said that Obama is working towards to make the world nuclear free.
Does Obama has destroyed American nuclear weapons or weapons which Pakistan has got , which will go into the hands of terror organizations anytime.
Obama has just shown the hope, he has not got any results, On my blog I always say, he is like Indian politician, law maker, who are masters of showing hope to the Indians, and last sixty years we Indians are living on that hope one day our India will be free from electricity problem, drinking water problems and so many more. Like this the dream of American people will not be fulfilled, a hope remains a hope will not give you fruits.

Other than this the other American who deserved the Nobel is Rush Limbaugh who is working towards world peace. For 18 years he has used his radio talk show to become the foremost advocate for freedom and democracy in the world today. Every day he gives voice to the values of democratic governance, individual opportunity and the just, equal application of the rule of law -- and it is fitting the Nobel Committee recognize the power of these ideals to build a truly peaceful world for future generations."

There are many such Individuals including Sonia Gandhi who deserve that award, just imagine, if Sonia Gandhi would have accepted the chair of Prime Minister of India, what would have happened in India.

Still Obama has not achieved anything he is just showing the sweet dreams to American people as well as world , when these dreams will be broken they will say it was mistake to give Nobel to President Obama.
We can not give Nobel award to the person who is showing hope, show the results and get the award.
Still he has not solved Palestine problem, Kashmir Problem, Tibet Problem, Maldives problem ,Taliban Problem , Global warming Problem, Pakistan Problem so many.
Not a single achievement and a Nobel Award.
So far, nothing changed. Obama was giving statements, promises and hopes, while on the ground nothing practical has been done,"
As the Nobel Award is already given to him for showing Hope,
We hope he will be successful in this mission to bring peace to the world , but doing this we hope he will see that human rights will stay supreme than any religious laws.


khalid October 11, 2009  

I read some where that Barak was just 2 weeks old as president at the time of nobel prize voting, so its very clear that all this manipulated and in my opinion not even Brak, no US president is eligible for peace prize as they are ruling over all world by their muscles power which is wrong at all.

Anonymous,  October 11, 2009  

Now on Obama you republicans act like Obama put us in this mess that we are in guess what retards it was you and the president y'all put into office just in case you forgot it was George W. Bush 8 years of running this country into the crapper. Remember he was the one started this war going after the wrong person 2 he is the one that put our economy in the situation it is in he is the one that didn't look after all Americans he just took care of the rich & guess what after he left office the unemployment rate hit the fan the common people and all our tax dollars were spent to bail them out the automobile industry, banking, real estate, and when are we expected to have them pay the common people back hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm don't think it will ever happen. Now the peace prize guess what he didn't even know he was nominated but it was well deserved he is trying to open up relations with other countries so maybe we can get this country back where it needs to be. Oh and everyone wants to say he is a socialist well here is one for the republicans that don't think he deserves it so do many of the countries against us and terrorist groups believe the same thing so does that mean you should be labeled a terrorist what retards. let the man do his job and republicans stop trying to stop the good he is trying to do just because he is black & a republican and yes he is only part black and all the blacks feel he is there savior guess what he is the peoples president and stop thinking he is going to do only for the blacks or because he is in office that entitles you to anything he is a president for the people and that is why no matter what anyone says he will do good for this country unlike that dumbass Bush that the republicans put in office. Just let the man do his job damn republicans should see that it took another democratic president to get those Asian reporters back there was no republican that could do the job. Stop being against health care he isn't saying that you can't have your own insurance or that the taxes are paying for it he is saying that you could choose an insurance by the government that we still have to pay for but that will be cheaper and will not deny preexisting conditions and also regulate the medical industry so that we aren't getting bent over and getting screwed by the hospitals that charge us for crap we don't need I am sure many people have gotten medical bills that had things that the insurance wouldn't pay because they felt it was not medically necessary or if you are not refered to a specialist then it becomes out of pocket that is what he is trying to fix and isn't this country about competition well guess what that is what the insurance companies are gonna get and like many businesses if you can't compete then you will go under and that is how business goes. That is why all the doctors & republicans are against Obama cause his bills will not allow them to take advantage of the American people any longer down with big business equality for all is what I say think about it people and if you are not educated then keep your mouths shut.

Prasant Naidu. October 11, 2009  

Interesting read, I was thinking that you might come up with this post. Well we all know how these awards work and may be for once Mr. Obama may be in shock :)
Do you really thing countries are looking for peace and if they look for or US is looking for peace then wht will happen to their arms business ???
"The world's most compelling ideology is neither democracy or capitalism nor any other ism,but success" from The second World book.

Keep Rocking,

sm,  October 11, 2009  

thanks for your comment.

sm,  October 11, 2009  

thanks for your comment,and feelings about his health care bill i have not studied it, but as you have mentioned it i will try to spend time on health care bill and will post on it.

sm,  October 11, 2009  

Prasant Naidu.,
there will never be a peace in this world but one day this will happen may be after third world , i am dreamer and I dream not today not tomorrow after someday there will be peace.
about arms business you have correctly said.

Aswani October 11, 2009  

Excellent post. Well, this is the question of the hour. And believe me it looks amusing to me as well. A total shocker. I think its all silly politics which cannot be justified by any means. We all have high regards for someone as big as Mr. Obama but then to be honest, the noble peace prize was not for him. Don't know how all of a sudden..Yes, you are very right. He has just shown hopes than real results. Maybe he shouldn't have accepted it..thats what I think.

sm,  October 12, 2009  

yes he shouldnt have accepted it.

Half Indian October 12, 2009  

I agree with you.
It is a encouragement.

sm,  October 12, 2009  

Half Indian
yes President should take it as a challenge and prove that he deserves the award.

SG October 13, 2009  

Obama was given Nobel Peace Prize for his promises and not for his performance. Yes, Sonia Gandhi and Man Mohan Singh deserve Nobel Peace Prize because they have been promising for several years to end poverty in India.

Nobel Peace Prize for Rush Limbaugh? You must have started to write comedy blogs.

SG October 13, 2009  

Here is a link to Rush Limbaugh's quotes.


One of his quotes is: James Earl Ray (Martin Luthen King's assasin) deserves Medal of Honor.

sm,  October 14, 2009  

Thanks for reading it so carefully, and giving me the link.
To compare and high light President Obama I just use his name.
Sonia Gandhi she denied PM post
Man Mohan Singh he is so cool Pakistan attacks us China troubles us but he is peaceful and third is Rush he is doing same thing last 18 years, consistently , and here is One year experience, just hope and no action.
Rush is doing something with action, his words and comments are daring may be wrong but he is doing something, here we got sweet talking , someone is just trying to keep everyone happy without taking a firm and strict action as a leader.
When Sarcozy started debate on Hijab President did not spoke on that, he kept silence.
He is like Indian politician who keep everyone happy without any action and reform, and do reforms only when all the doors are closed to delay that reform.
Thanks SG for comment.

sm,  October 14, 2009  

I am not fan of Rush and i do not support racism or caste system, i oppose both.
thanks SG for pointing it.

SG October 14, 2009  

Just one more observation, if I can. You had written President Obama did not solve the Kashmir problem. How could he? He is listening to India. India has been saying for the last 48 years that Kashmir is a bilateral matter and no third party mediation is acceptable to India. India also sees no role for the United Nations either.

sm,  October 14, 2009  

On Kashmir problem i do not agree with the policy of our govt. i will try to make a detail article on that.

radha October 14, 2009  

This particular award casts a big shadow on the selection process for the award. On what basis was it awarded to Obama? Or was it lack of any other deserving person?
And thanks for dropping by.

sm,  October 14, 2009  

i am still not able to understand what is the procedure they have used, or may be the chair of american president got the award.

AS... October 31, 2009  

i was searching for some lyrics and ran into your blog...
I am not saying it is justified that Obama was given the Nobel peace prize, but i disagree with some of your views.
Why do you expect him to solve all the problems? yeah, global warming? i bet there are millions of us who dont give a damn about conserving one cup of water and we talk abt Obama solving the global warming issue.

and India definitely has come a long way in the last 60+ years. there are places in the US and many other countries with clean drinking water issues and several others too. We are the country and we make the politicians.

India would have been miles ahead if you and I did something tangible other than just ranting and raving in our respective blogs.

sm,  October 31, 2009  

thanks for comment please let me the know the reason or what is the extra ordinary job he has done to receive the nobel prize. A status is attached to nobel prize, so please educate me on this.
About clean water, let me make you aware that in India, we do not have any clear water standards which you got in USA, In india even american companies do not use purified water when they make and sell in India soft drinks.
All those examples i have said because regarding this what he has done ? if i missed it please let me know it.
Regarding global warming - does president has passed any new law to reduce american pollution.
Kashmir problem - Does america has stopped the funding to pakistan,
war - does america has removed there army from Iraq or afghanistan.
Nuclear weapons - does he has destroyed american nuclear weapons.
like this something what he has done so he the prize.
I belong to the 70% indians who do not earn daily more than 20 India Rupees.
one american dollor is equal to 48 to 50 Indian Rupees.
Govt.Of india report says that 70% Indian population do not earn daily more than 20 INDIAN Rupees.
I do not expect Obama should solve any problem, this article is an attempt to find out what is the extra ordinary work he has done, so he received the nobel.
In India we do not make politicians. Here surname will make you a politician.
This blog is about education, truth, understanding the politics, spreading and sharing knowledge.

AS... October 31, 2009  


Nowhere did I mention about Obama deserving the Nobel prize. I said I dint justify it and i disagree with your views on expecting Obama to take some action about Global Warming, Kashmir issues etc.

All I meant to say was, we should stop waiting for the leaders to come up with laws. Did you know that each one of us can make a difference? Like charity begins at home, the small steps you take towards saving energy will also help in the long run. Educate people around you on how they can conserve resources.

Those 70% form the majority, Sir. we make the politicians. We elect people to run the government for us. The 70% can do a lot whether in terms of seeking transparency or in running the system. It is about an attempt, an initiative no one is willing to take. I know it is easy for me to talk sitting here in the US, all I wanted to convey was we dont have have to wait for the leaders to bring changes. be the change!

AS... October 31, 2009  

About the clear water, the EPA makes and enforces regulations about drinking water standards etc..there is strict enforcement of those laws. we have pollution control board in India too.. again it is not the lack of laws, but ignorance among people.

sm,  October 31, 2009  

thanks for comment.
Chair of President is the public chair to do social service and reforms for the benefit of his own country as well as this world.
About in India Yes we got pollution control board,but in India from taxies to busess you will find no one is following environment norms strictly.
even in many cities public transport buses also do not follow any environment laws.
even if they follow environment laws they are so weak with loopholes that rarely any big fish gets punished.
Still in Bhopal gas problem 100% justice is not given.
If i know the law, but do you think if police and Govt, is not punishing criminal do you think we should punish that criminal,
by taking law in our hand.
India is a country where our educated people do not go to vote.
Few months back there was one survey and exactly i do not remember but more than sixty percent Indians said whatever happens with them they will not go to police or court.
your question is so basic and most important
what we should do as a common man ?
When there is only 40 to 50% voting how can we say its our elected government ?
when MP wins with only 23% vote share how can y ou say he is the one ?
Without changing the laws nothing is going to happen or change in India in India

AS... November 02, 2009  

it is not the laws that need to be changed. It is the people! Each one of us should try to bring that awareness among people. Its a question to ask ourselves, how much have we tried to do in that regard?

Roshmi Sinha November 02, 2009  

Looks like he received the Nobel Peace prize based on the 'work' that he put in... during his first 12 days in the Oval office.

And he was awarded for his good 'intentions'.

Now, I too have several good and perfectly honourable intentions. Therefore, one nobel for me too!

sm,  November 02, 2009  

yes you are right,there is very less awareness,and people who know it are not ready to share it because of greed or fear , only they know it.

sm,  November 02, 2009  

Roshmi Sinha,
yes thanks you have correctly said,you also deserve it.

MSP talks April 18, 2010  

Why did obama use 22 pens to sign a bill

MSptalks April 18, 2010  


Obama uses 22 pens to sign a bill

sm,  April 19, 2010  

MSP talks,