04 September 2009

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The Sukhoi Su-30MKI Fighter Aircraft The Pride Of India

The Sukhoi Su-30MKI Fighter Aircraft The Pride Of India -

India -Know about the Su-30 MKI fighter aircraft –

On September 2, 2009 a Bell 430 crashed into a forest in Andhra Pradesh. It was carrying YSR Reddy, Andhra Pradesh's Chief Minister. Su-30MKI's were deployed from a nearby airbase to locate the crash site. After a few hours into the operation, Su-30MKI's were able to locate the crash site using their Infrared Sensors.

This news just made me curious about this Sukhoi and came to know about this world class fighter aircraft which will be fully made in India by Indians in future.

Reality Views by sm -

Watch the Videos of Sukhoi Su-30MKI Fighter Aircraft.Hope you will enjoy them.

The Sukhoi Su-30MKI

Nato Reporting name is “Flanker-C"

Operational Since 1996

Su-30MK fighter is a twin engine military aircraft. This fighter is a development of the Su-27 (Flanker) family, designed by the Sukhoi Design Bureau of Moscow and is manufactured by the Irkut Corporation.

This fighter is Capable of carrying nuclear weapons.

The Su-30MKI was jointly designed by Russia's Sukhoi and India's Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL).

It is expected that by the year 2010 the first totally India-built Su-30MKI will roll out from HAL Nasik.

In the year 1996, first time India ordered these fighters, and signed a US$1.462 billion deal equivalent to Rs 5122 crore with the Sukhoi Corporation on 30 November 1996 for the delivery of 50 Su-30 aircraft.

In 2000, another agreement was signed allowing the license production of 140 Su-30MKIs in India. The deal combined license production with full technology transfer and hence was called a 'Deep License'.

The Indian Air Force has received 98 Su-30MKIs as of July 2009 and it plans to have an operational fleet of 230 MKIs by 2015

A standard Su-30K is estimated at US$34 million.

A Su-30MKK variant is estimated at US$53 million.

A Sukhoi 30 MKI aircraft crashed on 30 April 2009 in the Pokhran region of Rajasthan after it took off from Pune during its routine sortie, killing one of its two pilots. This has been the only crash of the MKI since its induction.

The Su-30MKI is a highly integrated twin-finned aircraft. The airframe is constructed of titanium and high-strength aluminium alloys.

Indian Su-30MKI fighters are to be fitted with the Brahmos cruise missile, jointly developed by India and Russia. Brahmos has a range of 290km and a warhead of up to 350kg.

The aircraft's integrated electronic warfare system includes a Tarang radar warning system, indigenously produced by the Indian Defence R&D Organisation (DRDO), and systems supplied by Israeli manufacturers.

It is a two-seat, dual-role strike fighter for all-weather, air-to-air and air-to-surface deep interdiction missions; closely comparable to F-15E Strike Eagle.

Su-30MK, where "MK" stood for "Modernizirovannyi Kommercheskiy" (Modernized Commercial)
The Su-30MK is able to perform some very advanced maneuvers. They include the well-known Pugachev’s Cobra and the Bell.

The aircraft enjoys all the benefits of two member crew.

Because of two members the work load is divided, between two members,
The first pilot flies the aircraft, controls weapons and performs manoeuvring dog fight, while 2nd pilot employs BVR air-to-air and air-to-ground guided weapons in long-range engagements, monitors tactical environment to ensure situational awareness, and performs command-and-control tasks in group missions.

In practice, the front seater is the pilot and the back seater is the "Wizzo", the WSO (Weapons Systems Operator). The pilot flies the aircraft and handles air-to-air and some ATG weapons, as well as countermeasures. 

The WSO takes care of the detailed aspects of navigation, ground radar mapping & target designation, setting up delivery solution for ATG weapons, designating for guided bombs/missiles, ECM, and so on.

 There are many tasks which overlap; either pilot or WSO can do the job depending on circumstances. The aircraft can be flown from either seat, however only the front cockpit driver can operate the helmet mounted sight (Sura) as sensors are only in the front. The rear cockpit has a HUD repeater.

Su 30 is capable of detecting and tracking up to 15 air targets while doing this it can attack four of them.

Su 30 also has autopilot ability at all fight stages including individual and group combat employment against air, ground and sea surface targets.

Automatic control system is interconnected with the navigation system which ensures
Route flight, target approach, recovery to airfield and landing approach in automatic mode.

The aircraft is fitted with a satellite navigation system (A-737 GPS compatible), which permits it to make flights in all weather, day and night. The navigation complex comprises high accuracy SAGEM integrated global positioning system and ring laser gyroscope inertial navigation system.

The Su-30MKI has a range of 5,000 km with internal fuel which ensures a 4.5 hour combat mission. Also, it has an in-flight refueling (IFR) probe that retracts beside the cockpit during normal operation. 

The air refueling system increases the flight duration up to 10 hours with a range of 8,000 km at a cruise height of 11 to 13 km. Su-30 MKIs can also use the Cobham 754 buddy refueling pods

General characteristics

Crew: 2

Length: 21.935 m (72.97 ft)

Wingspan: 14.7 m (48.2 ft)

Height: 6.36 m (20.85 ft)

Wing area: 62.0 m² (667 ft²)

Empty weight: 17,700 kg (39,300 lb)

Loaded weight: 24,900 kg (54,895 lb)

Max takeoff weight: 38,800 kg (85,600 lb)

Power plant: 2× Lyulka AL-31FP turbofans with thrust vectoring, 131 kN (29,449 lbf) each


Maximum speed: Mach 2.35 (2,500 km/h) at 11,000 m (36,000 ft)

Range: 5,000 km (2,700 nmi) at altitude; (1,270 km, 690 nmi near ground level) (With Internal Fuel Tank)

Service ceiling: 17,300 m (56,800 ft)

Rate of climb: >355 m/s (70,000 ft/min)

Wing loading: 401 kg/m² (98 lb/ft²)

Thrust/weight: 1.07 (at loaded weight & 1.15 with 50% fuel)


built-in single-barrel GSh-301 gun (30 mm calibre, 150 rounds)

Air to Air Missiles:

6 × R-27R/AA-10A/Astra[39] semi-active radar homing medium range AAM of range 80 km.

6 × R-27T (AA-10B) infrared homing seeker, medium range AAM, 70 km

2 × R-27P (AA-10C) passive radar seeker, long range AAM

10 × R-77 (AA-12) active radar homing medium range AAM, 100 km

6 × R-73 (AA-11) short range AAM, 30 km

Air to Surface Missiles:

2 × Kh-59ME TV guided standoff Missile, 115 km

2 × Kh-59MK Laser guided standoff Missile, 130 km

4 × Kh-35 Anti-Ship Missile, 130 km

3 × PJ-10 Brahmos Supersonic Cruise Missile,300 km

6 × Kh-31P/A anti-radar missile, 70 km

6 × Kh-29T/L laser guided missile, 30 km

4 × S-8 rocket pods (80 unguided rockets)

4 × S-13 rocket pods (20 unguided rockets)


6 × KAB-500L laser guided bombs

3 × KAB-1500L laser guided bombs

8 × FAB-500T dumb bombs

28 × OFAB-250-270 dumb bombs

32 × OFAB-100-120 dumb bombs

8 × RBK-500 cluster bombs

IAF will eventually acquire a total of 230 Su-30MKI. Out of these 90 will be made in Russia by Irkutsk Aircraft Production Association (IAPO) while the rest will be produced in India by Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL). 

Production might be increased if necessary. HAL chairman Nalini Ranjan Mohanty has said that the Indian-built Su-30s will cost only about $22.5 million a unit against the current import price of about $37.5 million

Watch the Video - Sukhoi Su-30 MKI - waltz in the sky

Photo su 30 mki


Dhiman September 04, 2009  

Wow! that was a very comprehensive information of the one the best fighters in the world...Thank you!

BK Chowla, September 04, 2009  

I know very little about the aircraft but your post has been very informative.

Anonymous,  September 04, 2009  

@ sm,
wonderful post ...
its nice to learn that 'military equipment' is being made in india ... way to go india !
i certainly want to see india becoming the greatest military power, the world has ever seen, in the whole history of mankind, past present and future.
cheers !

sm,  September 05, 2009  

Dhiman thanks

sm,  September 05, 2009  

Bk thanks i always try to keep post as simple as possible.

sm,  September 05, 2009  

Vamsi this will happen one day,
but a world without weapons will be great achivement for human kind.

Anonymous,  September 05, 2009  

@ sm,
i agree ...
cheers !

Aswani September 05, 2009  

Awesome post SM. I could never think about such aircrafts. but here they are. One of the best examples of modern technology. Glad to know that we Indians will be making such aircrafts in future.

NR September 05, 2009  

Wow...lovely information!!!

sm,  September 06, 2009  

yes its good that HAL will be making them already they are working on that and next year they will be flying in our skies with our own pride.

sm,  September 06, 2009  

Nazish Rahman

deeps September 06, 2009  

thats a sad news indeed ....
one that hardly any one thought would befall somone of his calibr .....

heyy you got quite a lot of minute detail wow!

sm,  September 07, 2009  

yes it was a sad incident.

sm,  September 07, 2009  


deeps September 10, 2009  

i hope the culprits will soon be taken for task...

sm,  September 11, 2009  

yes,but as a reality view i am sure they will form the committe to check and verify everything and we will wait for the reports.

Priya,  September 12, 2009  

Glad to know that we Indians will be making such aircrafts in future.

Tejaswy September 12, 2009  

Its like looking in a mirror.....
Visit my blog an you will know what i said so!

sm,  September 13, 2009  

thanks for visiting my blog, i visited your blog its good to know that you are blogging with current problems of India.

Tejaswy September 24, 2009  

The SAR...Synthetic aperture radar of SU 30 MKI is very powerful, It can perform as a mini Awacs... can detect land based and ground based targets both in motion and stationary.

It was the stationary one which detected the crash site

It seems that the Sattellite pics provided by ISRO failed to do the job as the crash site is deep forest.

The same problem is faced by the Americans in pin pointing out the cocaine factories inthe jungles of Amazon.

sm,  September 25, 2009  


Balvinder Balli September 25, 2009  

Wow, very informative but just rushed by, will come back and read in detail in spare time. thanks for sharing.

sm,  October 05, 2009  

Balvinder Singh,

Tejaswy October 07, 2009  

Here is the firstr part of the AWACS.. think you missed it..I wrote it long time back

sm,  October 07, 2009  

thanks yes i know the day when india ordered this but still i am waiting to get something extra.

Anonymous,  October 09, 2009  

If the production cost inside India would be so little, then why just make 230 of these excellent aircraft? Why not triple their production immediately? India needs as many fighter planes as possible, and these SU-30MKI are amongst the best. Comparable other aircraft would cost atleast 4 to 5 times higher. Then why not simple make a thousand of these aircraft within next 5 years instead of buying at higher price aircraft that have lessor capabilities then SU-30MKI

sm,  October 09, 2009  

yes i agree with you we need to increase production.

Amar October 14, 2009  

I don't think production needs to be increased. Su-30 MKI is a 4++ th generation fighter. Yes, it has much improved avionics and some of the better maneuvering (thrust vectoring, etc) -- but HAL is working on two projects right now that will make better planes.

One is the HAL Tejas, and a 5th generation fighter project. (also by HAL) The 5th gen project is going to be an all-Indian developed plane that will be comparable to the multi-billion dollar, multi-national F-35 (JSF) project.

If anything, the Su-30 MKI will keep India ahead of the 4th gen pakistani/chinese fighter that came out -- but the real gems of India's air force are still being developed.

sm,  October 14, 2009  

Yes you have said correctly but suppose if tomorrow or next month china or Pakistan starts a war with India, what will be the solution; our Indian working style is like an elephant.
So what is possible we should not ignore it? If you compare the china air force you will understand and feel we are powerless comparatively.

Amar October 14, 2009  

SM -- thanks for the quick reply. I understand very well our work style. And I understand that our military is not where we would wish it to be -- in the case of a war at this moment. Thankfully the Agni series of balistic missiles continues to promote a significant threat that will allow us to better equip ourselves.

India's standing army is amazing. Navy is pride of the Indian ocean. We have plenty of SAM's.

With nearing 100 Su-30 MKI's already we are pushing dominance in the region. (based not on numbers, but on kill ratio and training exercises against RAF and USAF)

If anything, efforts are needed to advance the two HAL planes development and production. (in addition to the Agni V and Suriya missile projects)

I want nothing else but the most secure and strong military for our homeland. India is in great graces in the international community and no nation has the balls to start something with India right now. (save for petty cowards attacking our embassies) We should use this time to make a Top 3 air force, instead of rushing to get upgraded planes from the last generation.

Just my two cents. Either way (getting more MKI now, or advancing our own HAL planes) shall help protect our skies.

sm,  October 15, 2009  

yes we need the both more MKI and new advanced home made fighter planes.
thanks amar.

sm,  December 10, 2009  

thanks for visiting blog.